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Round 1
I like the new pic, too bad it doesn't fit you. 
It looks like the flash got drunk off a fifth or two. 
And stumbled ass backwards in to a rap battle to spit, oops!
And wiped his ass on the mic and said "I win" like it was legit. Dude!!

Chill the hell out, just calm it right down you light weight.
You're spazzing out, you've no right to clown, and gyrate
You're creeping me out, use real word right now, you ingrate.
I'm shutting this down, Speed Racer is loud, out of date.

You have god on your side, too bad he's imaginary.
Complaining too much, I'm betting your vag is hairy.
Yes, I called you girl.  What you gonna do about it Mary?
The prostitute, not the virgin. You're no immaculate Berry.

When you step up to Wrick It, I'll silence you like a cricket.
Underfoot, like you're Jiminy, with a bad case of rickets.
Put you out of your misery, find your neck and just split it.
Cause I'm a dog and you're a frog, I'll bite you down while you ribbit.

My pic doesn't fit me? Says the fat elephant
I'm faster than you, dude, so don't be so arrogant

You wanted to redeem yourself, you left DDO
Too bad, you can't recover from your win ratio
Of 67, a failing score, it's way too low
Mine is so high, I'm getting vertigo

I'll never chill out, I'm always on fire
You're left in the dust, I only rise higher
When it comes to ranks, I'm a king, you're a squire
So learn your place, and call me sire

You say I'm out of date, but you're such a liar
I'm young, dear Ralph, but your situation's dire
You're getting really old, about to expire
So leave the real work to me, please retire

I could go on and on, but I'll give you a chance
Even though you're stuck, while I advance
So take this opportunity to reflect on your decision
Keep going this route, you'll end up in a collision
Round 2
I never left DDO, But it's a sinking ship nonetheless. 
You think good stats on a ghost debate site puts hair your chest? 
You think cause 4 of the 5 voters are theists that makes your arguments the best? 
I nailed you down so hard one time you literally said "I can't rebut all of this"

I might be older, but that doesn't mean that you're bolder. 
I'm patient and precise, I'll cut you off at the shoulder. 
I'm quenching my thirst for thrills while you break your cup holder. 
You couldn't fit my adventures in a three ring folder (fact)

What's wrong Speedrace? Did you not meet pace? 
Because your pole position's lacking and there's egg on your face. 
I'm spilling your freeze frame animated blood all over the place. (Speed Racer reference)
Spare me the chowder, I take doubters and oust them into outer space. 

Because I'm the MC that always broke the most. 
I'll gently touch your house and instantly turn it to toast. 
I'll Pluck you and Chuck you in the oven while you roast. 
I'm Wrickin' up this Chicken gonna show em a roast. 

You hurled the elephant, which explains your avatar
If that's your measure of "good, then you're better than me by far
I'm content to argue honestly, I know it seems bizarre
To the guy who thinks he can dictate rules like his title is Tsar

You're a door-to-door salesman, how outdated can you get?
Your rap is not consistent, in old age did you forget?
You might be less mobile, there's no reason to be upset
When your memories fade away, I'll teach you the alphabet

Just start from square one, then how to use the internet
You're a noob in that area, I am a vet
Then I'll teach you proper grammar, and your English will reset
You definitely need that, have you gotten spellcheck yet?

You may have more experience, but I am creative
You're left with the same-old, my ideas are innovative
I'm always fresh and aware, your state is vegetative
Rapping isn't your jam, I do it like I'm a native

If you can't make good beats, then go sit down and sulk
It's no problem for me, all of my raps come in bulk
Just give up now, let me make it known
I will never lose, this is my crown and throne

Round 3
I might be old, but I'm not casted in a mold. 
I've been using computers since DOS was the standard of gold. 
I type 100 WPM plus you can trust that was a lie you told. 
You shouldn't make assumptions, You were just talking about being too bold ;) 

Correction to your statement, I hurled myself at you dude.
Because I don't forget and I'm a giant with a lude attitude. 
But I'm gentle if you avoid my space and don't ruin my mood. 
After that the fact you're actually breathing to me is considered rude.

That was a clever narrative of my memory being lost. 
Because that's the only way you'd beat me but it kind of comes across
As an unlikely scenario you staked your claim on a loss. 
By the time that happens you'll be half dead and covered in moss. 

Sometimes my grammar makes me sound like I drank a beer bro (I don't drink)
But I don't need to be a hero when I'm up against a zero. 
Speed Racer thinks he's fast, but he doesn't even see the clear row. 
I'll zoom you into your doom like vroom!! before you even get near, Hoe!!
100 words per Minute? Well that makes some sense
You only go for speed, not quality, here’s my two cents
Leave the rushing to me, don’t be so tense
Or you’ll keep making the same mistake, are you dense?

You’re subject to entropy, getting cold and rot (brr)
I’m opposite, unlike you, I only get hot (ter)
You say you can do it, like you won’t be in a knot (sure)
For me, I finish fast, I only need one shot (blur)

Around and round in circles, does your pain never end?
You always end up struggling, what a convenient trend!
You’re getting desperate, so a hand I will lend
Psyche! You will just fail as I ascend

So, Mr. Elephant, will you finally learn?
Go order you some ointment for that burn
You will never win, you can only yearn
But I know you’ll still try, so I guess it’s your turn!

Round 4
I don't believe in entropy without proof of a closed system. 
I don't believe in whack MC's and that's why I like to diss em. 
I dispatch them swiftly and I never stop to miss em. 
I'm fat and I'm cocky, now find my asses and kiss em. 

We might both move fast, but we're not the same. 
There's a difference between rushing and acting quickly while being tame. 
You can only say you're fast so many times before it's lame. 
I play around a lot, but this ain't some kind of game. 

I'll cripple you with a ripple of a phrase 
You're in a pickle when I triple up the haze
Of fickle insults that stickle you into a daze.
I'll pop you like a pimple on a dimple stings like a taze.

I'm rapping half assed, but still I have passed.
you up in the lane, My engine's your bane.
I'm pumping the fuel, Lets finish this duel.
Lets flag out this race, and tear up this place.  
You're gonna fail, Ralph, you've already given up
Are you gonna start to cry? Does baby need a sippy cup?
I'm only a teenager, you are a grown up
Yet I'm leaving you in the wind, you're screaming "Hold up!"

I can't overuse "fast," you're just jealous of my skill
You're working up a sweat, I'm sitting here, chill
It's not even hard, you are popping pills
But it's never gonna work, don't need that refill

Do you need a bandaid? Cause' you're starting to bleed
I'm running up the hill, can't mess with my speed
Get down on your knees, and start to plead
It'll fall on deaf ears, I only help myself succeed

So please contemplate watch you're about to face
I'm coming with a gun, you've only got mace
You might want to run, get ready for the race
Cause' in the end, it doesn't matter, I'll finish in first place