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Round 1
my penis is sixteen thousand feet long
my genius is enough to make six billion complete songs
before you even manage to yawn and put your briefs on
you smell like a sheepdog, you think like a sheep, dawg

I'm the human in the clothing of a wolf-god dressed like a sheep
keeping the sheepdogs in check by the leash
you're worth less than a beer can left by the beach
now let me show you how to induce death via speech

these dense chapters end rappers in a flash of fissioned matter
then capture the photons and make them spin backwards
I burst with grim laughter as I send demons to scavenge after
your grey matter has been splattered, and serve it too me on a golden platter

Cool story, but next time, spare me your penis disorder. 
And by songs, I assume you mean three words put in order. 
Cause only a toddler would call that shit a song, judging by odor.
I'd say your rhymes were sitting out too long at the Mexican border.

You should sell them to Trump, You'd be the next Forest Gump.
I bet he'd think that shit was fire and that you know how to Bump.
You'd have him stumped, not even knowing the truth that you were a Chump.
I know there's sex jokes coming from you so just pick a tree to go Hump.

Because I don't want to hear it, you wrap with bad spirits.
You think that being nasty when the timing's bad will make for good lyrics.
Cuss when it's justified BITCH. You got to learn how to feel it.
I'll treat your psyche like a banana rip the top off and slowly peel.

Until there is nothing left, then I'll hit you in the chin cleft.
You'll get the fatty fatty boom boom, man what you know about zeff?
I'll feed your ass to a hungry tiger, like I was it's chef.
Then I'll walk away like nothing happened and claim that there was a theft.  
Round 2
go ahead and peel it, remove the cocoon to my triple helix
annunaki DNA so I can unveil it

I'm one of those that came before
you're just a sloppy second whore
grasping at my apples and sword
you ain't from Eden, you're just eatin' and asking for more
cause' if you saw that staff protruding from the floor
behind the vatican door, you'd probably ride it and give it back to Borgia when you're bored

I bet you never played Assassin's Creed in your life
you plebian cunt, you dried out piece of shite
you stale ass wipe
my rhymes are good for you, but they're nasty like spinach liver and tripe

I guess you want something more complex,
something that puts into context why you're not yet
prepared for this contest,
like Donald Trump dealing with nuclear bomb threats
you smell like a loch ness monster that never washed, fetch
dog breath...I just threw your moms breasts
I cut them off, let
the blood and fat ooze out then stuffed them full of tampons next

Triple helix DNA? You're tripping!  You were lucky to get a strand.
The only cocoon you have is your echo chamber, it's all that you understand.
I'll school you in The Economics of Rap as they stand. 
You need a beating and I got one, that's supply and demand. .

I got more disses then you need, that's a battle rap surplus.
I'm cashing in my bonds, but I got dividends left, trust.
You're rapping it day to day, You next paycheck is a must 
I'll hit you with my windfall, Your words are merely a gust. 

Type 1 is the type of mistake that should you have made.
By assuming I was gonna kill you with my razor word blade.
Instead you thought was the wind, while I was stalking your in the shade.
I'll simply catch you while you're sleeping and before you wake up you'll be flayed.

Because I'm

Skinning this cheap, weak fake, satanic geek.
You think your beat's complete, bitch please just take a seat.
Let me repeat it couples times because I know your brain's lacking meat.
You're dissing me soft in cement, But you're not discrete or concrete. .

Round 3