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Rap Battle (Ronald Reagan vs. Franklin D. Roosevelt)


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Rap Battle me

PRO = Ronald Reagan
CON = Franklin D. Roosevelt

Round 1
Like prayer and the gays, I'll take you to school
You get caught cheating; I make my own rules
I've got legs to stand on, cause I can walk around
Can't pee standing up? You just let it trickle down

I won the cold war, and half of that was on you
You joined a war, signed a draft, and died halfway through
From living to dying, I always outdid you
Churchill chain-smokes and he still outlived you

Entitlement programs will leave the state cashless
But men like you won't miss a chance to raise taxes
Your New Deal programs? I've noticed before
That everyone for them is already poor

But on to race issues and away from food stamps
Hitler's not the only racist opening camps
You promised happy days; turned away refugees
The man fights for you, unless you're Japanese

Your own wife hates having kids with you
And your side chick wouldn't leave the crib with you
And sure, the woman liked you, but what did it cost?
She spent four years with you and wasn't better off

Your wife can't stand you, but be a good sport
The only place you're packing is the Federal Court
I won 49 states, try to dunk on these
Cause I'll fire shots at you like ATCs

I got the knowledge and the wit, cause that's how I roll
To get this turbulent economy under control
And we both fought drug use, so don't start to preach
But I don't do cocaine before giving a speech

We've both got enemies, I'm sure that you know them
I've got crack dealers, you've got Jesse Owens
We know you can't do much to help race relations
You stick to causing problems, I'll pay reparations

Your fireside chats were a spin on the truth
Hype yourself up; then try to brainwash the youth
I support a free press, but next time it comes up
You already sat down, maybe you can shut up

He won't stand against lynching or stand up for Jews
But he wastes your tax dollars and gets praised on the news
You've seen the real FDR; that concludes this lesson
Now show us what you've got, and give us all a Great Depression
Ne mire racist than you? Could you diss worse at all?
Nothing in your diss was applicable or personal,
Get the heck away from rap, Ronnie, back to theatre,
Hollywood wants your ghost for a horror movie aimed at every black woman who'd fear and hate you when you meet her,
Which is every black woman minis those that'dd eat ya,
You standing there fronting as some opposer of fascism's a 10 out of ten on the bullcrap-meter.

You made deals with Gaddhafi, hush hush damn pagan,
You're a patriot at day, bet there's a confederate flag in your basement,
You coming at me about my wife's ridiculous, Reagan,
You had a divorce from your first woman, Jane Wyman, you couldn't hold her down, vet you weren't the one to break her hymen, lame punk,
Bet every one of her moans was either unhappy or the kind that an actress'd be brilliant at fakin',
Try harder in Round 2 cause right now you're just a mouse that like Jane's pretty puss, I'm playin'.
Round 2
You can't hold a rhythm; I'll school you again
Cause you're right; my meter is ten out of ten
My first wife left me; I got one who cared
I'd rather just upgrade than have an affair

Want to talk flags? Read your own biography
You hyped up a statue of Robert E. Lee
"Great leader of men?" Well it's now clear to me
Who's really on board with the Confederacy

Don't pray for peace with the bombs that I'm droppin'
I tick off Gaddhafi; you make deals with Stalin
Your internment camps had a real legal flaw
I'll get back to acting; you get back to law

This court packer doesn't have fascist concerns
He's so power-hungry, he tried for four terms
Think it's not personal that you're racist and evil?
I said who you've harmed, you just don't think they're people
Correction to Round 1:

Ne mire 
Me more

eat ya
I meant beat ya but eat ya is kinda more scary and highlights how ferociously black people hate him.

I say 'vet' instead of 'bet' but that and another typo are intuitive to understand.


Who ever mentions ya name knows you aint sane or paints you a saint,
Watergate malefactor, an actor turned shitstain down political memory lane,
You're a Punk Ron and I'm gonna put you in your place; this time impeachment's hitting you hard like a cane,
You're a bitch on a chain, 'cause the snitches you tamed are boutta talk through me, boutta reuptake the serotonin stored up in your brain,
Giving arms to Iran, Gaddafi took blame since you helped him rise to fame but let's hush about the rise and keep our eyes on the prize as you got innocent Libyans including his daughter slain,
Brave ole' Reagan by day, they're sayin', you and your right-wing moron successors can't see Gaddhafi was clearly not the one to bomb, he was Abel, openly hating Al Qaeda (which you're fond of, Cain)
Send Mother Teresa to get Indians to convert and use no protection in vain,
What good's a lack of contraception when the only result is more impoverished starving children? She died an atheist, sick of your dirty, twisted games.
No abortion, no contraception, no drugs but your racist ass is also the reason for the sruge of crack 'n' cocaine.
Round 3
Well, I won't make recordings an issue of this debate
Won't mention racial slurs or the FDR tapes
You can look that up, I'll be busy dropping bombs
That tape you linked to? I defended Taiwan

I attacked corrupt leaders; I'd say it again
They supported Mao's regime, you wanna defend them?
Did I go too far? This camp runner can't complain
You gonna brush that aside, call it one bad day?

I gave money to rebels to fight the Soviets
You enabled Stalin, I'm the one who had to cope with it
Is every middle-eastern Muslim a terrorist to you?
But I really shouldn't ask, you'd probably lock them up too

Read a history book before you bring up Iran
Gaddafi's from Libya, you senile man
We can talk about air strikes and bad things that happen
Just don't forget the atom bomb, Dr. Manhattan

And Watergate was Nixon, so get your facts straight
Crackheads don't like me; Is that a complaint?
You drafted the nation's kids and sent them to die
In favor of abortion? I'm not surprised

Of course you like condoms, what chick don't you sleep with?
The man never saw a gal he didn't want to cheat with
You slept with five women, not counting your wife
And you're mad at a nun? I guess we know why

Imagine being down a legend, 3-term pusher going down with style,
Now, imagine embodying corruption and being known for a smile,
You're a charmer, disarmer but after a while, people catch on you're just deodorant-covered crap on a pile,
Own son got molested, guess your parenting's a reflection of leadership style,
You're neglectful, conniving, any decent person sees you and produces some bile,
You're the river nile if waterways were a reflection of how deeply one left their legacy defiled,
I hope you're resting in faeces while I mess with the pieces left,while I be the 'mad dog' you labelled hostile,
Let the Obama and I take down Bin Laden, Gaddafi and everyone Republicans can't battle nor even hit within a mile,
You're only interested in defending your people if it gets a lot of blood on your hands and collateral's a child.