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Round 1
Where'd we leave off last? That's right, I was drowning you under water. 
Then I took your lunch money and broke your copy of the carter. 
I should have killed before, but I thought only a beating was in order. 
This time I'll jack your as proper and leave you naked at the border. 

Hitch hiking your way back into this rap battle. 
You better pony up you phony before I beat your with a saddle. 
Then I'll put it on you and ride you and turn your ass into cattle. 
How can you navigate my oceans of raps, without a paddle? 

Cause I'm your white whale Ahab, that's you keep trying to catch me. 
Your lines come out way drab. None of them ever fetched me. 
as being catchy, They got personality, but not sexy. 
You need to polish up those turds and make just a tad edgy. 

How can your audience like your work when they fall asleep first. 
In a way you're like me, cause your gift is a curse. 
Being clever don't matter if you can't appeal with a verse.
But I learned my lesson and if you don't your fate will be worse.
Beat to Loop (right-click the video click Loop and shut the fuck up):

Telling my I'm clever, and then saying 'whatever, if you can't appeal with a verse',
Is like loving a nation's weather and saying 'fuck your windspeed', bitch you think it hurts?
I'm the illest drug dealer of dope lyrics since the first,
I'm a biggie Smalls and Nas fan, you're a tupac-fearer that's gon' end up in a hearse,
I aint since Biggie didn't die too, I'm sayin' you are cursed,
'Cause you're doomed to forever get better at repetitive delicate terrible bars I rip to shreds; 
It's imperative that your peril is inevitable, see a therapist you 'special fool'.
Round 2
It's about time you got serious, I've been waiting the longest. 
I'm like Goku, I only want to fight you at your strongest. 
So when I beat you, you'll even know yourself that you're not the best.
It might have took some time to do it, but it's a dime I'm willing to invest. 

My bars are formatted, that doesn't make them repetitive.
I can be creative and follow the meta while still being competitive. 
People can follow it better yours, it's comfortable like a sedative.
I can paste ANY beat behind this, that' how a good flow gets to live.

I'll beat you with math AND wordplay, I'll give one hundred per / cent.
That was stinky and polite, That was a pungent pun gent.
You HAVE to stop on a dime, that's how our last battle went.
I cash in rhymes all the time, but you're the one who is spent.

You can only critique me on the rhymes that I've already gave. 
You've nothing unique to say, you're simply riding my wave. 
I'm like a squirrel stashing nuts, you don't have a rhyme left to save. 
Your raps they keeping getting shorter, like a like two session shave. 

check comments, I made this clear immediately after I post R1: I meant I aint saying Biggie never died, not that i aint since Biggie never died.

I enter a different state of consciousness when I type out raps and literally click 'Preview' and Submit' while slowly exiting it, it is not mental illness if I function well with it.

Biggie physically died and I was saying that, I was saying about Tupac and Biggie's aftermath being different (Pac taken out for fucking with the wrong people, Biggie for being with them or something I dont know the full story it was more a reference to Biggie being 'king' and Pac being just a plain simple-flowing rebel who is overrated). Anyway, I have deep layers to all things I bring up and itnricacy to my rhymes but as Pro said, spelling it out isn't the point of these battles I must adapt to the audience's intellect and taste I was just making it clear.

Saying you're competitive, like which dude here's the better bitch?
Fuck off get stung in nettles, Wrick, I'm that straight from the bottom, make my tea on stove; top-ranked debater, I'm gettin' rich,
Tellin' your structure's clever, whatever my flow's wetter, stitch your open wounds over broken bones, heart ceases, pass-out seizure as you get an epileptic fit,
Writhe in pain as you strain your brain to cope with no anaesthetic, if you thought I'd hesitate at your pathetic parade of 'gave' instead of 'given' bullshit grammar-for-rhyme trades you're as inutile but self-adoring as a 2019 ISIS terrorist.
Round 3
Dissing grammar in this format? You're out of your gourd man. 
Dissing slang in a rap is like dissing the team of a sports fan. 
You'll wind up an anticlimactic mystery solved by 4 chan. 
Then you're forgotten about within an equally short span. 

You explain your raps more than you actually spit them.
My rhymes they time the snare in my fine shrine of a rhythm.
Like People need a manual and RM class just to actually get em. 
Your side notes emote, while I dote my fist, with your dome for a schism.

Just spit your word's for Pete's sake and let audience draw a conclusion.
Instead of going five layers deep like it's some kind of Freudian delusion.
Your rigid need for complexity sends good rhymes into seclusion.
That mean I can use more words, I win by mathematical exclusion. 

Hasn't anyone ever told you that less is more? 
What makes a melody isn't the notes, but the rests in the score.
You can't project yourself as loud if you were never singing soft before. 
You can't have a big crescendo if you didn't build up from measure four. 

Also when you think about it, your pouting, half spouting, long sentence touting, inning and outing. lame brain membrane shining, self pinning outward bland whining, just isn't that sleek, it's actually weak, they never quite peak, what is it you speak. how is this different than me writing my rhymes? The only difference is you write the whole god damn thing on one line.  So it looks all fancy smancy and hyper intellectual, but really half of it makes no sense and paints as being asensual. and even this drivel I'm writing as a parody of you is better and getting you wetter than when you said you were getting me wetter (Unnecessarily long explanation about this other time He said getting wetter.)

I think I nailed it like a model so on two prongs I got a perfect 10.
That's right, I can go beyond four stanzas, I just choose not to, but I do it when
I need to extra smash these ants who think they are the best again.
I just prefer a pre set goal and the rest is just for me my friend.  

I spit one verse Round 2, barely tryin' yet it hurt, time to bury you in dirt way back in time as by default no one's found you,
You're a circus act elephant, may as well be the clown too, petty petulant wretch obese cope with dope and shoving that shit down you,
Wow, you think you're a miracle, little girl cry for the crowd, boo-hoo you've been through too ill of a rap-beating from this overpow'red dude,
Shit, why don't you go 'n' sit in hope the cow got a flu, so you have something to beef with that doesn't let madman leave you six feet underground, fool! (mad cow disease)

You come with 'less is more' when you rap 5 stanzas to light a candle and handle my single ingenious scandalous savageness,
Aint in my bracket, your habits are like rabid rabbit's; you fuck up so adamantly you hapless combatant,
And as a matter of abstinence, I'll not splatter your ashes, this cannibal necrophiliac's having a Ralph as a salad, covered in salt so cantankerous, (calling him salty)
You have no facet of rapping that's half as mastered as Rational's, Madman's fans holding hands a dandy gang, as he spits facts oh so hazardous.