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GOD is a 3 letter acronym = G- genius O- of D- deception the ultimate human fabricated scapegoat for CONTROL


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G O D.....? no such word was used for 6,400 years....of human history.......

By using the HALAF Culture of Syria/Turkey/Iraq as a starting point on the HUMAN civilization timeline...of the 7 billion humans on EARTH NOW ? (who counted them) very few have ever heard or know of the HALAF Culture
and their DIVINE BEINGS....Beings depicted as human-animal-reptile-combination of them all each with a NAME
and description of powers....NONE had the TITLE of "GOD" the word did not exist...

Like all DIVINE BEINGS humans invent...they come and they go...does anyone accept, worship, and insist all humanity kneel and OBEY ZEUS ? ODIN? RA? APOLLO? ++++ NO not anymore..
They are now available in mythology books, movies, entertainment...nothing serious enough to MURDER and CONDEMN others to be PUNISHED and SUFFER over...and NO these BEINGS were NOT CALLED "GOD"

POINT = G O a human construct invented by CHURCH PARASITE VAMPIRES as a word TOOL ...

A ...TOOL ...expertly deployed as a HYPNOSIS trigger word...the Roman Church stole the Hebrew Bible stories and added their own spin to create a NEW TESTAMENT for their NEW boy toy "GOD" Jesus...

400 years earlier the JEWS demanded JESUS EXECUTION as a false MESSIAH and trouble maker ..and ROME gladly complied with a grand spectacle...Rome obviously had other plans for JESUS !

By mid..600 AD...the word "GOD" caught on..and all that was left in the middle East for DIVINE BEINGS were

1 = JEW "GOD" ...2 = "JESUS GOD" ....3 = ALLAH GOD" the word "GOD" was being used as a TOOL for assimilation by CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS using FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE to force weak minded humans into their slave CULTS...

The JEWS kept to themselves...they did not promote their GOD ? or force assimilation in his name...because the Jews did not use their GOD's name...the JESUS and ALLAH parasite vampires conspired-murdered-raped-destroyed-millions of people and many Cultures...using their Genius Of Deception = GOD as a scapegoat TOOL...

"GOD" as a word =... worthless..... as a TOOL..... for DECEPTION = .....PRICELESS.......

The PARASITE VAMPIRES of CHURCH and MOSQUE have ravaged humanity with DEATH and DESTRUCTION using their "GOD" as a TOOL a SCAPEGOAT..

The ROMAN CHURCH invented the word "GOD" and they along with islamic PSYCHOPATHS obsessed with POWER and control use their "GOD" ...TOOL.... for anything but spirituality and enlightenment...

............G O D truly the "Genius Of Deception".. TOOL...a human invented construct...not DIVINE..never...

Round 1
Enough was stated in the main body of this debate...all of the information can be validated and cross referenced easily through GOOGLE SEARCH

Just pick any aspect and see many articles on the subject....

If YOU align with some "GOD" it's because at some point in your existence information was received or planted between your ears to a point of acceptance
in one of these "GOD" characters...OK which one of the "GODS" do YOU serve ?    and WHY? is this "GOD" the only true "GOD" ? and what of the other 
5 billion humans who do not accept this "GOD" construct...

5 Billion is based on a choice of JESUS....with an estimated 2 billion sheeple drones or ALLAH...also with an estimated 2 billion sheeple drones...YOU can't 
BELIEVE in BOTH it is not allowed by the parasites that invented them ...

and since there are about 15 million JEWS total on EARTH +- and they do not run around trying to convince and assimilate others to accept and convert to 
their GOD and Dogma....YOU either are or not a JEW GOD BELIEVER...?

Concerning the GRAMMAR ?    well it's like telling Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton how to play guitar...they have their own style...this mish mash
of ....CAP & low case mine....and unlike some of the Religious organizations that do NOT TOLERATE open minded bad....
This may sound trollish, but although I believe God is a control freak as mentioned in the bible, I don't think the word GOD stands for " Genius of deception the ultimate human fabricated scapegoat for CONTROL".  I don't even believe the word God is an acrinomn in the mainstream context that it is used in.  The Hebrews, who may have invented God, didn't even call him God.  They called him, "el" which was Hebrew for God (Source: My grandmother).

"The PARASITE VAMPIRES of CHURCH and MOSQUE have ravaged humanity with DEATH and DESTRUCTION"  Although their Gods are corrupt, most members of the clergy are nice people with only a few of them being child rapists (

P.S. Are you backwarsden from DDO?
Round 2
YOU Believe ............and YOU do not believe..........SO ?   the argument specifically targets HOW...the so called word..."GOD"  is used as a TOOL..

"GOD" as a scapegoat TOOL for PSYCHOTIC criminals who themselves PLAY "GOD"....

These Parasite Vampires target weak minded humans to assimilate them into some GLORIFIED CULT...a CULT which depends on FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE to enslave the victim and force them to serve the CULT objectives ...not some human fabricated SUPER BEING CREATOR....

....The JEWS/HEBREWS did NOT invent "GOD"  YOU have been hypnotized and brainwashed to accept information that is nothing more than a construct by the PARASITE VAMPIRES that invented the Jewish teachings....this is from their STORY BOOK...their THEATER ....and like countless other so called Religions and 
DIVINE BEINGS with the word "GOD" attached to them...they too... are nothing more than some old tribal lunatics PLAY BOOK...literally THEATER ...they create the characters..and their stories.just like a MOVIE or a BROADWAY PLAY...

Like all THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS...there are no limits to the characters and their roles in a story...the JEWS-CHRISTIANS-MUSLIMS all have a similar PLAYBOOK...the JEWS were first...with their MOSES meets the DIVINE story...the word "GOD" did not EXIST...

Prior to the JEWS ....many Civilizations had all manner of DIVINE BEINGS they created and worshipped..."GOD" the word was not introduced until 400 AD
almost 2000 years after the MOSES meets YHWH ?  

THE POINT >>>>>>> "GOD"  is a truly meaningless word...invented as a WORD by a ROMAN CHURCH CLOWN in 400 AD while translating the Bible into GOTHIC EXTINCT EAST GERMANIC LANGUAGE....the word means NOTHING it was made up like all words are...the CHURCH clowns promoted it...

...the word..."G O D"  is used as a an EXCUSE...a SCAPEGOAT strategy to commit ATROCITIES against all who do not accept a particular VERSION attached to it...

When some Parasite Vampire says...."I BELIEVE IN GOD"  ....SO ?......great...good for what ? ....and the parasite says...MY GOD is >>>"ALEC"<<<<
GOD of GODS..are you an "ALEC" believer ?   NO...none of the GODS are relevant to my existence...OH, the Parasite reacts...well then you are an ATHEIST
a NON BELIEVER you should convert and accept "ALEC"  GOD of GODS creator of all his teachings and worship him...or you may end up being PUNISHED and SUFFER for not is "GOD's" (ALEC) will...all must OBEY or SUFFER.....NO...not going to happen...however it seems that BUDDHISM is not "GOD" based and more about enlightenment without FEAR and OPPRESSION...seems interesting...NO NO says the Parasite..these are SINNERS....heretics..infidels...they follow a false TEACHING...only the word of "ALEC"  "God"  matters...they must convert or be punished..even EXECUTED for their CRIME of NOT ACCEPTING "ALEC" the only TRUE GOD...what about all the other "GODS"  like JESUS-ALLAH-ZEUS-KRISHNA-+++++  NO NO NO
these are DEMONS...liars and con artists enemies of the TRUE ALMIGHTY GOD..."ALEC"  they must convert or DIE...

This is how "GOD" a word invented by some long DEAD CHURCH CLOWN who used a now EXTINCT East Germanic Language to translate  the Bible into a GOTHIC used as a TOOL ....a TOOL to force weak minded humans into slavery and servitude of a THEATRICAL PRODUCTION..a story..copied and rewritten with so many spins and other "GOD" versions...none are ABSOLUTE...yet all insist their "GOD" version is the only TRUTH

When this idiotic "GOD" garbage becomes the catalyst for REAL ...DEATH and DESTRUCTION...murder-beatings-burnings-eye gouging-stoning-slashing-hanging-beheading-rape-mutilation-humiliation-degradation-imprisonment-torture-shunning not only in LIFE but after in DEATH for ETERNITY...????? disgusting

This is the essence of the PSYCHOTIC PARASITE VAMPIRE that MURDERS the OPEN MIND- the CURIOSITY SEEKER - the EXPLORER and reduces the amazing HUMAN LIFE FORM and MIND to a dumbed down ignorant sheeple slave drone that begs for salvation and forgiveness for even existing !  

BEGS not some OMNIPOTENT SUPER CREATOR BEING...but some PSYCHOTIC preacher in a Halloween Glory Gown that PLAYS GOD...but is just an OLD MAN FOOL...or YOUNG MAN..even WOMAN...regardless these human parasites are NOT SUPER ANYTHING but PREDATORS seeking slaves to serve them...

................G O D is a man made TOOL...a word invented by a Eastern European CHURCH CLOWN...a derivative of a now extinct language....a word that is used

as a ...........TOOL for exploitation and manipulation of weak minded humans...nothing more...
Where is your proof that GOD is an acrimonyn at all, let alone an acrinomyn for what you claimed he is?  I think you will need a source.
Round 3
Big boy argument extended.