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Utah is what happens when hipsters infest a red state


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Salt Lake City is diverse and progressive. In the past eight years, it's been ranked as the third-most hipster city in the world, the queerest city in America, and the fourth-best city for millennials to live in. Millennials make up nearly half of the city’s mortgages, compared to the national average of 9%. Nearly 1 in 4 city residents is Hispanic. In some neighborhoods, two-thirds of school children speak Spanish at home. no red state is safe

Round 1
"It’s been nearly 20 years since a Democrat won statewide office in Utah, and more than 50 years since a Democratic presidential candidate won the state.
But that sea of red is beginning to recede as young professionals from other states move in to take advantage of Utah’s job market, which ranks as the best in the nation.
Utah is the country’s fastest-growing state. Some of that growth is due to the high birthrate among Mormon families. But much of it comes from young people moving in from out of state, attracted by great jobs, a relatively low cost of living, and Utah’s natural beauty." Any conservative state with a good economy is doomed to become a liberal state eventually

First, prove it's an infestation. Then, prove that Utah happened. Utah is a place, not an event.
Round 2
Infestation is a loaded word  "What are examples of loaded words?
loaded word is chosen because the speaker or writer believes it'll be more persuasive than an alternate neutral word. Examples include: Aggravate vs. annoy.
Examples of Loaded Words in Sentences
  • She is making categorical selections based on favoritism. ...
  • We are making tremendous progress in our foreign relations.
Loaded Language Examples - YourDictionary" › loaded-language-examples
"While Utah as a whole remains predominantly Mormon, Salt Lake City, the state’s capital and largest city, is now majority non-Mormon. I recently spent several weeks in the city and met as many non-Mormons (evangelicals, Catholics, Jews, ex-Mormons, and even a few Scientologists) as I did Mormons.

To appreciate how defiantly progressive Salt Lake City is, take the TRAX light rail to Temple Square, the city center and heart of the Church. Church members are forbidden from consuming alcohol. But I counted at least a dozen bars within walking distance of Salt Lake Temple, including some that mock the Mormon culture with names like the Beer Hive Pub, the Tavernacle, and Ex-Wifes Place.
Or drive a few blocks south to Harvey Milk Boulevard and check out the Coffee Garden, Centered City Yoga, or Club Try-angles, which advertises itself as a “high-energy gay bar offering the coldest, cheapest and biggest drinks in town.” infestation, i rest my case

Pro admits to having a loaded resolution. It's not only loaded because of 'infest' but because it seems to think 'Utah' is something that 'happens'. Utah cannot happen, it is not an event or process. Utah is a State in the US [].

Aside from that, the negative connotation of 'infest' is not explored by Pro, it merely seems to be clear that people who are not Mormons are coming in to take advantage of the job market. If you read the copy-paste series of non-original arguments that Pro makes, it follows that there is no infestation in the first place and that it's not hipsters doing it but hardworking job seekers.

verb [ T ]


(of animals and insects that carry disease) to cause a problem by being present in large numbers:
The barn was infested with rats.


How can Hipsters be the ones moving to conform to jobseeking supply and demand?

In its most simplest terms, a hipster is an individual who wants to know things. Whether it’s knowing of a band before anyone else, or knowing about the conflict in Syria, the history of taxidermy or obscure words in 20th century Americana. A hipster is someone that’s eager to learn, to see—and yes—even to do. Being a hipster means you’re part of a subculture. As a demographic, hipsters try to set themselves apart from culture as a whole, while simultaneously remaining within the culture. This is nothing extraordinary for a subculture, and yet there’s a certain stigma applied to the “hipster” label.

The term, Hipster, has become used rather frequently to identify anyone that doesn’t appear mainstream. So hipsters stand out from the crowd. (Even if they fit into their stereotypical niche of standing out from the crowd.) Personally, “hipster” is just about the only label I’ve ever felt comfortable with. It’s a subculture so vague it can cover all manners of sins, styles, and vices.

What exactly is an anti-mainstream seeker of knowledge (a hipster) doing moving with the mainstream who are seeking jobs in Utah?
Round 3
I think Utah is proof that if a conservative state has a good economy a decent quality of life  good schools and affordable housing, millennials will eventually move there and take over
I think that for a left-winger, you're sure a real hypocrite.