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Satanism vs Christianity rap.


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Round 1

One can wander amongst the lightning and thunder, what's the sun got shine for? Son, there's no teacher to study the puzzling utter dumbfoundery under,
God have the fun and we are the result of his whims and a one year old being abused's his insufferable blunder but the scapegoat's there with the horns and the gruff hair,
You want the goat, Satan's blushing, the GOAT God can't gun for, he needs him like a deadbeat dad needs a single, strong mother,
He aint nothin' but a punk and it's fuck up after fuck up that the devil needs to make up for,
The dysfunction's not the beast's fault but he'll grunt, take the brunt of the blunt force punch to his gut as Jesus the star-boy's hailed as the one to to look up to,
And we aint saying Jesus is the villain, he's a tool in the cupboard, brought out just to smother us with love that his father can't muster,
What do you know about being the punisher of the lost souls deep down under? Nothing, that's what so shut up, humble sucker or your pride'll land you at his feet as you realise you were dumped by your cunt lord.
And this isn't about fury, that's God's stuff, this is much more. Satan's jaded getting hated for testing you in the game you think you're winning but don't fight for your high score, you slamdunk 24/7 and don't want a 3-pointer, blame the devil for blocking you, what for?
The devil tempts and the role is important, you think God can spot a sinner? The omnipotent motherfucker could literally botch every successful abortion,
He could unkill the parents that died and left behind orphans, he could unspill all the blood that's poured but he'd a sick fuck; he adores it.
You can't even rhyme, I could beat your rap wordlessly
The sinners in hell will hear you rap for eternity
Go ahead, and try to ruin everything you see
I gave you country music, and they still sing about me

I beat you in Round 1, now you're slithering back
Nail my hands down; I'll still end you when I attack
Stick to headlines on Reddit; you're not an entertainer
The Bible's topping charts, you get outsold by Darth Vader

You're a Halloween costume on a clearance sale
Red horns are out of style, so hide your pointy tail
Your followers are worse; people laugh in their faces
Who spends that much money pushing losing court cases?

Let's talk about abortions; like your first verse
It's like slang from; except worse
Start trouble on Earth but you can't steal my thunder
Stick to starting fires in the land down under

You'll never get past me, no matter the angle can't beat choirs of angels
Mysterious ways that you can't understand
Nail me to a cross; it's just part of my plan

I'm as wise as Athena, with power like Zeus
More strength than Ares; even he could end you
Omnipotent and present, not a thing I don't know
And I run the whole Earth, you can't even keep Roe

What can you say now? You're just here cause I'm bored
I know your future; so go ahead and tempteth the Lord
I'll harden your heart; I'd rather win than persuade you
You can't beat me, I'm the one who made you

I'll bend you to my will like everything I planned on
Twist you like a serpent without a leg to stand on
Then send you to the gates of Hell with your squad
Like the last rap devil who faced a rap god

Round 2
Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.

BWA-hahahaha! Alrighty, Christ, you want me to tell you I'm the devil and throw off my diguise,
You say I can't rhyme, I guess that heaven's mildened your mind's spice,
You're the rat-king and your followers, blind mice,
Calling yourself Eminem, who imitates me shit how'd your soul's blind mind's eye strike twice?
I'm slim and I'm shady, you self-sacrifical lamb, baaaaa-bye, 'chosen one' to die on a cross since for everyone else you pay the crime's price,
And the price paid? Getting worshipped for millennia as a hero... Oh, poor you, boo-hoo, guess you forgot to rule out the cryin' vice,
Masochist to the core like I could whip you and you'd be all 'yikes why'd I find the reason I writhe nice?'
I'm not sure why you're here for daddy G, but Yeshua let me tell you, you're lyin', Christ,
'Cause country was invented by the direct descendants of slaves captured by your lovely Catholic whites, yikes!

Now, let's see what you did to render my surrender,
You flex how you were nailed to a cross, right yes, let me remember,
I got Judas to get ruthless and expose you as a liar, I regret that endeavour,
I regret that it backfired and made people see you as this beloved rebel contender,
You were nothing but a slave to your abusive father, Yeshua, little brother you genuinely deserved better,
I don't think you understand you were pinocchio to Gepetto,
I predate you, punk, remember I'm your elder,
You need to drop the pretense and forget the vendetta,
You and father preach 'forgiveness' when it suits your agenda,
Why exactly is it that he's 'father' when we both know it lacks gender?
I may be slim shady but she's a man that is slender,
I was not the snake on the tree, that was God, read the verse to the letter,
It never speaks of me, it's assumed I was the one to lead Eve to her error,
But it says the 'serpent was more crafty than all' and there was no greater deceiver, mastermind or creator than God ever.
He could not be omnipotent if he couldn't stop me whenever,
He could not be omniscient if I could scheme without his leaving unguarded every thread that I sever,
He made Noah's ark but also brought down the water and terror,
He puts all blame for his cruelty on me when I'm the one son of his to stand up and say 'fuck you dad, forever!'
Christ and yikes? Disguise and mice?
Your broken rhyme scheme won't suffice
Ever and error? Forever and terror?
Your style is old news and I'll be the bearer

Imitator of Christ, now you've come to face me
I inspired you, Tupac, Nas, and Slim Shady
I'm Alpha to Omega, I'll puppet you around
And curse your wandering soul; that's another scoundrel down

You won't deal in rhyming or four-four timing
And me? I'm the king of the hill that you're climbing
To the truth and the life, you've got nothing to say
Madman is a Taiost, but I am The Way

Skeptics call my name; that's despite all the hatin'
Do your followers ever cry "Oh my Satan"?
You're full of complaints, what's another rant worth?
I made a flood just to purge your stench from the Earth

I'm the father of spacetime; Big Bang's my debut
Let's talk about gender; I Invented that too
All mortals are chosen; one path or another
When next you see Judas, you'll burn with your brothers

Bet you heard it said, "Thou shalt not kill"
Over and done, you'll follow me once your blood spills
Take the horns of the altar, I got a new code of behavior
You're time's up, you need a real nice savior

Check the book of the law; see what happens to folks like you
How's your code? Does it deal in bold strokes? Mine too
Ima stone you, burn you, then I'll impale you
Got a third of my army? It still won't avail you

I'm the father and son, spirit in one
Died for mankind; the struggle is done
Who's a slave? You sold your soul for pride
Only to die when I cast sin aside

I've been here forever; you don't outdate me
You're a scam to stay relevant; I'll say it plainly
Keep taking donations; get cases dismissed
Your own church doesn't even think you exist

Who has a vendetta? I beat you before
You think I need a whole army just to beat yours?
Next to mortals like Hitler, you're hardly well known
Your greatest trick was making people leave you alone

Read this to the letter; you're not king of beasts
I'm omniscient; You get beat by two mortal priests
My power compels you, so prepare for your slaughter
I bring floods, you can't handle one drop of holy water
Round 3

You think secular Laveyan Satanism is the sole Satanist Church?
You think you're the son of Mary who you raped to birth?
Uneducated, not omniscient, you're no god you wretched creature of Earth,
You are a poser on a cliff,  close the ledge, hope you lurch,
I am the one to tempt you to a suicide the even in the afterlife I'll decide was worth.

You hide behind the phrased pride like 'oh my god' means shit,
People who say 'oh my god' disrespect you, you meek bitch,
You're just deluded, mind's polluted like the real god and trusting you to rule the universe would leave reality bleak, kid,
I wonder if you forgot that of the seven deadly sins the only one you lack are lust and glutton 'cause you can't fuck or eat, prick,
What you need is a real wielder of power to punish those you deem unfit for the free trip to happiness everyday, what a boring place heaven is to end up in, like an 80 year old man's wank with the weak grip.

I could rap circles 'round you for centuries, still get branded the loser,
You're in it for the glory, the first and worst domestic abuser,
Every one of your original children feel they need to improve to get your approval, I removed you from my ego, reality's first rebel, god's so-called-malev'lent accuser,
You run around thinking that creation entitles you to anything, want a woman? Why seduce her when you can just send Gabe in a dream and her pussy's taken your vermin sperm in without getting entered or looser,
Joseph bangs her day and night, works on his glorious wood as a carpenter should and he's cucked by a mentally deranged but overpowered intruder,
You're not the hero of Bible, you're a malignant cancer we've mistaken for a benign tumor,
I'm like the opposite to you, a malignant obstacle to the narcissistic prime mover.
Don't know what rape is? Guess your lunacy's habitual
Your own church sues for child sacrifice rituals
I'll hit you with bars that you can't outmaneuver
Outrap and outdance you cause I'm the prime mover

I don't need pride or even mortals to acknowledge me
You scheme just to have your name echoed in mythology
I died on a cross, which your demons condemn
But we both know you wouldn't die for any of them

You're the root of all sin; feed on souls to survive
You inspired humblebragging and Die Hard 5
And Mary's a saint; you think she has objections?
You possess little girls and lash out with projection

You're rapping in circles? That's one thing you got right
Takes you two paragraphs to say the same thing twice
You bold your rhyme scheme cause it's too weak to notice
Act tough but rely on someone else's beat to show us

I'll go a cappella, I don't even need backing
Like your church needs money cause their funds are lacking
For you, Laveyans are the only ones fighting
All your real followers are dead, crazy, or hiding

You "hope I lurch"? What toddler wrote your bars?
Can't say I'm that offended by your threats so far
A few people praise you to make a quick buck
But every real religion agrees that you suck

Tried to tempt me to jump off a cliff; how pathetic
Quoted scripture at me; turns out that I'd read it
You feed on weak people and those who've lost their minds
Your second-class raps aren't the bars they get behind

You're the opposite of me; on that we agree
I gave people choices to set them free
You're the tempter at Eden; destroyed by the cross
I'm the reason for the season; you're Paradise Lost