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is the name of "GOD" valid ?


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Did JESUS order the torture-beating-slashing-eye gouging-cut out tongue-smash hands-beheading-hanging-burning alive +++ countless other atrocities against.... humanity-animals-environment ? a simple YES or NO will do...

So why did the Roman Catholic Church do this ? for JESUS ? does JESUS approve the CHURCH MURDERING ?

How about JESUS neighbor GOD invention...ALLAH...600 years after the JEWS demanded ROME exterminate the FAKE JEWISH BOY MESSIAH ? in which ROME gladly complied in grand Roman of them !

Makes sense since the last days of JESUS were during the reign of TIBERIUS ...who himself was murdered by a relative....CALIGULA ! wow ...the CHRISTIANS must of had a field day when CALIGULA showed up..they learned well from his total PSYCHOTIC SEX and MURDER episodes....eventually leading to the creation of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH ! got to hand it to the ROMANS..they understand POWER and CONTROL strategy..

the lamb = JESUS...condemned by his own people as a FAKE MESSIAH...and demand his execution ! well ROME loves spectacle and what better show than to have the FAKE MESSIAH JEW BOY totally humiliated-whipped-beaten and nailed to a cross along with hundreds of others condemned as CRIMINALS crucified along the road to JESUS final spot to ROT.

and like something out of a Comic Book series...the JESUS BOY FAKE MSSIAH ...VANISHES ! but comes back as some phantom with messages for a select few to create a resurrection farce and elevate him to a GOD status !
Like the kid couldn't do it HIMSELF...let some lowly peasant clowns run around and spread the word !

To further kick the JEWS in the "GOD" ? crotch a NEW TESTAMENT was fabricated for the new boy GOD ! along with lots of totally PSYCHOTIC DOGMA to OBEY or be PUNISHED by ! better yet EXECUTED ! so ROMAN !...

Well after ROME murdered the fake JEW MESSIAH BOY...he was declared a "GOD" another kick in the JEW GOD
monotheistic play they did with their Moses GOD ! Emperor Constantine said so...he declared JESUS to be the only GOD ! these ROMANS ever give up on POWER ? no FCKG WAY ! 100 years after Constantine
some Church clown invents the word "GOD" from an Eastern Germanic language (now extinct !) while translating the Hebrew Bible and New testament into GOTHIC ! Comic Book Heaven for the CHURCH CLOWNS ! who were
obsessed with assimilating all of humanity into the CHURCH CULT...and did it with HORRIFIC..FEAR-INTIMIDATION
and VIOLENCE...all in JESUS name....

JUST LIKE JESUS WOULD DO if he was around to do it...NO WAY jesus said after he was murdered 400 years earlier..i'm getting the fck of this nightmare planet with these pathetic human mutation disasters...all they do is murder
each other over GODS !

Then 200 years after the Romans came up with the word "GOD" this Muhammad illiterate Arab guy meets his "GOD" in Moses like fashion...(another kick in the JEW crotch) and ALLAH is the new GOD in town ! and he also
got his own Comic Book VOMIT to assimilate and murder all who do not accept him...The KORAN ! ...

So now the Middle East as of the year 600 AD has 3 GODS..each with his own Comic Book to use as a tool to assimilate and enslave weak minded peasants into some PSYCHOTIC GOD CULT ! great just great...

All 3 GODS are guilty of ACCEPT ME or DIE....the psychotic hypnotized sheeple drones that serve these so called CLOWN GOD PLAYING PREACHERS actually do all the MURDER and DESTRUCTION...where is GOD ?

Point = no human EVER needs to be approved and validated to exist and DIE by some GOD playing Preacher clown in a Halloween Glory Gown...until some GOD actually shows up...the CHURCH-MOSQUE-TEMPLE followers are

GUILTY OF MURDER.....and using some invented GOD hoax is no EXCUSE...EVER...

Round 1
The description for this debate has all the details...

The conclusion is IRREFUTABLE.....MURDER in the name of any "GOD" invented hoax especially the Middle East Jesus and beyond horrific....

The Roman Catholic Church is ...........GUILTY of MURDER....GUILTY of inciting FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE...their boy toy "GOD"  (Jesus)  the young guy accused by the JEWS as a HERETIC started the MURDER DOGMA game...the JEWS used ROME to do their filthy dirty work for them...and the Roman catholic Church used the same game (inventing the DOGMA ) to assassinate and execute countless innocent humans for not accepting them...just like the JEWS did to JESUS !   Hey Jesus the JEWS yelled..YOU are a charlatan ..a must DIE...beat him-stone him-crucify him- they shouted...

The clowns that pranced around in Halloween Glory Gown costumes ordered humans to be TORTURED and EXECUTED...... are MURDERERS...

They are in the same genre as any Parasite Vampire Psychopath throughout history that had some idiotic TITLE and used their POWER ?  to order the EXECUTION of those who would not accept them and their INSANITY for CONTROL....

The same game is played out daily and throughout history with the "ALLAH" God inventing parasite vampir psychopaths...worse...these VAMPIRES created a DOGMA beyond OPPRESSIVE...the sheeple are truly in a MAZE CAGE without an EXIT beyond them DYING !...trapped in slavery to truly insane VAMPIRE PSYCHOPATHS....who kill as easily as YOU put butter on bread....

The butter is used to enhance flavor....the ALLAH is spread to incite DREAD and DEATH......OBEY or be PUNISHED...better = EXECUTED..."it's GOD's will"

The Middle East JESUS and ALLAH are human fabricated constructs that were designed to KICK THE JEWS in the CROTCH by spinning their own "GOD" invented hoax with stories that many other civilizations prior to MOSES meets GOD created into their own versions...

The RESULT=  #1 JEW GOD  #2 then came JESUS  #3 then came ALLAH...all a crock of CRAP...3 GODS ? 

All at WAR..each is touted the only GOD of GODS !  those who disagree are CONDEMNED-TORTURED-MURDERED +++ countless other ATROCITIES against them

It's so obvious this idiotic GAME of THRONES for POWER and CONTROL of the masses using old man fabricated "GOD" hoaxes...these fools created in the Middle East and spread like a CANCER among humanity...

Each "GOD" hoax is built on FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE...truly the greatest DISGRACE in human use this "GOD" garbage for so much DEATH and DESTRUCTION

............................................G O D.............=  G genius  O of   D deception.......time for these fake "GODS" to join Zeus and Odin in no more HARM  can be done in their names...
Easy to assume God to be false isn't it? Easy to declare that the obvious authority to obey and follow is our Law or our government... Hell, even our fellow citizens... What do we do if the obvious is fallacious? 

What if breaking the law and committing murder here, in this life and plane of existence, is completely justified and fantastic way to end up in the paradise due to the teavibns and ideology of the supreme authority of all reality?

You can go ahead and say it's invalid, what you can not do is ever truly say it's not. Your belief that it's invalid is smore legally backed , to be sure, but the key here is to comprehend and respect that if we ever are to deconvert terrorists and to get schizophrenic murderers out of the mental rut they are in, we need to first appreciate that just as, to us, it's an axiom of logic and justifying actions that murder in the name of God is to be presumed invalid, it is (to them) an axiom that anything on the name of that God is inherently valid.

If you had fully experienced what you conclude to be reliable and logically sound proof of God, it then would follow that a those directly opposing him/her/it or following an authority that's lesser and in opposition to the God, are all fools and that they are invalid to respect and follow.