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Post what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, anything in between.

For this debate judges can either vote on:
1. Which opponent had tastier food as in something you would eat, or
2. Which sounded healthier
Up to you.

Voters: feel free to put your favorite foods that Pro or Con put in their rounds in your RFD.

Easy tips for me and my opponent: Each day write down what you ate so when you post it in your round, that way you have it right there next to you and you won't forget what you ate.

Round 1

Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs, sausage and a hashbrown. A bite of lemon cream pie cookie. With orange juice 

Another cup of orange juice shortly after

Skipped lunch. Breakfast held me over until dinner

Dinner: A spicy chicken sandwich and a half of another one from Burger King with fries. With bottled water

Dessert: Lemon cream pie cookie. With a bottled peach sweet tea and half of another bottled peach sweet tea

(Sorry for the late post). 

I skip breakfast most of the time, and that's exactly what I did today.
However, I did have a fibe-mini. I'm honestly stocked on it, so I have one at least everyday.

In between, I had one bottled water and refilled it three times, and had a protein bar, once again stocked on that.

Homemade bento box. Rice, chicken, salad leaves (greens), tomatos, and cucumbers. On the side, one strawberry kit kat.
It really wasn't much today but I was in quite the rush.

I also had one can of green tea with lunch, something that was quick and easy to find. 


Later, I had glass of water.

I had another package of rice paper, and well, I couldn't hold back on making another batch of fire noodle spring rolls.
Absolutely amazing when you have (specifically samyang) fire noodles, cheese, and rice paper wrapping it all together. I never get burnt out with it.

Had some steamed rice to go with it, and mellon soda, I drank it separately. Yes, it's a werid combo.

My favorite meal was definitely dinner, might get something interesting next round, who knows.
Round 2
Strawberry kit kat sounds so good. I don't have that where I'm from, it's just the regular chocolate kit kat. Not a big fan of chocolate I like strawberry way better. Is this Samyang spicy noodles? Not sure if that's the one you're referring to I think there's different ones? I've had it before, I always wanted to try it but it was way too spicy for me I couldn't finish it. Took one bite and I was done lmao which is crazy because I love spicy food.


Breakfast: Spicy chicken griddle breakfast sandwich with chips. With bottled water

2 hours later: bottled water

Snack: Slice of pizza with peach sweet tea

Lunch: 2 slices of pizza with fruit punch gatorade and peach sweet tea

(I eat my pizza with ranch)

Dessert: Half of a honey bun cookie

2 hours later: bottled water

Evening time: Few sips of water

Dinner: Tilapia, grits and cheesy mixed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots) with sweet tea

12:40am: Bite of fruity pebble cookie

It's funny, every convience store or gas station has a strawberry kit kat where i'm at.

As for the noodles:
Hopefully you didn't pick out the 2x spicy, because that's most likely the reason.
However, when you have cheese on top I promise the spice weakens a little.

Otherwise, don't use the entire packet of sauce like I did.

Fruity pebbles cookie, sounds, well, interesting.

7/23 (yesterday, forgot to post)

Strawberry samwich x 2, they didn't have any peach sanwich's where I went which is disappointing but it's whatever.
And of course, a fibe-mini.

Grilled cheese with buffalo chicken (recently found this recipe and it's bomb)
On the side, I had some miso soup instead of, as some people have, tomato soup.

Strawberry royal milk tea (couldn't find the chocolate strawberry) to go along.

Had a bottled water refilled once.

Steamed rice with veggies (mostly peas and small onions I couldn't taste) and then a simple omelette on top.
I just drank water, only two glasses.

Fried icecream (tempura), with some chocolate drizzle.
Most of the time I cannot handle sweets without water; one glass on water.
Round 3
I assume you aren't from the U.S. Strawberry kit kat is foreign to me, sounds really good.
Fruity pebble cookie thing - it's from a place called Crumbl Cookies, they sell all different types of variety/flavors of gourmet cookies every week. The flavors literally change every week. They have over 200 flavors, anything you can think of from strawberry type cookies to chocolate, lemon, etc it's cool.


Breakfast: Spicy chicken griddle breakfast sandwich. With bottled water

Snack/lunch: Tilapia, grits and veggies from the day prior. Ate some baked hot cheetos. With two sweet teas

2 hours later, lunch this time: Finished up tilapia, grits and veggies

Evening time: Bottled water

30min later: Sweet tea

Dinner: Chicken parmesan & fettuccine alfredo pasta with a bread stick. Boneless buffalo wings with ranch and mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce.

Dessert: A couple bites of blueberry cheesecake cookie (from crumbl cookies) lol

Yeah, I don't recall there being a Crumbl Cookies around here. But, it sounds interesting.


Fruit bowl again, kiwis, strawberries, mangos, peaches, and watermellon. 
And you gussed it. Another fibs-mini.

I had ordered this online, being I could not find it at any of my local stores. 
It was cheetos mac and cheese. I've always been a big fan of pasta, so of course, I had to test this out when I recieved comments about it from some online friends.

One bottled water (refilled once).

I didn't feel like cooking a lot.
So, I had steamed rice with an egg on top and some random small veggies like small onions I couldn't taste and small carrots and peas.

I also had a diet coke (I am hooked on them).
And one glass of water.

Round 4

Skipped breakfast

Snack: Chips (Jalapeno ranch ruffles) so good. With water

Another snack later on: Couple bites of sub sandwich and chips. With water

Lunch: Southwest eggrolls, BBQ ribs, honey chipotle chicken tenders, loaded mashed potatoes, street corn. With lemonade

Late night dinner: Other half of sub sandwich (turkey and roast beef w/lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, mayo, honey mustard) with chips. With lemonade
Skipped but had a mini-fiber.

Spaghetti and a fried egg on top of it.

I also had a side of veggies, mostly just carrots, peas, and onions like usual.
One glass of water.

Miso ramen and teriyaki chicken.

It's a life changing meal, definitely recommend..
Running out of time, but like the other day I had a diet coke. It was my last one unfortunately.
Round 5
Breakfast sandwich with water

Lunch: Chicken and roast beef sandwich with chips. With watermelon Arizona drink and mango Arizona drink

Dinner: Nachos

Several water throughout the day
Just finished making breakfast myself..


Steamed rice with grilled fish and dried seaweed. I've never been a big fan of fish. but it was alright. 

One glass of water and one canned green tea. 

Two strawberry protein bar and a half a bottle of water. 

Finished the half bottle of water. 

I had a chicken egg rice bowl. (Oyakodon)
Basically, as the name of it, chicken, egg, steamed rice, and small green onions. 

Something simple to make: curry. (Kare raisu)

I just had beef, potatoes, carrots, small onions, steamed rice, and the curry itself of course. 

Had a strawberry lemonade, absolutely amazing.

One coffee jelly.

If you've watched Saiki K you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.