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Song and video will be judged on how they work together. Any genre of music or anime. I hope someone bites.

Round 1
Thank you for accepting!
Lets have a double entry for the last round, ok?
Strong start!

Song: Enemies
Artist: Shinedown
AMV Artist: Kaya
Anime: One Piece

Youtube link:
No. Double entry last round favours the person who goes first more so than any earlier Round having it. It lets you take away 2 I'd pick with us already having used up 4.

Anime: Attack on Titan
Song: Warriors by Imagine Dragons
Best Quality: 1080p HD
Content Creator: Amy Chickadee

Round 2
Shucks. Having an awfully difficult time getting it down from 6 to 5. Double entry 3rd or 4th round?

Song: House of Memories
Musician: Panic at the Disco
AMV Artist: Kayaahiko
Anime: One Piece

YouTube Link:
Warning, this video has satanic themes. All AMVs tend to include flash videography and violence to some degree but this AMV involves demonic possession, gambling etc. Don't watch if very religious or something.

Anime: Kakegurui 賭ケグルイ
Music: NEFFEX - Pro 👠 [Copyright Free]
Content Creator: Senpie AMV's 愛

Round 3
Explicit content is why i am steering clear of the other anime i like for amvs, berserk. Makes for excellent heavy metal videos. But for now ill stick to One Piece. Its huge world makes for excellent videos.

Double feature round 3.

Song: Indestructible
Musician: Disturbed
Anime: One Piece
AMV Artist: Ssexordium

Song: Tongues
Musician: Joywave
Anime: One Piece
AMV Artist: Omustlia

Anime: Naruto (ep 345)
Music: Halou - Honeythief
Program: Vegas Pro 10
Content Creator: Blue Flash
The Content Creator wanted to give credit to the program they used to compile and edit the video (in case you're confused).

To avoid reading the spoiler at all scan your eyes to the next 'equals sign' chain, seen above.

The character Obito (with the illuminati eye) was a teammate and lover of the female Rin (brunette). Kakashi (white haired dude who usually covers his eye up too) also developed feelings for her and accepted that deep down she loved Obito. Obito betrayed the village but only after he gave Kakashi his eye when he thought he was dying (his body did die, but there is a mechanic in the Uchiha bloodline and abilities that lets you fuse to a brother if you have certain Sharingan eyes in combination with theirs). Obito exists inside the body of Madara Uchiha and this enables him to become even more powerful, but the soul of Madara begins fighting back as Zetsu has possessed him partially, that's a very very long story to explain but the point is at some point, Rin is sent with Kakashi on a mission to eliminate Obito (they are the equivalent of navy SEALs for their nation) and during it she begins shifting alliances (or maybe he finds her there already, I won't fully spoil it). His orders change to assassinate her too, since she refuses to snitch on Obito's location. Obito sees it through his donated Sharingan eye of Kakashi (which is his and which he can view through at times but Kakashi can't do the same to him), kills every Anbu soldier other than Kakashi, who is too skilled for him to take down and then runs off. He loved her very deeply, was betrayed by his best friend (that's not really true, Kakashi was betrayed first by Obito as was the entire Konoha but it's all about perspective) and the song conveys his feelings regarding Rin.

Now for the next one.

Anime: Bleach
Song: Figure 09
Artist of the song: Linkin Park
Programs: Sony Vegas 8.0, After Effects CS6
Content Creator: xxxSAYANARAxxxx

This one is both good whether you understand the storyline or not. The AMV means something very different and even more fascinating once you fully know about Bleach's storyline but it truly doesn't matter for this one.
Round 4
This video is about a bar fight and a race. Enioy!

Song: Roundtable Rival
Musician: Lindsay Sterling
Anime: One Piece movie: Dead End
AMV Artist: Kayaahiko
Pro meant to link you to this video:

That's their R3 entry based on the data they provided, I searched it etc.

Lindsey Stirling is a fucking god tier violinist and human being, so I owed it to her to link that if nothing else.


Anime: One Piece
Song: The Score - Born For This
Content Creator: Luffytaro

How you like that strategic pick? ;)
Round 5
Yes, thanks for the link assist. 
Lindsey Sterling definitely got on my music radar after i stumbled on that video.

Now for the finisher!
Song: Whoa is Me
Musician: Down With Webster
Anime: One Piece (suprise)
AMV Artist: PixelCreek

►Anime: Gangsta.
►Song: We Are Bulletproof
►Artist: BTS (Bangtan Boys)
►Program Used: Sony Vegas Pro 13

Fascinating anime if you are interested in both sides of the concept of anarchy vs tyranny.

The song is only partially English, it's K-Pop but the AMV is what you're judging not lyrics as such.