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Joseph stallin was a hero.


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Round 1
1. Every person who is admired for his achievements and noble qualities is a hero.
2.Joseph Stalin is admired for his achievements and noble qualities.
3.Joseph Stallin is a hero.
For the first premise we have that the definition of a hero is "a person who is admired for his achievements and noble qualities.
for the second premise we have that joseph was someone extremely brave, since he participated in the russian revolution, where dying was very likely:,_Civil_War,_and_the_Polish%E2%80%93Soviet_War
Joseph also had strong self-control, since he was able to plan his rise to power with great precision:
stallin was literally a genius, he had a photographic memory:
stallin had many achievements, among them was industrializing the Urrs.
and achieve the defeat of the Nazis.
Finally, there are people who admire him for this, as the following article shows:
the conclusion is true.
First, I reject the definition of my opponent, a hero is regardless of the admiration or repulsion of others, a hero is someone who does something good, let's remember that stallin caused 20 million deaths:
second, soviet records were under the power of stallin, who was a dictator, his photographic memory is as incredible as kim yong un's telepathy, 3, joseph stallin did not industrialize russia, before he came to power, the russians They built the Trans-Siberian railway, which was an extraordinary technical achievement, they also had a very powerful army, those who industrialized Russia were the Romanovs, whom Lenin killed, directing the defeat of the Nazis, Stallin was a terrible strategist.

Round 2
first I want to point out that with not a single source to defend its definition, I also want it to be understood that the concept of hero originates in mythology to refer to semi-divine characters, the essence of the concept of hero is someone outstanding, not someone morally fair, on the other hand, the figure that my opponent proposes is wrong, the famous twenty million deaths were due to hitler, not stallin, on the other hand, the source of my opponent is invalid, the figures of the black book of communism were declared false by their own authors:
 the alternative that stallin had to fight hitler was to hand over the country, and after that, hitler would kill 100% of the russians, hitler himself said that was his plan.
second, stallin's photographic memory is something that was kept as a simple historical record, there was no interest in falsifying it, unlike kim's abilities that are used as propaganda and have interests behind.
third, the trans-siberian railway was built with primitive tools, and the basis of its development was the use of a gigantic number of workers together with the direction of good engineers and many years of constant work, to mention the trans-siberian railway as a sample of a russia highly industrialized is like mentioning the Egyptian pyramids to prove Egyptian industrialization.
Defeating the Nazis was an achievement, simply because the economic power of Germany was almost double that of the Soviet Union, amounting to 520,000 million dollars, while the Soviet Union was 300,000 million dollars.
 finally, stallin was a good strategist, even opponents of stallin like averrel harriman admitted it:
"I found him better informed than Roosevelt, more realistic than Churchill, in some ways the most effective of war leaders."
hitler was a socialist, he promulgated the same doctrine as stallin, so both are to blame for soviet and german deaths, by the way, no matter what you say: the tsar industrialized russia, not stallin, and stallin was stupid enough to trust Hitler, just because he was a socialist, was a lousy strategist.

Round 3
Hitler did not promulgate the same ideology, Hitler was a National Socialist, which means that his socialism was intended to benefit the German people, especially harming other societies.
the czar only industrialized cities in russia (like siberia), the reality is that the industrialization of russia did not occur until the five-year plan.
being a good strategist is not the same as being exempt from mistakes, stallin was an excellent strategist.
`Stalin mastered the technique of organizing front operations and operations by groups of fronts and led them skilfully, thoroughly understanding complicated strategic questions. He showed his skill as Commander-in-Chief beginning with Stalingrad.

`In leading the armed struggle as a whole, Stalin was assisted by his natural intelligence and deep intuition. He had the ability to grasp the main link in the strategic situation in order to organize opposition to the enemy and carry out a major offensive operation. Without a doubt, he was a worthy supreme commander.


Ibid. , p. 284-285.
stallin killed 20 million people, it is absurd to say that he is a hero.
Round 4
it actually only killed a million people, the holodomor was the result of environmental causes, as evidenced by the thousands of famines in russia before stallin.
stallin's only kills were kulaks, the people in these kulaks were mostly war criminals, stallin should have killed more.

Well, I want to mention that the burden of proof is on my opponent, if he can't prove his point, they have to vote for me.
Round 5
in reality, the burden of proof on the pro is a legal criterion, not a logical one.