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RAP BATTLE 3 (FreeStyle)


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Rap Battle 3
Open Challenge, Open Voting Rules
Swears are allowed
No in tune beats
Judges should judge by rhymes, flow, and length
Grammar shouldn't count unless you can't read it
No plagiarism
Good luck

Round 1
Note: Any disses don't excerpt real feelings at all toward Type1! Let's get down to the nitty gritty
It's time to revenge like a psychopathic killer
Call me MacBeth cause I'm killing royalty like something that I got is so bitter
I'm back and I'm better so watch go full force
Like a tornado, I'm tearing up the course
Endevour my pain like a phoenix from hell
When you just a pussy boy hiding in his shell
Why don't you get your ass beat by Rational
Cause your thinking now is so bad that it goes national
So I'm about take the trash out
All your with this battle is chasing winning clout

If you beat me why you coming back
Is it because you wan't the free win on your stack
Cause your record really really lack
I am not hesitant to go after a persistent peasant 
Blah blah blah, your shit that you spewing is immanent
Hot garbage that I picked up for Tuesday
But today is gonna be your doomsday
So your fake gods is a cycle
Go outside take a ride on your bicycle
I'm spew the wisdom like a venom
Go right your denim

I don't know, I don't even care
Triangle but you can't a solve a basic square
Relevancy is dropping you down
Like an elevator shift that make you frown
I'm an economy booster
Saving my money so my pockets are looser
But you spent your savings on some Prenium
PornHub is your medium
About to go off like some twitter beef
But you gonna cry to your mommy I'm sure she will comfort you like a reef

You're not good at your impression of lil' pump
you got the lyrics down, but didn't go "aye" enough

You're a corny wank
and your mom is a horny skank
when she fornicates
her queefs take a more formly shape

than the useless fucking kids she drops out her cunt
you power strut
into the battle, thinkin' you got some counters up
your sleeve, but now you're fucked
cause' I'll shove a whole meteor shower up
a cowards butt

you ain't no psychopath bitch, you only kill my interest
your shit is worse than little poems my mom shares on pinterest
you already admitted I was royalty, so it's suspicious
that you said I was a peasant the very next instant
I'll show you persistent
make you get some life support assistance
if you don't keep your distance
every diss you spit, I'll flip it you bitch it don't make a difference

You tried to diss the pyramid, that shit came off weak
my pic represents enlightenment, eclipse at the peak
representing the light, obscured and occult to the sheep
I'm not a common square, but the black cube in the east
I hold all the knowledge and wisdom you ever seeked
I'm a clever beast
with a treasury full of severed meat
I never sleep
cause at night I hear letters weep
cause' buried their family members deep
in my raps, and once you hear them they forever creep
through your thoughts with tender feet

Round 2
Enlightenment shining on me like some Vitamin D
When you bitches open your mouth and runnin on me
So I guess that's right you took this go a leg up on your advantages
So if this easy pickings why don't you pick on someone more venomous
But you aint Venom cause your raps don't compare to Enimen
They compare to washed up Soulja Boy in the 2007
Cranking and cranking but all you do is some overdosing
But my rhymes are so deeper you might go investigating
Investing in innovation but your rhymes as weak as something mild
I don't know what you saying so you acting wild

If my moms a slut, your dads a fuck
Takes a shot heroin in the back of your truck
I can't compare you Enimen to you, a little bitch thot
Because you can't hit the kill shot
You wouldn't understand MacBeth you illiterate
Cause I'm pulling a permanent hole heart like tooth cement 
At least my mind isn't bipolar
Cause you disses are going solar
Then the next minute they go down faster than the people after a bang
Because it poisons you like a snack fang 
Real talk, your stuck in the closet
Onto my nuts looking for a excuse to talk about my interests cause you lost it.
The only thing you spit is saliva
You don't spit hot fire, so unplug that from your head like a wire
Your a talker and a yeller yeller
But your doing harder than Joe Weller
If I'm on life support
Guess I'm pulling off a miracle with no comfort 

How does a picture represent your knowledge?
All they represent is a pedophile wanting a massage
From a 14yr old boy so you stare down
So when I take you down, you will look frown
I go beast mode, not for days
For the weeks in the rays
Your knowledge I already have
So go to your basic math
So I just burnt you like a toaster
Your a pathetic loner

I'm the lone hermit
you can't taste the truth if you don't earn it
you don't even have a military grade drone permit

bitch, your shit is simple
you're a teenage stan with pimples
who thinks Eminem can compare to pump, that's sinful

I'm fuckin ya bih, aye
she suckin' my dih, aye
ya nothin' but shih, aye
get punched in the tits, aye

poppin' on ex, poppin' on ex, poppin' on ex, pills
an overdose on your whackness is the only way I'll get killed

and Soulja boy was the pump of 2007, dolt
so I don't know how you think that qualifies as an insult
this kid is butthurt and drownin' in salt
cause' in our last battle I exposed all of his faults
and now I'm beating him with lyrics that revolt
because their purposefully staler than bilge mulch

Type one all up in this hoe
watch me crank it, watch me flow
I'm swankin' do you copy, bro?
your mom, she gave me sloppy blow
she cranked that knob, she got me so
turned on that I just shot three loads
and I think you should probly know
I even gave your doggie bone
your sister and your auntie, so
 go hide your grandma, godspeed, yo

I even fucked your dad...
whoops, I didn't mean to....ah, who cares, I dress in drag

I don't give a fuck nigger
I says the fucks I wunt nigger
I might smoke a blunt nigger
vote Donald Trump nigger

I'm the type of nigger who's white and says nigger
then calls myself a nigger, raping small fuzzy critters

you think Macbeth can fuck with me you idiot?
Try reading science and sanity, some Alfred Korzybski shit
if you wanna feel illiterate
your stench reminds me of kitty lit-ter
as I give you a titty twister
and shove fifty six or
so dicks in your little sister

Round 3
Everyone talking about this rap like it's some beef shit
But I'm squash it off with the real wit
Everyone knows that the rhymes are fine diamonds
But the diamonds need to fresh as the Greek Islands
But I don't know if you hit the jackpot
So might sell crack in your local Walmart's parking lot
And then you talk and talk rhyming being simple
But all they doing some soaring like a Bald Eagle
Your ego is so maxed out call it Maximus 
But the rhymes are so pathetic, guess you call blasphemous 
Committed to your own kind of retarded
Cause there is a new scale they dedicated for the way you acted
Your farts are more complex than what you spew out your mouth
But I'm more violent than the Moewth(pokemon)

My IQ is more than your entire future
120 but that's a little bit out of culture
Because your an arrogant stuck up bitch
More irritant than an itch
And if it's life or death I'd sacrifice you to the zombies first
And I be the last one to make it out alive and quench my thrist
On the blood that was spilled from your guts
It's a ride or die, so you can't be no cluts(unaware, always slipping on stuff)
I already have a mind prediction here
Rational gonna suck your dick harder than a baseball with full force crashing into your room mirror
Because one day you hate him
Next day gonna kiss up him to so you can improve the ratio where the win column is so slim
That not even Jim could fit into it
So go rent a motel and get some candles lit

Expose my fault
Bitch your just full of salt
Mulch and revolt
Think your best but you cant even rhyme, should send a jolt
Maybe a thunderbolt, or a colt, or maybe a volt, you get where I'm going at?
If my IQ was Lil Pump's how was I able to think of all that?
But man that just reminds of someone
Oh yea that's you, isn't karma fun?
Cause your intellectually challenged
And that pyramid represent your mental challenge cause you just scavenge
For the right words but they don't come out right?
Do you think your Enimen would have had the eye sight?
To see revolt and mulch don't have the same end
So let me just say as a friend or foe
You should really this tho
Cause you got no way of coming back
So pay off Madman to suck a fat rack

Fuck your and fuck your mom guess your child play
Like you say rhymes were just child say
But I ain't a child
We going to back to 6th grade, so mild
Of a "dignified" rapper like the holy Type1
To make yo mama jokes for some good fun.
And I don't care you read sci fi
They use the modern terms for the comprehension for you and I
While MacBeth you have to dig deeper
But I guess your mind can't go that steeper

Gee wiz, look at this silly kid
rapping about doing things he never really did

You think you're a killer? then come find me
but you'd better find me first, cause' I already have your IP
you're a whiny
little limey
who fucks his dog in the heiny
you're a slimey
certified re-
-tard with weak rhyme schemes

So what mainstream mumble rapper should I mock you with this time?
Oh I know, you would even lose a battle with 69

rolled a spliffy up
bitch, we puff
the sticky stuff
Supadudz spits kiddy stuff
oh my holy shit, he sucks
he got quickly snuffed
but not by me, by jizzy uh
he got drowned in it due to all the dicks he sucks
I drink lean from a dixie cup
you drink jizz from a sippy cup
bitch, my whole cities nuts
we smokin' meth and pixie dust
you're just a sickly pup
your favorite rappers' lil pump

I'll teach you how to rhyme multiple syllables, boy
teach you not to be so fuckin' killable, boy
teach you prana breathing and vril control, boy
too bad I can't teach your tiny dick to fill a hole, boy

and you know what they say about greek dudes
each lubes
up his anus to be screwed
I bet you eat through
anuses like chinese food
full of MSG, too
but dissing you for your sexualty's rude
So I'll just say that all of Athens was outsmarted by three Jews

WHat the fuck happened to greece?
you used to be the center of the map in this piece
but now you let homeless gypsies nap in the streets
your culture has declined, your GDP draggin' it's feet

but your still famous for butt play
greek dudes used to be buff babes
,but now you're just gay
cause' the turks invaded and pissed your genetics away
it brings you such shame
when you think of the philosophy, the plays
the mythology, democracy, those were the days
you lost the wisdom the library of alexandria contained
and now greece is like europe's cum stain