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JESUS and ALLAH = ZEUS and ODIN = Mythology


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HUMANS do NOT need JESUS or ALLAH to THRIVE...fact is 3-4 billion humans could care less about either GOD..
and many have other GODS and Spiritualities they follow or engage WHY Jesus and Allah ? because these 2
GOD invented hoaxes are neighbors and spun from the JEW GOD storybook...all 3 GODS are worshipped as though
each is the ONLY TRUE GOD of all GODS ! and that attachment has resulted in worldwide ASSIMILATION-DEATH -and DESTRUCTION ...primarily by the Parasite Vampire Psychopaths that use JESUS and ALLAH as scapegoat
TOOLS to HYPNOTIZE and ENSLAVE weak minded/vulnerable humans into slavery and servitude of horrifically
obsolete and oppressive Church and Mosque CULTS....

These Parasite Vampire Jesus/Christian....Allah/Muslim psychopaths are obsessed with assimilation by using FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE....the threat to health and wellness is always present for those who do not OBEY and
follow the retarded Dogma these CULT CLOWNS impose on their hypnotized flock of FOOLS...

The greatest threat to these Christian and muslim Parasite vampires is the HEALTHY OPEN MINDED HUMAN that
considers the possibilities of anything but does not need to attach themselves to some retarded CULT....the Ancient philosophers...Socrates-Plato-Epicurus +++ understood the unprecedented INSANITY of these Religious "GOD" PARASITES.....they debated and explored many things the JESUS and ALLAH God clown psychopaths condemned
as well as other "GOD" followers that were trending in their time...long before the Jesus hoax showed up....

HUMAN and EARTH health and wellness NEVER need some idiotic human invented GOD construct to Exist

Zeus and Odin have come and gone...and now reside on the shelf of Mythology and one is assimilating...threatening...murdering...destroying....others who do NOT ACCEPT ZEUS or ODIN as GODS...

Not so with the JESUS/CHRISTIAN peddling Parasite Vampires and the ALLAH/Muslim Parasites...both are GUILTY
of CRIMES against HUMANITY....both are dedicated to the use of FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE...both have
absurd horrifically OBSOLETE and OPPRESSIVE Comic Book Bible/Koran verse VOMIT to drown innocent weak
minded humans into slavery and servitude...not for some GOD...but for the HUMAN Parasite Vampires that play GOD in their names.....

Now more than ever...JESUS and ALLAH must be relegated to mythology and rendered HARMLESS to HUMANITY
and EARTH....never does any human need to be validated or approved to EXIST and DIE by some Church/Mosque
clown in a Halloween glory idiotic....and childish....truly the stuff of FOOLS...

Round 1
Convincing argument?....The premise of this debate has been delivered in the description....
It is an irrefutable FACT that the Christian and Muslim Parasite Vampires have ravaged humans since the inception of the JESUS and ALLAH GOD constructs....
Both GODS are used as PUPPET SCAPEGOATS for the psychopaths that play GOD ( Halloween Glory Gown preaching Church and Mosque clowns)...
No one is assimilating and forcing people to accept ZEUS or ODIN....they are now characters in MYTHOLOGY for entertainment...
No human needs Jesus or Allah to thrive...simple as that

Jesus is essentially the only way to get to God and to truly achieve sin-free heavenly attainment (although we are all sinners by default in Christianity). Allah is the one and only authority of his kind in his religion. There are no demigods in Islam and Allah is spoken of as a pure terror (very unlike the New Testament God who is described as more of a 'terror only unto terrors'). Allah is worshipped out of fear and a 'might is right' mentality where to not worship him is to submit to a power who can do nothing to stop Allah. Jesus is worshipped out of a combination of fear and love and believing that he really is the good guy.

Zeus and Odin are not equal to them, they are alpha male Gods in a demigod regime. Odin is almost a 'daddy' to the entire storyline whereas Zeus is one of many fathers and simply is the most potent and has the mightiest children. Odin and his children rule by others actually wanting them in charge.

Mythology has much more to it than any one character mentioned.
Round 2
They are not equal to each other. If 1 and 3 are both odd numbers and have been treated similarly in the past and present that isn't enough to say 1=3.

Jesus isn't even the God of his religion, it's a human avatar of the God or the son of it. Allah is more powerful than the other three within his framed scope, no other comes near him and he doesn't even have demigods or anything like strictly real angels etc, there is Allah and all the rest is dirt beneath his feet.

Zeus is the second-most corrupt/powerful in a brutal manner. Odin is third-place but in some ways Odin is more 'evil' than Zeus because Odin had this need for people to admire and worship him whereas Zeus was content being feared rather than loved. Odin's son Loki reflects Odin's manipulative side.

These four beings, even in pairings, do not equal mythology. Mythology covers far more than Gods, it covers fairies, pixies, vampires, lycanthropes, goblins, elves and many others creatures.

The resolution is negated, thusly!