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Only 16 lines per round please.

Whoever has the best rhyming clever/ funny insults wins!

Vulgarity and cursing is not an issue by the way, this is no holds barred.

Round 1
I get why you call yourself a RationalMadman 
Your idea of a wardrobe is rags from the trash can 
With a job at the car wash wiping my blades
You aint a "cool cat" just cuz your pic's a tiger with shades 
Oh and your dumb mother?
She's such a fat slut her waist/ waste management is being a cum dumpster 
You know that I'm rappin' well, I'll go send your ass to hell
This Mad Man loves jerking off alone in a padded cell
You're not "big fish" but I'm gonna break out my master bait 
He's on here to masturbate and engage in mass debates
Your will to live is slim, I guess it's do or die
Your idea of a "hotline" is the kind that involves suicide 
Honestly I don't want to see his one line rebuttals 
He watches "Touched By An Angel" while he gets touched by his uncle 
His sister is a mister and is mom is a tranny
Your sex life is like that TV show, you keep it "All In The Family"
Sister's a fierce mistress and mother is a man,
 Gets excited subby sissy a masculine gangbang's the plan,
When you beg for them to peg you, it will get hot, so blow hard, fan,
You think I stammer at your blabber? You come for my fam, cum for the clan. 
 Okay, sorry dude I'll stop this shit is getting really out of hand,
I'll chuck you, tear, cum and piss-stained into a dumpster, trash back in its homeland,
You say you know why I'm a madman? I don't think you understand,
I have so much rep to lose by how low I stoop here and yet I risk it, fuck the brand,
You say you debatealldatingz and act pro-trans, next rap battle, fumble the scam,
And I would go for your father but he's still out buying milk, I feel bad, damn,
I would try to diss your mother but her greatest shame is you were planned,
I would try to diss your brother but he's laughing with me, what a Stan,
I would try to diss your record but it's like your mind; empty and bland,
I recommend you leave my family out your mouth, or deepthroat well, and if you can...
Try ask my mother to do the same and then she'll make you spurt, with fangs.
What do your dick and brain have in common? They both only show on scans.
Round 2
Ya my record is empty cuz this is my first challenge this season 
One thing I know isn’t empty? Your sister’s vaginal region 
Madman’s the dumbest twerp that will end up in dirt
What happens when Plan B doesn’t work? … This chump gets birthed
You get turned down on Tinder cuz you’re the lamest nerd
Last time you “scored” online was playing Angry Birds
You ain’t the type that rocks the beat and robs in streets
You’re the type to sob and weep when your mom’s asleep and watch Dawson’s Creek
Tugging on your meat so much you ain’t aloud to be pimpin’
Your sock’s are more Krusty than the clown from the Simpsons 
Those rhymes of yours make no sense now I gotta reply 
You ramble more than whore who got caught in a lie 
Acting like you got the dopest raps 
But I’ve heard better rhymes in a homeless shack where they’re smoking crack 
Your girlfriend’s a drug addict she fucked me for a crack pipe 
So I left her bed with so many stains it’s glow in the dark with a black light 

I say you're planned, you say the plan was B for me,
If I said you're a man, you'd say otherwise gleefully,
Tit for tat, it's pathetic the way you need me, D,
You can't be the joke without the bat, so rob in the streets, you G,
I'll be the one to get you imprisoned, see I aint posing, seriously,
You'll be the one to plead guilty after I reject you on your knees, pussy.

You just pose like you're a gangster and so what if it's true?
What if you can ride fast, die young from a gangbang with a chick who gave you all avian flu?
You aint brave for the shit you're spitting, blowing your own digeridoo,
I'm the alpha tiger here and you're just a beta chimp in this zoo,
No one's interested in the nonsense you say to be 'witty', who knew?
I'm the one the audience is here for, it's a blessing I accepted this debate, baby boo,
'unknown' down your profile page, can't diss a missing image, too insignifant, dude,
This lyricism is prolific, you can't spit this slick, I pity the ones who tell you you could,
Now please be silly, try to mimic these slippery syllable slides with some precision, stay crude,
'Cause your cringy swearing's the only thing we can say you consistently do well enough to not be immediately bood.
Round 3
You obviously lazy foo don’t call me your “baby boo”
You got caught in my crazy loop plus you softer than baby food 
Keep talking reckless it will be you who’s laid to rest 
You call yourself an Alpha when you can’t even pass a Beta Test 
You know nothing about poetry you getting smoked like weed 
You’re the reason the audience is here? I’m the reason they’ll vote for me 
Referencing the avian flu is just ridiculous 
Not even someone with avian flu is as sick as this
Claiming your an adult will get you hit with fists 
Cuz the truth is you’re more childish than Disney flicks 
Always talking about gangbangs proves that your looks are worse
Before talking about gangbangs, try having sex with one woman first 
He was staring at his sister wondering how that pussy works
While I was laying in her bed giving her pussy squirts 
I’m making a team of dead emcees, you’re the latest recruit 
Talking about didgeridoos when you’re getting played like a flute 


I imagine this battle like a prized babe's wise take on guys,
That's nice, you tried, whole rap reeking of that spicy pride,
Hot and inflated while it slides inside,
But the air's been puffed and her thighs crave size,
I'm the facebook with the gram that she snorts, wide-eyed,
You're that myspace platform, dead and she says bye, poor guy,
You cry like a disney princess calling me more childish, why?
That scalp aint dry, head gettin' really itchy, full o' lice(/lies),
You made this battle to see who's witty,
I'll show you an ass-whippin', feelin' diehard British as I take the Mickey,
There's no wonder that the woman you end up with's known as Minnie/mini,
Every chick you try to please but her kept asking 'is he in me?',
But be ready when I warn her bros you'll be shiverin', feelin' chilly,
You said my sister is a mister, then say you're pleasing her, wow really?
You're gonna win this debate, 'cause you're hilarious dress all pretty,
The punchline's you taking the pounding from her 9-inch willy.