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Sources = Puns, Metaphor, Wordplay.
Grammar = Rhymes per word on average.
Conduct = Any References to Oneself or opponent.

Round 1
Third times a charm I guess, do you ever rebuttal? (True)
I think that Rational's Mad Man and now he's in DEEPER trouble. (Sure)
He makes the same mistake three times, he'll be leaving Russia in rubble. (War Reference) 
His philosophy's only as deep as his google search bubble. (Literally)

If Sun Tzu, Napoleon, and Muhammad Ali, had a child. (Profile Quotes)
It would be like Rational M. , Out of it's mind and half wild. (Yup)
With all the arrogance and punchiness, and total like of style. (References to the three quoted people and RM at once)
Also with obsolete tactics, and the insight of a child. (More References to quoted)

I bet you like power laws, but also community progress. 
You're a walking paradox, ween yourself off of that nonsense. 
You can't have it both ways once you enter a broad sense. 
Just pick a path and stride it assuming you live right now, Hence

You should turn tail and run before I'm done have my fun. 
Cause when I'm finish this blunt.  I'm donning my logical gun. 
And shooting your fallacious dispositions right in the face son. 
That's a flawless victory scored gracefully in phase one. 
Beat to Loop (right-click the video, click 'Loop' and shut the fuck up):

Fuck it, I'm goin' raw, hammer this bitch, like Art o' War,
Sun Tzu, Bonapa-rte Ali infused with Thor,
Lightning comes with the thunder, plunder him, pillage his whores,
This Gimp ex-pimp elephant's may have a dick that's thick like his skull but he's roasted, poached and no more,
Poke holes in your arguments, debate-lord opens old sores, pour salt on, pissin' go kiss 'em dear dumb cumbersome herbivore. (elephant reference to his avatar)

You wanna know about boxing? Come take a jab at me,
Ali with the Tzu, laughs at your tactics without strategy,
Practise gettin' mad at me, perhaps you'll take a nap and see, that in actual fact I'm the alpha; you're a whack MC,
Beta hater making a Rap battle omega, where the short description says 'PLEASE RM DONT COME AND BATTLE ME!' (
I captivate the reader, come try have a grab at me, I'm the best debater here, fuck off with your fallacies.

Round 2
That's cute RM, you think you know about strategy? 
I'm a 300lb Martial Artist whose won multiple chess tourneys G. (fact)
I don't toy around with drawn out tactics that are riddled with fallacy. 
When I can use The QGA and a Sudo Strike to take you down both mentally and physically. (Chess and Martial Arts references.)

But you're so weak, I could beat you with The Fred Opening (Second worst chess opening.)
You're The fox in the hole (worst chess opening) looking fancy while doing not a thing.
You tactics fall, you see small holes but not the open wing. 
You're like a league player that doesn't understand the scope of pings. 

I'm talking down to you because that's the only language that defeatists speak.
Your potential's limitless, but you'll never get past your subjective peak.
I've tamed the beast, you could be this good consider this a leak.
But I keep on climbing, so you'll never reach me so your outlook's bleak.

I don't need a hero to quote, you need a least three.
Your potential's set in stone, every thought you borrow is not free.
It costs you progress while I stand here watching you implode with glee.
I'm a rolling stone, you're the logical equivalent of a tree.   

(openings) is the word typed and said as op'nin's.

Debris is pronounces deh-bree just to be clear.

Chess is a game where all the information is open,
The moment Kasparov's in Poker, oh shit the joker is chokin',
Tough bluffs so rough you're cut, ego broken,
Call when I got the nuts, dumb dunce ba-dum-dum five hearts flush your blood, from up there; junk cluttered brain, debris floatin',
You're a cumdump Ralph, can't ace-of-spades trump these poems, slick flow with potent prose wrings the neck of your rigid horse lyrics; this beast's free-floatin'.

If that aint enough then lets go in, Thor was my Round 1 pun, how bout now we bring the allfather Odin,
Bones brittle you little pitiful gimp, barely copin', I smite thee and I just might be the closest opponent of yours to omnip-o-tence,
Your hopeless chess op'nin's are just sugarcoatin' the growth of this opiate the masses are deepthroating,
I'm the God of the new religion, Poseidon to your Girl's cunt; what an ocean, Pagan Perseus versus one of many Medusa's victims, you're toast, son.
Round 3
More pagan gods? *Yawn* How underwhelming. 
Next you might tell me that there's some kind of "hell" thing. 
You must be the ugly third cousin of Van Helsing 
I could think of more convincing Gods while I was belching. 

You've been in my trap all along, you're a dangling rat. 
I actually got you to change your entire rap format. 
You gave up ground like you were a contentious doormat. 
I logically reduced you by simply projecting your poor stats.

You're young dumb, under my thumb, and now under control 
I numb this bum, as I hum, drum, and now I'm on a roll. 
You're just my chum, and I say Yum, to eating this blundering troll
The ballets I done I won, I'm the one who stomped, lets take another poll.

None of your imaginary pagan friends are coming to help thee. 
Your mythological dependency is probably not healthy. 
It hasn't given you the power that your crave and you're not wealthy. 
You might think your raps are subtle but you're really not stealthy. 

They tell me that you live in fear of no God,
Brave elephant, plomp plomp on the ground applaud,
Big fat herbivore, do you wanna lift your trunk and take my sword?
Dumb spitter o' lyrics so weak, I fuck your mother so hard my cock got cells from your umbilical cord,
Dad's been fuckin' all her holes it's just he never reached where I did; too soft like his son watch the cunt try grip his worm all shrivelled and short,
Telling me I'm a doormat, come step to the king I'm feelin' real bored, wipe that shoe on me, that all you got?-Jesus Christ would approve of your feeble belittling, oh what civil discourse,
I'm an imminent threat yes, I'm an invincible force, this tiger here sees a kitten in Wrick-it, lickin' its pretty lil paws,
Who in the hell are you kiddin' with this shrill whistle of yours? Blow a whistle vs my missiles incoming with precision, on course!