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Round 1
you can hear the sizzle, that's your testicles fried
you're nothing but a filthy reprehensible swine
I used a razor blade for dissecting your eye
poured bleach on it then had sex with your wife
you're a stupid silly bitch
I get stupid silly lit
smoke the hugest philly spliff
while connectin' the rhymes
what can you do to kill me bitch?
I bet your bitch would fuck on other guys the second you died

in any context, concepts I express cause stress cause' they cause you to reflect upon death
reality is just an entropic process of cause and effect your prospects are pre-set
predator or prey when you enter the wasps nest, you ain't fit for war, I deplore all your nonsense
talk less, you're retarded and male with your mom's breasts, I'll slap you til' you think you the wrong sex


now prepare to be gang raped by the LGBT community
by every single gender except that which you would choose to be

I'm omnidirectional quantum leap sexual which correlates to my supersymmetric gender identity
as a strange quark matter entity in connectivity instantaneously yet distantly with ur moms titties
I slip between dimensionalities efficiently then I zippity tickle the nips right off her big titties lickity split
while my dick slips in betwixt sixty different regions of the bitch in simultaneousness

Its spooky action in ur moms puss
what you gon' do? you talk tough but you're all words
you ain't got nuts, you're a whole bitch
I'm about to fuckin' pop up, and I won't miss with the stick, hoe

As soon I accepted this battle, you're dead cause I'm locking it in
I'm bout to spaz, an ass whooping is what you'll get in the end
I rep my city where you drown if you not gonna swim
I'm the shark that'll get you before you see the top of the fin

You're not gonna win, that bullshit you got in your "pen"?
Trash. People seeing this battle saying "Devon hotter than him."
Real rap b*tch, don't think that I'm your friend
Time to reel you out the water, I'm a great fisherman

This is a kitten in a cage with lion this just ain't right
Ashame how it's this is a Great Dane against a Great White
This my house, better pack your bags and take flight
It's quite obvious that you're losing bad in this fight

I took your profile pic and put it in my bars, see how I did that?
That's called talent, that's something in which you lack
This round was light. Next round I'm flippin like an acrobat
You a candy rapper with sweet bars you a kit kat
Round 2
I can already smell victory like blood a mile off
I'm a Carolina Reaper and your shit is mild sauce

your bars suck
whereas my lyrics are nuts
you want to talk about pics? fuck the shark stuff
I'll knock your lights out, now Sasuke's in the darkness
sausage Link gobbler to this Darknut
gotta think harder bruh, your lyrics aren't tough

I'll douse you with gender fluid
your disses are rendered useless
I'll end the doofus with exclusive pen-usage meant loose his
gonads and construe them into ovaries and a uterus
then reattach his balls internally for senseless, stupid
lyrics that make me send the puke at him to rebuke it
in utter disgust

you can suck my dick
but can you duck my sick?
duck fast enough when I throw up my fish
cause' I've never experienced disgust like this
I've never read bars that can suck like his

yet you're so generic
that I'll beat you with a bowl of ferrets
cut your throat and bury the blade in your open larynx
you should be so embarrassed
you thought your flow'd compare with me
it's heresy, hoe just cherish the seconds left and know you'll perish

everything you say makes many think your gay
I'm about to cut your penis off, I'm readying the blade
gonna turn it to a pussy so you better keep it shaved
turn you to your proper sex lest your gender be betrayed

Everything I say fire with or without an accent
Time and time I'm undefeated, I ain't know how to act since
Get your body sprayed from the can minus the axe scent
They want you chopped down to size, I was the axe sent

My punchlines too heavy it'll knock you off sight
I'll flame you up like a stove, watch me ignite
You're nothing compared to me because you're bars are too light
That's because you dance around the punch like prom night

You seem like a good kid though, you remind me of a Huxtable
Reflection of your dad so I throw shots and blow pop cause he a sucker too
And by the looks of things, I can tell I'm making you uncomfortable
Cause you candy, if we meet I'll crack you for the cheese cause I got the juice now, that's a Lunchable

You think I can't fuck with you? I ain't come to play, I ain't had to rehearse for you
Freestyles or writtens I can rock it both ways I'm reversible
I check who don't pay dues you do what works for you
I'll google a bitch, in other words I'll put your type in a box they gone have to search for you

I pull your card and get you scratched off for that loose change
I sit, wait and sneak him on the late night like I wanted them new J's
I'm on fire bitch you getting souffle'd, you taking 2 L's, Cool J
Once I start busting at your crew they'll wither away, this is doomsday

Round 3
Everything you say flames like something a fag sent
so honestly you spit flames, but in a bad sense

said he'll flame me up
someone restrain this fuck
I'm backin' away like "ok I'm not gay, enough"

then he calls me a kid...ok so you're a gay pedo
go meet with your Muslim friends and play ghetto

fake gangsta bitch, gay wanker with
a strange hankerin' for kids but he ain't dangerous

I'm going to titty twist your oblivious shitty diss
til' its nipple rips, then sprits some tobasco on the tip of it
your styles hideous, I'm ridiculously well-equipped
to dismiss it with infinite versatility when I spit
I'll circumcise your itty bitty dick
to make Ponikshiy sick
then staple shut the tip
and pour bleach on it while you piss

 trying to force wordplay cause' he rhymes shit
that google bar would be dope if the lines fit
there's this thing called flow...please try it
or be quiet, the lunchable diss was a weak try bitch
contradictory when I make him sleep silent
cause' I kill him with gunplay and thats piece violence

my evil cerebral conceives all the deeds you're too weak to achieve you're a penile receiver
you freak show, these people each know you're weak bro, you be flowin' like you're a depot of weiners
I beat you, I bistro, I feast on him, eat those who deepthroat I be goat, I'm beast mode you're Bieber 
I use a needle I be sewin' peens closed, I sew shut your dick hole, it's just so you pee worse

I'm sick as fuck the shit I spit is nuts
the shit you spit, it sucks
its sus, you're rappin' like a dickless cuck
you're rappin' like the biggest slut
you flamin' flippin' fronter
you ain't bangin', bitch you blunder
in a blender's where your dick is stuffed
I wanna hear this chicken cluck

cluck in fear because I'm near
attackin' from the rear
I shove a spear inside his butt and smear
his blood in here, because I'm weird

I'm just kind of silly
when I kill em' then I kill me
kill myself because I'm really
filthy, gunpowder dillweed philly

spark it up and blast away
kill yourself, your ass is gay
homosexuals commit suicide at massive rates
but if it means you die too, then thats ok
I wanna see you passed away
you wanna pass gas and say it's rappin' flames

my flows unload and show you homo-novus you're a homo blow-fish
boner chokin' Choji roastin' weiners to fill out your globeness
but the earth is flat, and your cranium has slow components
I'm a Shikamaru spittin' hard to show you hoes a poet
I erode you implode you blow through all your armor
show you who's harder, retard you're no opponent
all your bars were so so at most you know it
send you to the barber when my musket blows a hole in you

Chill you little bitch, keep running your mouth
I'll put money on your head like a GoFundMe account

Funny how you say me and RationalMadman suck and have no flow
But look at how you rap? Shit is ass, you can't rhyme for shit you bozo
"I slip between dimensionalities efficiently then I zippity tickle the nips right off her big titties lickity split
while my dick slips in betwixt sixty different regions of the bitch in simultaneousness"
Wtf was that? All your other rounds apply too. Can't take you serious hoe
Class is in session bitch, let me show you how to rap like the GOAT

Back to killing you, this the final round so prepare to die
I'll leave your crew wet and holy, baptized
I'm rocking this bitch Vin Diesel style, Fast 5
You're done for and your heart stopped beating, flat line

I roll with big dogs, I got a Cujo crew
So bring your buddy but just in case dude won't shoot
Me and my gun spitting shit like a 2 on 2
My rhymes are much better than the shit you spew

Picture this, your life flash before your eyes like a snap shot
I'm standing with that cannon, the scene behind you like a back drop
For that cheese, I make sure to get your good side, no need to crop
Taking head shots, lead pop twist your whole shit like a dread lock

Y'all deluded if y'all think this dude hot
Another big win for me, this the jackpot
I'll get your G shot on time like a wrist watch
Because the heat go both ways like Chris Bosh

I heard about your girl too, she an animal, eating bitches alive she a cannibal
When I say her head fire, it ain't her sex game. It's because her weave flammable

You think you f*cking with me? Get hit with the tech
I got more bars than prisons, call my bluff, try and bet
You could die on set for speaking the wrong dialect
I get violent and choke you till your face is violet

You thought you had a shot at my crown? You just next to die
If FishChaser start to F with my green, I spray the pest aside
Schools in, recess over, who's next in line
Everybody gotta learn its no child left behind

How dare you sit here and claim I don't spit fire
Now you getting flamed in the middle of the ring like a pit fire
I'm back on my job, you was only a temp hire
You think you own this throne? Nah, this is my empire