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Rap Battle Part 5


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Spit your bars each round and the judges will choose whoever had the better bars! Who had the best creativity, rhyme scheme, flow and disses

Round 1
My city like a jungle, something like Madagascar
Bitch you gone get Happy Feet when my crew start to blast off
Beauty and the beast but ima leave his body Jack Frost
All my niggas arrogant we clearing with mask off

And yours come up short, Seven Dwarves is what them hoes like
See my Pocahontas poppin', she be rocking with that Snow White
She got the long hair, don't care Indian Rapunzel
By Cinderella curfew she be finished with the bundles

I swear that I was humble, but this dude wanted the trouble
Twin glocks both cocked now they ready on the double
While you ugly niggas single, I be swinging with a couple
And they both let out a bark, I ain't putting on a muzzle

Cease? Never that. I blam till my damn hands tired
Or I'm aiming at your jugular, my clan? Vampires
These blades draw true blood, slice you and your girl
By twilight this limelight gone find you in the underworld

I have special eclectical omni-directional testicles
you'll get your intestines pulled out through your dead shit hole

you abject shitty disney spitting halfwitty twat from scat city
thinking that your raps litty, its crap really

feeding out of the hands of RM's faked impressedness
while I'm the one that murdered the king and raped the empress
you're a gay pretentious anus stenched disgrace with senseless wastes of sentence
in place of inventive disses, the case has been dismissed
when it comes to who's gon' place in second
cause' I'm coming first like I wanked and then spit

I'll rape your bitch and tape her clit to a paper clip
then make her sit on a serrated tipped blade and twist
you cantankerous twit you can't take a hint
RM thinks you suck like a vamp, case dismissed
for the second time now recognize advanced rape techniques
that make your ass hole require bandaids innit

weaponized homosexuality in my phallus meat
stretch your anus wider than the galaxy, its a fallacy
cause' the earth is flat it be laughably sad to see
people gagging on NASA'S penis and nads, sissy ass twit freaks

Round 2
Wordplay, flow, punchlines? I have those
Problem? I'll let niggas come & address like drag shows
You feeling froggy at a young age you a tadpole
Devon vs Midchaser battle, let's see who wins the poll

This saddens me, why would you even choose this battle; see
How can you commit a whole murder when you can't kill half of me
Now this is blasphemy, I know niggas that'll blast for me
And they'll leave this ghost holy like when the pastor preach

Arms in the vicinity, get you and the rest shook
Squeeze leave a circle on your chest like Westbrook
Devon is the best look, fuck popularity
I'm Tarzan of this jungle, gorillas ain't scaring me

You got a problem? OK. See me with some thunder
I'm pressing with precision ain't no room to make a blunder
My team go hard and I ride for my squadron
The 9 like to bubble insides like a cauldron

I'll give him shots just in case that blade miss
You'll get thrown down the shaft on some Isaac Hayes shit
Them bullets contagious, they'll get everybody you played with
That chopper pick niggas up with no warning, it's a slave ship
I hate you very much
my rhymes you can barely touch
I'll bury ya attempt, its hilarious
unaware you suck
I'm an evil one you should be very wary of
suck my hairy nuts
you're the worst on DA if we may be fairly blunt

what I spit should suffice to shit on your life
just like a cup of lean the nigga was iced
I'll lick your fuckin' blood as it drips from the mic
after I beat your daylights into the night
with my signature strike
I wish I was high so I could drop this bitch from the heights
you're lucky that I'm sober, when I'm lit I can write
but right now I suck like my dick with your wife

I'm living proof alcohol and weed are nootropics
I'm bout' to fuckin' relapse, I need a new focus

I'll castrate your fucking testis off
your rhymes are soft
I'll eat your bitch's fucking breast meat, yuh
I'll cut her titties off and make some nipple breast kebabs
yeah yeah, I'll fuckin' mumble rap and still best ya dawg

pour me a cup of that lean, aye
I put the blade in your spleen, aye
everything you write seems gay
lets get gay, it'll be great

I'll suck your fucking cock while rapping and I'll still win, yeah
I need a valium, I gotta get my pills in, yeah
If I met my younger self I would kill him
and ask him wtf I did to deserve his fuck ups

I bet you five bucks that my life sucks
worse than yours, but my raps don't
I don't ever cap hoe
unlike you I do it on purpose when I write sus

I'll spit semen in your face while I'm spitting and get litty
I'll suck your bfs dick and then suck your mom's titties
I'll tickle RM's foreskin til' it makes him wanna kiss me
then I'll duel you with new swords forged by the smithy

Round 3
You know what's up, better hold it down or it's going up
Cause if I come and lick a shot you gone sober up

Ima make my niggas stab you, clap you
Make your body rock like a statue
Our second battle in & my bars still going past you
Your so called raps and your basic jokes are all ass too

Beware y'all want the crazy side of me? This is Gothika
These weapons like to blow lights out, no Hannukah
Hollow tips hit you from your chest to your yamaka
I'm nicer with the knife, I can even fuck Baraka up

I'm getting pissed off but ima get my bars off
Don't think I'm tryna fuck I lay this pussy down and lick off
Get tossed sky high, eyes filipino
Break a bird down I ain't tryna flip a key though

That heavy metal ecelctic, it break all the rules
Cause it pop in a rhythm and it give niggas the blues
An alternative to hip hop better be yo goal
My bent leg to your chest till I knee yo soul (Neo soul)

Move yo folk out the country, bitch this situation hostile
You poppin all that jazz till I rock you to gospel
You fucking king cobra, you got my vision all blurred
But for you snake looking niggas, got that steel on reserve

If you sleep around here, that's a negative
The 9 will lie kin if they relative
Gun blam, shots at a van, thats a sedative
Leave you red here (hair) if I knock your melon in (melanin)

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