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Round 1
Here we go

Time to debate the ultimate tyrant
Rhymes and flow will be so mother fucking vibrant
He's only just a puppet under the system like Pinocchio
Contradicting his point of views, man that's really low
Shut the fuck up to all who like to hate
But you be advertising for CreateDebate
I tried to start off with a clean slate
Try to make things right
And wash the beef from the plate
But he couldn't even see that in plain site
And he had to drop a vote bomb, oh great
He's about to start a flame war and start a fight
Somebody call Laddy, I think his screw just went loose
Someone call Airmax, his ego grew bigger than a moose

The only reason you at the top is because of Type1, An Illuminati believing bum
30 of your debates were won because of concession
All the sins that you done, you might as well go to confession
I'm Orthodox Christian, I accept the sinner
I accept the people who fell to the depths of hell
You fell down from the title of a "big time winner"
Because Mopac just took your spot of the most forum poster
Got cooked by a fellow Christian, grab the toaster
Cause Jesus took down all the Pagans 
Republican like Reagan
You're just Supreme Patty
Just a no life fatty

Beat to Loop (right-click the video to get the option):

Italicised parantheses enclose the meaning of the phrase/term prior (not to be rapped/said).

Seeing is believing, even when you're Greek and on drugs; the kind you'd be revealing when you're peeing from being pissed off at me seein' you stealin' my lines yet forgetting to keep up with my rhyme-schemes, silly being,
You think you a fiend to this Gepetto? Jack my Pinnochio line? Silly athenian begging a Union European; parody of rationalmadman; reality's Mr. Bean,
Kid, my floor aint even your ceilin', like where the fuck have you been? Fifteen-year-old Jesus-fearin' follower of American Football Seasons,
You say I advertise CD? Accuse me of it; even push for treason, Then realise I've brought more users over from there here to make up for the group that's leavin',
If I became president of CreateDebate I'd get the two sites united for free, son, Unfortunately the position was a joke; like your flow, also known as rhyme-cohesion,
I know you're just a child so here's some wisdom for free; come for the king, you better not miss or you'll be history, cunt.

See, you be telling me one second how I lost most avid forum-poster to a mentally ill Christian,
Then tellin' me how I got no life the next minute, but I see a contradiction,
See, if I were spending every hour sour bout the the 'mount o' posts I'm hittin',
I'd be spamming games, empty-topics and to top it all off I'd be shamelessly rackin' posts to boast about like proud meowin' kitten by filling multiple pages with culpable teen-rage, shamelessly, in the miscellaneous shit-bin,
So, before you get cocky 'nough to even posit an inkling of faith in the fallacious notion you can win 'gains'(against) this kingpin,
I implore that you continue to sit there sulkin' in your hands about how you cannot stand on your own two feet before this warlord; your submarines and ships sinking,
And as the heaven sent, denier of evidence that you and your Christian crew of ever-benevolent debate-win-givers are; you'll be blessed in the after-life for these vict'ries your givin',
Good boy, listen to me, this is a no-life victim of a system that a tyrant like the Jewish tyrant Airmax banned from DDO and laughed at, all smitten,
So you bring that up to knock my ego down? You didn't even have the brains or bravery to comprehend the irony of my rise here and Max's long gone hidden state of fearin' me as proof that if you do fuck with me, down the line it's adios boss "good riddance".
Round 2
Little boy wanna talk about my topics, nothing to prove, you got no groove
Guess who's trailing right behind the chalkboard, look at that it's you
61 posts that ain't even hit a 100 you got no crew
Puss n Boots because you're a fucking pussy
The wussy boy says he hard but his insides are really fluffy
Then he gets the audacity to celebrate some bans thinking he was the man
To bring justice to this "criminal," but his logic is abysmal
And I'm just like fuck this, I don't take this shit serious
But my man the Madman says that school is a joke
Did that bully back in high school say that when he had you in choke?
Don't even bring up the spam debate, haven't you seen yourself
Everything line you post in the forum is a self-praise with a rap to tap yourself on the back
Because in the end, Nicki Manaj is a bitch that really wack
And you play the victim card and your ears are pointy like an elf
Sue me, but your just a delusional pagan crybaby, and more normal than Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Gonna insult the Greek gods, bitch lemme call the boy Zeus
Hanging out on top of Mount Olympus, he's the backbone, he's the caboose
He's the backbone of the train, something you wish you could be
Something that you wish you could be, but it's about rain hell cause you're a fake fraud, with no sting like a bee

And also do you honestly think you'll win that whole site?
Do you honestly think those people will vote for a low brow rapper who has no life and never right?
You got dropped by Alec in a majority vote
I guess you could say that you dropped the ball, sunk the boat
The joke I see in this battle is your attempt to be the next reincarnation of Eminem 
But you're just Stitches, a wanna be Eminem with a twisted fantasy for them (referring to his girls)
Impregnating Miley Cyrus and smoking crack on the site
Damn right, start a fight, I just said it and I'm right
He fell down hard but that was because of the flaw known as Juggle
So guess what, call my boy and start to smuggle
Because my soul lives within him
And imma hammer you down and make you my puppet like a sim

Italics in parantheses is not rapped, it's a fast-to-read in-text reference-hinter.

'pussy' 'wussy' FLUFFY, shit I giggled; force o' habit,
Hate this juicy puss in boots like you prefer penis you faggot,
Steppin' to the mic like the inverse of dyke; you mad bitch?
Rage up on that stage like you convert to Islam and this be Paris,
Oh yes, you better connect the dots, catch up to me, no comparison,
Get embarrassed my shadow is shady; guess I'm Lennon to you, Harrison,
So yeah, this no-lifer Johnny(Lennon) died; ghost with no mercy versus your high-school-kid Garrison,
You can't fuck with talent, betray your faith for the Pagan idol Zeus? Bad move, good Samaritan,
You disparage your faith like your race: Greek heritage's embarrassment.

SupaDunce with the puns of Lil Pump lovin' chump,
Diss the fact I love Minaj while you're a cumdump for this semen-lyric spitter, little punk,
Imma stuff you in the truck, or is that stuff a trunk inside ya',
I don't really think I need to; I'll corrode you with this saliva,
Spit it better as I wetten the eyes and minds of audiences with these letters,
The Alpha's better than your CD(createdebate) F-grade bars I Eeasily Express your emotions with ever-less effort.
You will never set foot, heck you will never endeavour to compel the readers to orgasm like I do or come close to this level o' clever,
You're forever a Reverend, mainstream religion competitor; I'm infinitely original, the rap game's Nikola Tes-l-a,
You're good at stealing ideas, but you're horse-shit at presentin' em, so suck the stallion's cock 'fore you get high on it, Edison. (drugs, high-horse)
Round 3
How dare you come at with your rhyme scheme
When you can't even say the alphabet for the time, stick to the dream
ABCDFE, now I really know he never got educated
You just lick Virt's balls bro, you just pre maturely ejaculated
I still believe in Jesus, but that still a part of the culture
I'll enjoy the thrill of feasting on your dead carcass like a vulture
Maybe if you went to school, you learn about ancient Greece
And you're rap is so worthless, it's about go up on the market for lease
And I'm about to grow this rap into a fortune like the agriculture
I'm about to be an annoyance to your record like a spleen rupture
And make you go insane like McJuggerNugget
But you hit that point a while ago, insane juice yea you chug it
Call a doctor or a pastor, this is man is delusional
A case of narcissism , yea that's real Rational
Reason or logic, but everyone has a feel that this man is neither
And then we feel nostalgic
To his time on DDO where controversy surrounded his name, because he's a lame game
A psychopathic lunatic, takes the victim card, that becomes a bullying fanatic
So imma give this Paganastic a taste of his toxic medicine
Nobody wanted to vote you as mod because you're an untrustworthy scum
I just shed a light like it's Edison
And my rhyming improvements and is flow makes him wanna cum
Praising yourself as a god, the messiah, but that's more fake than a short toothed beaver
Rowdy man, go and gloat because you wen't mad, need nuerological therapy
Take your brain and wire it surgically, cause your logic is comical

Take a break, take a hike, you're toxic
Britney Spears said it herself too, egotistic
Boast your raps here and there
Boast your skills everywhere
Probably made for clonaid, you need first aid
What's your ID code
Pour a glass of lemonade
This rap is gonna made your anus erode
I'm the dragon slayer with the golden mouth of Katherine
Gold and praise is what I lather-in
And I'll throw the shot and raise it up to the sky
Because you can kiss your perfect rap record goodbye


Oooh Lord I sucked Virtuoso' balls, fuck yes I did; you know it,
'Cause you applauded the excellent tonguemanship I had as you jacked off; you go kid,
Accessing the premium porn on you daddy's credit card, 'cause you love madman in his supervillain form and you as the bystander as rational's heroic,
I think we both know where this is going; you fantasise being cucked and sucking balls, pretty poet,
And your nails best be cut as you use butter to fuck your butt with the finger that's been lingerin' down your throat, bitch,
Oh shit what's that? Am I ugly and fat? Na, apparently I'm a psychopathic monster bout to grow with anger and mangle your Hannibal-phobic ass as I rip you a new, bigger hole than you've dug for yourself little mole-ass rodent,
This the slick, thick flow to make your hoe of a mother and any other sacred female, or apparently male too, ride with pride like a pogo stick,
I got a towel I wanna wetten with your piss as I threaten what you know is true for this weapon of mind compared to yours is like the story of Noah riding the waves with glee; you're Moses partin' seas and unlike my mighty Ark you couldn't spark a match with your bars, I could hand you the oar for the whore with your itty-bitty boat would you know how in the depths of Hell to row it?

Fuck outta here spitting 2 verses every Round, and the second one's always underwhelming,
Like when that butter that you use to lube your ass realises you're full of shit and goes cold and fucks you hardcore; guess it's done with melting,
These are hail-like bars comin' straight outta Mars; God o' war shit, intimate pelting, what's intimate about the shit I spit? it's got you baring teeth with a bare body too; now let's get to belting;
This beast is devoid of any mercy; you shit don't hurt me, psychopath with the syllables been killing fool's everywhere like Van Helsing,
I'm human, it's true and the good news for you is I prefer my prey strong for some real-deal wrestling,
MagicAintReal and his crew gave me that loss it's true, the one you said I had vs Alec; he was no doubt tryna be the next King,
But he's long gone now as I sucked virt's balls in celebration that you jacked off too; oh yes this is a cyclic-Round; let's get reflecting.
Round 4
God sent me down as a present
To tell you that you're a clown peasant
Lemme rap the same style as RM
And it will be easy as fuck to beat him

Drag on sentences and long words, and more words than a herd until I find a good rhyming word
And then I start rapping about the vulgar shit, and turn it gay to make the opponent feel that I'm absurd 
It's against my religion and my ideology to suck a guy completely dry
But I'm about you make you go back in the cave and in the dark, so you can cry
Cause a pimple popping teen would run the board
And I'm about to make a ripple with my sword
Of knowledge and factual intelligence
And I'm the Goldilocks cause I just took your porridge and jumped the fence
Talk about my porn and my subscription
And all you're raps do is talk about the vulgar shit like fucking my mom and dad
But this ain't it, this ain't lit, and the effects will linger pretty bad
People are just to scared to admit you ain't that
Run on sentences that drag for a minute you spoiled fucking brat
And then you'll be more tongue tied than Drew Lynch
What's that I see, did you just flinch
And I will bring you to justice, Atticus Finch
Except the white supremacist voters did not give approval
And decided to go and execute Tom Robinson's removal
Like the town, I'm about to execute a riot
Because someone needs a confidence boost after 2 debate L's, but the only they need is a weigh watcher diet

2nd verse to the song of the sweet rhythmic blue
I sincerely wanna thank you
For giving me the advice to take you down, that's real nice
And now it's time for you to be an outcast like the kid in 4th grade who had head lice
Oh wait, I made mistake, you are that kid 
The kid who clean himself and get rid
Of all the germs that we're left on their body
And you got more ego than there's sand in Saudi 
And all the disses are original, but stale
How many gay jokes do you have in your plate
And all you talk is teen disses
Bitch those we're all misses
Might need to get a creativity advice?
Sign ups are available for it, so go and look twice
Bold and italics helps you follow the rhyme-scheme. It doesn't highlight the excellent flow and subtle internal rhyming but helps you pick up on where the overall rhyming is happening.

italics in parentheses helps with reference. You don't say what's in the parentheses.

Oh dear me, I'm reading this weak material,
The type that if it's breakfast would be shredded wheat cereal,
Rappin' for the weaklings who say 'Saudi' in the inferior 'saw-dy' rather than 'sow-dy' that's the official imperial way it's meant to be said, you uncultured swine let's seal the deal yeah we're killing all fools who pose a Greek-endowed then insult Paganism as if they're Zeus-shit is somehow superior,
Get with the program, this disease I spread's venereal.
Get on your knees and please me, and Herpes from the beats hits you and you rub antibacterial on it tryin' to make it have less effect but you forget viruses of my lyrics should be feared, you fool, 
Listen as I teach you the core-shit, leave out the peripheral,
When the crowd give you applause, kid, they're being satirical,
Pray to your God 'cause to even seem equal to this evil beast is a miracle,
My gay jokes versus yours are ingenious and hysterical,
I sit upon the pinnacle of all emotional and lyrical aspects of rappin'; craftsman whose art gets yours bodied; your is deficient in minerals,
I don't cut corners; the minimalistic errors that, to most would seem trivial,
Are pristine-cut and selected, bring your Nestle(shredded wheat cereal) and choke on this perfectly rounded Cheerio.(goodbye and 'Cheerios' are a cereal brand)