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The sizzling manhood of my brobdingnagian wanker shaft is far larger than yours


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Round 1

I'm the genius, the bard
with the most radical extremist bars
my penis is large
it reaches far
into the freakin' stars
you know you need it, it's hard
so stop procrastinating and eat it retard

See, RM
is starvin'
for hard men
and he knows Type1 is by far the most up to par, hence
he barged in
 to my room while I was just startin'
to wake up, and discarded all my undergarments
then started to use my dick as a pogo stick, but he got more than he bargained

for, cause' my brobdingnagian vast wanker shaft
can break in half
a laymen's flamin' ass
like a brittle and ancient Shaman's staff
whacked against a great big mast

I'll homosexually
inject Mingi
like a venomous centipede
till'  his anus is essentially
stretched to three
times it's normal width irreparably  
and I make him cum with impressive speed
 excessive streams
of the semen we're both lettin' free
I let him squeez my testiclees
 cause' that's the least
I can do after I wrecked his booty hole and left it creamed

Note: This is not a Troll Debate. Any of you trying to grudge-vote me or something vs Type1 no this isn't a troll-debate. He just wants it to be. I accepted this to legit grab a win and that is what I am going to do but I am also the best rapper on Earth when it comes to doing it via typing, no voice, and being impressive anyway. That is the damn truth about it no questions let's put this debate in the bag, I am rapping but do not forget that this is not a troll debate but a legit 'is' being Pro and 'is not' being Con regarding the Title/Resolution.

Beat to the rap (right-click the video and click Loop to get a sense of the beat non-stop as you read over and over, slowly):

bserve the definition of this debate's Proposition; X = Y + erroneous addition,
I’m gon’ slip ‘gainst the burden of proof as I evolve and transition,
See a G like me come murder your truth slow ‘n’ elegant; war of attrition,
Where’s the evidence? Where’s the precedence? You whining son of a pun; mother in the kitchen bitchin’,
And the thing about your shaft, is that just like the President, It’s a trumpet in the mirror but on camera, small and delicate,
I cuck you for the hell of it, fuck your crush with this humongous, cumbersome, trunk of an elephant,
So what’s the size you peddlin’, tell me son why do you never win? You sometimes tied against me but you’re forgettin’ the peckin’ order; this here’s the better, clever King!

Yeah, oh baby I’m just started, shittin’ on this tiny wanker-shafted, retard kid,
Did I say shittin’? Well that lack precision; this wannabe competitor is lickin’ what I sharted,
Burden of proof numero Uno; your manhood needs to be sizzling. It is isn’t and that alone could be a quick win,
Yet your hole gets deeper the more I stick my thick dick in.
You got no manhood either, where’s your proof you possess it? OH LORD, the resolution says the hullabulla wanker shaft gotta come forth and profess it…
So since his ‘wanker shaft’ can’t speak, oh wait let’s just go and tweak the BoP in this debate before I go repeat:
You see you set your own defeat; if your got some sizzling meat, all the manhood’s got burnt-out, old news dysfunctional and weak,
And the thing I think is neat is even if all that was more neat and resolution held up in the ways I just rapped along to a beat,
He still couldn’t debate anything more than a non-victorious pipsqueak since the brobdingnagian would apply to the ‘yours’ as well, meaning mine’s sized up to out-meat the elite.