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Usually rules nothing new lets go

Round 1
Good Luck!

Who are you, who are you, some irrelevant peasant
Trying to act tough, when you were really resistant
To take on the challenge the day I posted it
So time to take your lyrics and turn them into shit
Because your whole career on DART is complete nonsense
You stepped into the lions gate, now your pinned up against the fence

What makes you think you can win this debate?
Open up the crate and you can pick your own fate
There's only two options here, which one will be?
Will I sting you like a bee, or will I possess your mind like devilry
Because I am the lord and savior taking on all the sites sin
While you just sit in the corner more pathetic than the trash bin
This isn't overwatch, you can't ask for any fucking healings
And my lyrics about to make you go Drake in his feelings

Sorry Mercy, but I show no fucking mercy
Bout to displace you into a pit of eternal misery
More sorrow than Lois Griffin's marriage
You ride the rap wave like pilgrims ride the fucking carriage
Time to pack your bags and head out the door
I think you'll find more success looking at cartoon vore
Sorry, are you offended by fucking
Cause in the end you'll do a lot of dick sucking

Extending this one verse
Your forecast a bit adverse
Cloudy with a chance of rain
And throw you off course to obtain the fucking grain
And even cutthroat blood think my bars are insane
So good that a vein pops out of their brain

Row row row you got no flow
Poor poor salmon can't swim
Against your current
Cause you have no current
To swim up against

Call yourself a god
Yet no one worships you
I'll keep trying as you keep dying
Taking you down till you go flying
Shooting you out of the sky
Cause it's duck season
Fuck all reason
Reason for living
Reason for being
You're dinner now
Eaten by a peasant
You just a pheasant  

Your house is made of straw
One breathe and you will fall
Inhale, exhale, you will fail
Take you down wall to wall
As you wail, as you wail
Cause I'm a killer whale
An orca orcatrating your demise
So listen up to a word of the wise
Fight a guy of your own small size
Looking for a dick sucker?
I'm a fucking dick biter
Direct strikes to where it hurts
Bite yours off
Ensuring you’ll never reproduce

Your line is vanquished
Your lines burnt to ash
You’re nothing but trash
Nothing but the trash
In the trash bin

So go ahead call me insane
This corner is my domain
Only exists in my brain
I'm in the lion’s gate so call me Daniel
No debate, won’t abate,
Tearing you up like a Cocker Spaniel
My only sin? I win

Round 2
Someone should of told you not to fuck. with. me

You try to row the boat and catch some flow
But lyrically your rhymes were real shallow
And your just metaphor
Nothing less or nothing more
Don' get her hopes because of the comment
Now I'm about to be more deadly than malignant
Take off the fake face
Cause now your playing chase
Say that your duck hunting
But your shots ain't hitting
I'm the fisher that catches the salmon
Dumping your body into the bucket by the gallon
Serving you into Bubba Gump
You're turning orange like Donald Trump

The only fairy tale we talking
Is that you think you can go embarking
On a journey to defeat the Thanos
But you're more than Dean Spanos
And I make yo cry over the forum
You're gonna for the referendum
To stop the cyber attack than you initiated
And you'll be laughed and imitated
Then you will emigrate
And then I'll levitate
To a whole new world of mastery
Your rhymes are not rad, they're bastardly

Big loser

You think you have own corner
Bitch you ain't even an owner
You haven't beaten anyone 
Your whole career is done
The only sin you commit is being a coward
You couldn't even win a debate extending onward
And your opponent wasn't the real deal
Might as well  gocount your blessing
Before I stamp my approval seel
Of your undoubted losing 
This rap is snoozing

Let me go onto your level
More satanic than the devil
Fat stacks is what I make
Big banks is what I make
Rhyme words with the same word
Now I know you ain't nerd
You're the definition of disgrace
Might as well go and embrace


Your words are weak as the birds cheap
These are the facts of life, you can't deny
Even hear the birds over you watch em fly
Fly fly fly over you as you die die die

What is this a joke? You make me laugh
Acting as if your words have any meaning
You must be leaning, keep dreaming
For I'm the King of Dreams, the dreamer
Now I'm the steamer gonna iron you out
Take you out back cut you no slack 
No stack is gonna help you now sack
Sacking you up and down
Making you a clown to drown 
What are you a joke? You make me laugh
That's 2 times now, you the Golden calf?
Nothing but a false idol standing idle 
Waiting to be struck down
To be struck outta town 
As new birds hatch
Game, set, match
Round 3
Your rap was not that lengthy
Compare it to your penis, not gurthy
Didn't get the job done
Might as well go run
Dissing you is so fun
For the whole you just dug
Michael Jordan, I'll just shrug

Let me take it up notch
You are like a hairy crotch 
The biggest irritant 
To the male erectant
Juice WRLD cause you're lucid
Words not rhyming, yea you're stupid
I'm like Genghis Khan in rap
You're like China, took a crap
I'm a ruthless savage, submit to my will
Before I cut your head, at your own fucking will
My techniques and strategies are a whole lotta skill
Bout to make to make your cognitive thinking so still
Cause I could roast your picture
But I have to give a lecture
I don't who even is this?
Not important enough to be in my memory
Just like you, your resume here is empty
I'll confess, I'll admit that your the king of dreams
Cause your dreaming that you think you'll win it seems

China took a crap but bounced back
Took a billion slashes but now is rising from the ashes
A nation on the brink of global domination 
A truly international sensation 
The rising star turning into a supernova, superpower
Becoming stronger with every hour
Don't you see that Chinese mentality is me?
Every time I am struck down my strength multiplies by 3
You say you're Genghis Khan you must be on the bong
Getting high every time you post a word of your song
I'm the King of Dreams the King of something, you're King of nothing
Losing time to rhyme so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet
You're nothing but a Greek geek serving up grease away from Greece
Flying away like geese so it's time for you to cease before you decease
Round 4
Thanks to the opponent for taking on this challenge!
How dare you bastardize the culture of the Greeks
We're more anticipated and profound than Star Wars Sneak Peaks
"How about a little sunshine to brighten your day?"
Bitch I'm the moon then, luscious and grey 
And when the time comes I'll block you out like a solar eclipse
Rhymes like iLoveFriday, hit or fucking miss
Poseidon, bout to wash you away
As King Butterfly watches in dismay
Time to take you back to Wayward
And then soon I'll proceed forward
Forces of Evil, I'm too much for you to handle
500 vs 1, yea I'm the king of this saddle

China had a comeback
China killing Muslims
Killing off the culture
Here comes the fucking vulture
Bought to come accustom
To the smog that fuels the air
They're unwilling to share
Japan cause I'm about to grab you by the ballsack
And give a quick dose of reality
Cause in the end the US is still the king of this financial stability

Growing by the hour in human rights violations
How would like if I send you to these concentrations
I'll torture and I'll beat you
Til your black and blue
If you accept the false reality that China "reel guud"
America got problems, like the fucking hood
But at least we can say straight up we got a problem
Unlike your censorship, damn that's the real problem
Cause your unwilling to accept the truth
That you know your gonna lose you fucking goof

King of Dreams because I know you're always lyin
But I'm the king of masculinity, we wildin
Failure like Zedong
Chances of winning, real long
My dick, real long, what a schlong
This rap is the world's greatest song
I'll be on the walls of the hall of fame
Because rap is such a game
Mental endurance 
Gotta keep a promise

Stop it, watch it
Your time is ticking down, real sound
Til the bomb comes around
I'll lyrically profound
You're about to get clowned
Because when it ends, you'll be covered in shit

Don't bastardize the Greeks? You give me too much credit
Don't you know the Greeks discredited Greece, no credit?
Gonna feed you to milk ferret named Derick

It's 500 vs. 1 underneath the Sun
No contest I won, face it you're done
But this is just the beginning of my winning
As you sit clinging I'm still singing
Still standing, touch down, landing
On your metaphorical grave
But it's about to be literal
Kill you a second time, criminal
Mind gotta decide how to end this
Words rhyme as I'm running out of time
Time to live and time to die 
It's your time to die my guy

Every torture and beating
That's only me winning 
Getting stronger through suffering
Stronger than you will ever be 
Victory through every beating
Your power is receding 
Time to strike back in my counter attack
Raps so whack they lack 
Anything of substance 
Just hot air up there 
A hot air balloon going up in smoke
You're the Hindenburg falling like yoke
Oh the humanity! What a calamity
The true crime against humanity are your raps
Nothing but multiple craps

Yes I am the King of Dreams 
And my dream is that you'll never rap again
So don't be squeamish it's time to extinguish
This pest, sorry not sorry it's for the best
Worst than the rest, can attest
My time has ended but it is you who's finished