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[READ DESC FOR RULES] Rap battle. Raw. Watch and learn.


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Proper rap battle.

Thett3 cannot vote, Tyrone variant-accounts cannot vote. ShabShoral cannot vote. Spacetime (if/when unbanned) cannot vote.

All others can vote unless proven to be a troll account associated with the clan.

Vote on the fucking raw flow and skill and you must read and write the rap flow and scheme of rhymes in standard American colorado or philly range of accents (no more extreme or less American than the least extreme of those).

Round 1

That guy's the 'real' Tyrone can he please stand up?
What's that is your mouth moving? Those quiverin' lips like the shell of a calm, slammed shut,
You wanna spit at me with chili-fuelled bars o' fire? Oh you terrify me, you big black cuck,
You think you're savage; A-frica's Hannibal, but you're a lamb to this wolf... And at worst an adorable pup.

You're so proud to be black, how about purple and blue?
'Cause those bruises ooze with juices when my ruthless tongue's through wit' you,
My flow's deficiency-free all disability's seized, the flow's liquidity slick enough to leave no blood when on an anti-virginity spree,
You a Happy Meal Deal rapper, ooze femininity, G, you'd best suck this dick here, your virility's is visibly in need of the fruits of this fertility tree,
My infinite-IQ brain's spittin' rhymes scheme's so intricate, it's all deliberately; you say genetics gon' help? Don't be ridiculous, T.
'Cause you may be a 6'4" ripped beast in the flesh but, son just listen to me; you could be 7'11", you're still a midget to me,
And don't be nervous dear, fidgeting your finger anticipatin' visitin' me, now need to say please just get on your knees, let go of your dignity, let your oesophagus be a perfectly fitting hole for this key.

Round 2

Fuck do you know about a life like mine? Pushed around, made fun of like a wasteful slice of the pie named 'time'.
Boy you step to me you get your throat slit, easy, banned for good; dead to the site, you too nervous and choked, bitch, queasy,
Swallow your own vomit, bombed by your own comet,
You wanna push me around? Tyrone real vs biggy,
Doesn't matter I will shatter your dreams, P Diddy,
'Cause I'm back from the dead Tupac filled with lead,
You fucked with the WRONG vampiric being, sweet blood of yours gets me fed,
You gon' see my medal rackin' up, Unleash the Kraken, back it up,
I'm that big, bad Sinbad Barbossa ride these waves like a misbehavin' bad slut,
This that, skilled-at-e-vrything madman, your pretty, titty-baring cuck,
I'm that vicious monster, the mob fears, rogue-cop, John Reese deluxe,
Pristine cut, motherfucker, I said you're a Happy Meal Deal thug,
I'm that thick steak that your girl makes milk to bring to the yard 'n' fuck,
So who the hell you kiddin' with your attitude you fat doormat, puny human rug,
You're proud to be black and the fact is you're getting torn to shreds by a mutt.
Round 3

What you preach is foolish, aggravatin' the prudish,
When come in with the bars, my flow be lubricating your gapin' hole fo' I spit truth 'n' it's ruthless,
Watch your step boy, hold your breath, you're windswept, boy,
Middle of the ocean, this shark here's to collect on your debt, boy,
You owe me higher quality posts,
A forum with decorum and a lot less of these boasts,
'Cause if you want this shark to act dolphin and bring you to the coast, then you'd best understand in this story I fill the protagonist's role,
So can battle this foe, son you can Adam this hoe but when the apple happens to be fillin' the gap in ya' throat,
You'll feel my the wrath as you chokin' hopin' an adamant, potent enemy of the Father's gon' come fight all Paladins with their Javelin throws,
But no villain is strong enough to battle me, bro, I told you I'm the threat, boy, I'm no less than Professor, you're not yet graduate, boy,
You're just an accident, boy, a whack inanimate toy, But I aint here to play with you or Satan, I'm here with wrath to deploy,
I'm that corrupt Tyrant you hide in fear of, I'm Black Pearl's Captain, Ahoy! You will not oppose my authority, masochistic activist, boy.