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No conduct points, just about who has the best bars

Round 1
I'm bout to knock you off those pills you're on
You can have the last word, but I won't get conned
How did Zach get killed? These bars will solve the mystery
Study yourself, you got a BA in History

I'm coming at you like The Grapes of Wrath
Check Zach's About Me, there's a reason to laugh
Votes to mandate masks and raise the price of gas
Then he's pro-choice this, anti-school choice that

You're a StarCraft addict who lives at home
Show us all your profile: "Income: Unknown"
Drop out of this fight and go upstairs to your mother
No wonder Zach put "Life's Priority: Other"

Picture this, Phenenas; look into my retinas
I'll spit sick and stick you; infect you with tetanus
Just let this convince you, you want that acceptance
Depression will end you so start your repentance

I'll make history so you can write about it
And listen real closely, in case you ever doubt it
You read about icons; there's one that you can't cross
One day you can write the story of Zach's loss

So my boy Christian M is out here trying to shake me
But ain’t nobody on DebateArt can break me.

Take a look at my profile, I’m an open book buddy
But respect your elders, kid, before I make your nose bloody
Education: Some college? Go back to your studies
Instead of slinging rhymes that are clunky and cruddy

Don’t quit your day job, Mr. Self Employed
You just wanna get high on fentanyl like George Floyd,
You wanna legalize drugs, abolish all taxes,
Whine about the Jews putting microchips in vaxes.

Like every boy, I had a libertarian phase
Shouted “Free market!” and “Liberty!”, every empty phrase
Used by naïve teens with no knowledge of the world’s ways
You’ll grow out of it kid, it’s a passing craze.

I’m coming at you with the fire of a thousand stars
Your 18-year-old mind can’t handle these bars
Why don’t you scurry on back to your Protestant church
And pray for God to help you while you stumble and lurch

Now as Christian M lies here shaken and broken,
He knows that Zach the Rap-Master has spoken.
Round 2
18 and self-employed? That's not much to diss
Wait ten years and chill once you have your first kiss
You're unemployed; should've taken Econ classes
I'm Libertarian cause I plan to pay taxes

I'll explain how this works to a history major
Tell you all the nice things that your taxes will pay for
They'll starve kids in Yemen; drop bombs on them too
I say legalize drugs; too pro-choice for you?

Think I hate Jews, but who was really scared of them?
That's right, Hitler: the famous Libertarian
Here's some advice, I think you should heed it
You like Orwell's classic? Then actually read it

Old Joe's flipped on every position he's held
This history major shoulda gotten expelled
Like smart commentators? I guess now you've met one
So don't quit your day job; that is, when you get one

Now that you been hit twice, maybe you can see
I'm doing liberalism how it used to be
Take off your six masks, can't hear one word you say
God can put you in Hell, but I did it today

Christian M talking mad shit in the comments
Please, kid - we’ve had enough of your word vomit
The length I took seems to have filled you with strife
But it’s just a little something called “Having a life”

Can’t take a bit of smearing of your little ideology?
Looks like I’m gettin’ all up in your psychology
Oh look, how original - a Hitler analogy!
No wonder you gotta cling to Bronze Age mythology

You gotta make shit up just to try and be contrarian
I can’t come up with anything as dumb as libertarians
You think the only thing taxes do is the War in Yemen?
Off your lips, please - wipe that billionaire semen

Word to your mama, you know that she love me
On her left buttcheek she got a tattoo of a Z
It stands for Zach, the man who’s gonna make you plea
Not to knock your win percentage down to 33

My beats have sent Christian M to the grave
It’s too bad, after that flimsy effort you gave
I was cookin’ hot rhymes since you were in your dad’s sack
Death has a name, boy, and its name is Zach.