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Luigi is better than Mario


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Round 1
A. First off Luigi can jump higher than Mario. In the Mario frachise high jumps are important because if you can’t jump high you will fall down a pit plus Luigi has more emotion than Mario. Mario is a jerk watch this 00:10-00:38.
This argument is really short because I have a lot of debates going on a the moment.

If Luigi is truly better than Mario, why is Mario the main character for 99% of the Nintendo games (Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, Mario Party)? And Luigi was originally just a palette swap of Mario ( Doesn’t that make Mario the superior to Luigi? And the only reason Luigi can jump higher is because he is malnourished. Mario actually eats food and is not skinny like Luigi. Also sometimes high jumps are bad because there might be a flying Goomba. Mario can’t jump high enough to get killed by the Goomba but Luigi can. As for the video, Pro has handpicked one moment in the entire Nintendo series that shows Mario being a jerk to Luigi. He uses this as proof that Luigi is better than Mario. This actually shows that Mario is better than Luigi because he has the guts to do that. Mario is a savage.

Also the reason Luigi has a L on his hat is because he took the L from Mario.

Round 2
Con said  Mario was tha antiganus Mario Kart and Mario Party but there is no protagonist in this game because all Mario caricters.and yes Luigi was just a plalit swap of Mario he sence has became a carcter with hopes dreams and fears and Luigi is not malnutrsted because on game theory he is proven to be overweight. 
Luigi May be treated poorly but he has saved Mario a lot of times. Also he doesn’t treat Mario like a jerk because he is a nice person. And con stated that Mario is the protagonist in 99% of mario games but that is just not true Luigi is a protagonist in a lot of spin offs and Luigi's L on his head stands for legend.

luigi is rad Mario is sad because he is not rad

Con says that Luigi has become a real character with personality since then but still the reason he became that character is because of the palette swap in Super Mario Bros 85. Con then says that since MatPat said that Luigi is overweight that is true. But remember that MatPat always says “But that’s just a theory, a game theory.” So it isn’t always right. Con also shows us a video of Mario being rescued from 1992-2017 which is over 25 years but there is also a video of Luigi being rescued from 1997-2018 and it is 30 minutes long ( over a 21 year period. This means that Luigi gets captured a lot.

Luigi treats Mario like a nice person because he is soft and doesn’t have guts. Also sometimes spinoffs aren’t always produced by Nintendo so it doesn’t count.

M is for Monster and L is for Loser.
Round 3
The reson it is longer is because Luigi is harder to rescue and a lot of the times he was rescued by yoshi, princesses peach and himself.( in super Mario galaxy 2 you can play as Luigi and for the rescue missions for Luigi.) con said spin offs aren’t produced by Nintendo but, due to copyright laws this is just not true. Also con said 
Luigi dose not have guts but in super smash bros Luigi LITTRLY USES HIS HATRED FOR MARIO AS AN ATTACK THAT MAKES PEOPLE TRIP OVER NOTHING AND GO TO SLEEP SO LUIGI CAN SEND THEM INTO ORBIT. Plus one of Luigi’s attacks is that he JENTLY KICKS AND SENDS A PERSON INTO ORBIT INSTANTLY. What can Mario do he can send a easy doage projectile of fire and his wepin is a squirt-gun jet pack when LUIGI HAS A VACUUM THAT KILLS WHAT IS AREDY KILLED. Luigi does not hold back to hurting Mario in a lot of games like Mario party Mario tennis aces and Mario kart. Con sad Mario is a monster and Luigi is a loser but Luigi can win by doing nothing ,, , and and Mario 85 is a game it is not a game. And Luigi had his own year Mario has not had his own year 

    M stands for mad L stands for lovable 
Round 4
I waver this round because I want nmvarco to be able to reputle to my arguments.
I have no idea why i accepted this debate because i have 0 knowledge of nintendo

Pro says that the video is longer because it takes longer for Luigi to be rescued. Well, that means that he has gotten farther into the trap and is dumb. And even though he might be rescued by yoshi or princess peach, he is still getting trapped in the first place. Spin-offs aren’t the main games only the really popular ones are.

Luigi can only use his attack when he hates Mario but Mario can use his attacks all the time. And why would you need a vacuum to kill what has already been killed? It’s already dead. Con says that luigi is better because he can win by doing nothing but that is just pure coincedence. It doesnt take skill. And besides luigi is controlled by the player. It matters how fast or slow they push buttons.

M is for Magnificent L is for Lame-O.

Round 5
Con stated that Luigi Can’t use the negitve zone at will but he can stated in the assist trophy and to answer cons question they are poltergeists they are alive but not it’s weird. Also Luigi is higher on a tier list in smash bros ( google it ) and in Mario party and Luigi is rich Luigi lives in a HUGE mega mansion ( not the haunted one at the end of Luigi’s mansion he buys a new one ) so he is the bill gates of the Mario universe. And half of the video of Luigi getting rescued is one rescued and the traps are more elaborate then Mario’s. Plus con said that spin offs are not fun but almost everyone I know loves the spin offs and they are very popular among the community. Luigi had a doctor Mario remake called doctor Luigi and it featured a mode called L mode it was very popular so the year of Luigi did not have bad effects and to end what the L on Luigi’s hat means in super Mario Odyssey when you get the Luigi costume it says that the L stands for “winner”

Pro says that I said that Luigi can't use the negative zone, but I never said that. Then Pro says that Luigi needs the vacuum to kill the poltergeists but then says "they're not alive but they are but it's weird," which makes absolutely no sense. Actually, Mario in in the B section of the tier list while Luigi is in the C section for Super Smash Bros. Luigi's mansion does not look good and is falling apart in the game which shows you that Luigi does not have enough money to fix it up. If the traps are more elaborate that means that Luigi has gotten farther into the trap. Pro says that Luigi has his own year but he gives no proof for that. And also by Super MArio Bros 85, I mean Super Mario Bros made in 1985 for disambiguation.