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Round 1
Note: Type1 has accepted the battle and agrees to the rules I have stated. To reference something, use italics and in rap use (<number starting at 0> to explain what it means. Best of luck to my opponent and let's get this show on the road
Have you seen a man by the name of TypeOne?
Because ever since I beat the man he disappeared into the sun
And ever since his he fell too floor
He just ran out the front door
Claims to be the king of this site
But it's about to come to an end, like a long flight

Kick to curb like Tresman(0) in Chicago.
Getting frostbite, because of the snow
And why is snowing you may ask?
His rhymes are so cold, I need to wear a mask.

His conspiracy theories are more fake
Than Kevin Durant, what a snake
Got your eye on the prize
Who we kiddin', we know you won't thrive
Hairline's looking receeded
Probably wants to leave, 'cause it knows your defeated

I'm just getting started
Bars goin' r*tarted
Guess I'll head down the champion lane
While you just sit there and complain

And not gonna lie
Your rhymes will be dry
Sahara Desert is a joke
Compared to your rhymes, it's SOAKED!

You're nothing but a botched abortion
caught in the common thought distortion
You're nothing but a twat supportin'
Rian Johnson's poor in-
-terpretation of the Star Wars plot, he forced in
so many things that don't make sense
similar to your bars, your skull is thick but your grey matter ain't dense
it's squishy and has the consistency of Rey's breasts
you call me a snake, you're a rat in my snake nest
the definition of fakeness
you forsake the great quest
for truth, and make jests
at that which you fail to interpolate, hence
you embrace death
I suggest you question more, and masturbate less

You're just a teenage 
ween mage
still in your minecraft phase
who can't get your ass laid(1)
I'm past that stage
I've outgrown my past ways
I disappeared into the sun to blast rays
at SupaDudz in a glass maze
that magnifies the light and starts a vast blaze
 that incinerates him, then I'll flick him in the ash tray

Round 2
B*tch you running and running that mouth again
Your rhymes were more wack than Xan(0)
Rey has small tits, but that's ok
When you have to fight her, you're gonna pray
Just like this rap battle
Your rhymes will be so mad, you'll flee to Seattle

Stalk my profile? I see how it is
My life's more interesting, yours is as boring as a quiz.
That girl I tried to kiss
Thankfully it was a miss
She ended up being a hoe
You would've gotten sloppy seconds bro!

Unlike you I'm fifteen
I don't need to worry about f*cking a queen
And unlike you, I actually have good odds
While you sit there and fap to your stupid gods

Bring up the bios, that's an interesting game
Yours is like your mantle, empty and always the same.
Have you ever thought about cleaning sh*t
Because your rhymes are the eptiome of it
Mirror mirror on the wall, who will take the largest fall
"Why, it's opponent good sir, he's got nothing to make you bawl"

Probably has face made of plastic
Because in high school his face was toxic
Covered in acne
Worse than Derrick's knee(1)
Every time he tries
It gives up in front of his eyes

The cake is here, come take a slice
Because we toast to my arrise
As we laugh and cheer the night away
This f*cker lies in his tomb in decay

It's true, I am decayed, something loathsome to dread
but my tomb empty, cause' I rose from the dead
I'm a wraith that incants hexes as I flow from the head
when you're fifty one, you'll still have brought no one to bed

when you diss an evil spirit, bitch you're in for a issue
you admit that chick was thottish, you still couldn't convince her to kiss you
which infers the shit spewed
from your lips is an excuse
to hide the fact you have a two-incher dick, dude
I injure this noob

How dare you fucking compare me to lil' Xan
you feculent worm, you incessant little Stan
kid, I'll slam
your face through a wall of razor clams
and then I'll sand
your eyeballs till' their whiter than the klan
you're a nerf herding farmhand
fucking banthas in the barn stands
I have a dark plan
to fry your liver in a pan

If I fought Rey
I'd saute'
the little thot, glaze
her and make her cosplay
as a ham on a hot tray
the plot saved
her every time she got played
she never earned her place at the top they
made her a Marry Sue, so stop say-
-ing the shit that you say, Sasuke
I brought shame
on the snot stain
of a rap that you thought may
stop the anvil that I dropped on your soft frame
you have the body of a cow that was fed on grains
and a sloths brain
with the octane 
of a frog's an-
-us, plus you've got menge
so try to top this and feel the writer's block strain

Round 3

Did I ever say I wanted to kiss that girl?
I just said I missed the opportunity for Pearl(1)
I didn't even want her
But you would've wanted her for sure
Your not Jesus
Your just Yezus(1)
Stop trying to think you raise from the dead
You're just as a poisonous a piece of led

Using big words when you're probably small
While my exactly is 6 and half feet tall
Your running into a void of an abyss
Because your rhymes aren't even a diss

You're getting mad that I called you Xan
You should hear what useless stars I can call you man
Your face is more plastic than Lindsey Lohan
And the only beef you got is the ham you ate
And your abs are more ugly than your fate
The only writer's block I got
Is the amount of kisses you want from a thot
And on that topic,
Why would want to kiss that girl, you're psychotic
She's only fifteen you low-grade pedophile
You probably look through the girl's bathroom tile

Do you get horny
Talking about girls and how you'd ride them like a pony
And why you keep throwing snot stains at me
I'll fuck your bitch like 1,2,3
The little thot you called Rey
Just took your chick even though she ain't gay
And your face looks like a nightmare
Even Freddie was totally scared

my twistified divine rhymes
mystify the minds eye
while Dudz fails so hard he has sit BEHIND the side lines
this the kind of wise guy
 that sniffs a wide supply line
of drugs until he thinks his shits a type of fine wine
arrogance personified by
him, thinks that he's a fly guy
when he makes advances, chicks deny like "nice try"

I'm not Jesus, nor Yezus nor lead
I'm a cyanide breathing octo-shark with a dragon's head
you don't like big words? then I'll call you a fag instead
how can you think a bit of vocab is neg-
-ative as an attribute to have, it says
that you probably haven't read
since your mommy had to tuck your illiterate ass in bed

You think I'm a vile
who looks at a child
through the tile
but you look like something you'd find in the tampon isle
I defile
a fifteen year old with a smile
I stick my whole
wanker inside her pie hole
you think Lindsey Lohan can rival

my masks?
Majora and Darth Nihilus both gave me half
so I could craft
the most evil mask at last
now a tentacle shoots from my face fast
and rapes fifteen year old girls in the ass

you do have a point though, Freddy was afraid of me
but only because I drink fear and piss bravery
I could steal your girl's heart covertly with slick knavery
put BBQ sauce on her clit to lick, savory
She would be bound unto the service of dick slavery
I'm bigger and blacker than the famous Sith Vader, see?
and speaking of Star wars, I already had rice with Rey curry
so stop bringing her up, you sick, gay furry

You spend all day making minecraft dick towers
you only take a break to play fortnite for six hours
you have no life, you have even less spit power
you're a bottom feeding scum sucking pussy bitch coward

bringing up abs was a bad mistake, mister
you're flabbier than Jabba the Hutt's sister

Round 4

It's the motherf*ckin shotgun
A shot in the crowd for just a little fun
The psychopathic man on happy pills
Shooting the gun just for thrills
So why the fuck are we hiding the identity?
He made the whole family suffer for eternity
The man who pulled the trigger
Wasn't thinking bigger
Name TypeOne
One videocam and he was done
10 years in the pound
Where he killed himself in 1 round

Point is from that verse you're a luny tune psychopath
Talk about the same sh*t, let me put a mat on it
His mind is a void
Artificial as a droid
When I pull the plug on the goofy
He's going to feel really iffy
1,2,3 he gets shut down on a real level
Windows shutting down, wasn't that clever?

Your shutting, your discombobulating
Your rhymes are the definition of stupidity, isn't that astounding?
I can drop big words just like you
I may be fifteen, but my mind words are fancier than tu(0)
Cause I'm ambitious
Ready to rumble like im vicious
Overrated but your not coplanar with me because we're not the same plane
You're at the bottom of the cylinder while I'm at the top of the cylinder, I'm so the same
Yor just another fuckboi lame

Fuckboi can't even describe
How little people would subscribe
You may have a couple of years
But the judges have ears
And what they hear
Is my champion rhymes making the paper, grab your beer
Grab a bottle, I'll grab my coke
And let's make toast, like DDO choke
"To another man, failing to win"
Dilly dilly, your fuckin finished!
(0), you in Spanish(Mr Worldwide here)

As we are at the last round. I thank my opponent for a good rap battle and a good fight. Good luck to my opponent! As for judging, I recommend to start reading now and look to the future where you will have more time to vote 

If you read these rhymes, you'll get your head injured, Dudz
I'll impale you on a spike and dip my bread in your blood
you must be gettin' your drugs
from Mexican slums
cause' if you think you're the best than you're dumb.

You're a KKK klan-brother
You rap like Jake Paul's grand mother
doing a Lil' Xan cover
you don't understand what you're
getting into, you scallywag land lubber

They call me captain psychosis
Cause' I led a naval raid while I wrote this
stabbed the spanish officers with the pen I wrote my flows with
and sunk the man o' war in Edward Kenway's fly coat, bitch

and as for Edward, I killed him too
Raided the Jackdaw and plank walked the crew
used em' as bait, they ended up as shark food
and I even killed the sharks with a giant harpoon
so who's the loony tune?
fuck that shit, bitch I only watch japanese cartoons

you think you've got vocab of this scale, then use it
don't make a claim and then fail to prove it
you're on some preschool shit

while I reduce the dielectric factor to hasten
The excitement of the EM field perturbation
and increase the frequency of radiation
to turn your face in
to a cancerous mass of cell mutations
due to increased rates of gene aberrations 
and telomeres breakin'

I'm an evil genius
you're a weasel fetus
with a needle penis
your flow is more stale than dried out fecal pieces
catch some lethal breezes
of Zyklon-B, I'll breathe it
seamlessly, while you bleed from your weenus
you're just a weed ripped
out of the rap game, rolled like a tree, lit
and smoked by my free writ-
-ten ingenious
OG shit

your flow is a stream leaking from a broken vein
the type of stream leaked by rappers who've blown the main
your mainstream flow is redundant and it's grown mundane
you weren't lying when you said you're so the same
I make you scream "oh the pain!
someone get me some novacaine"
You wanna know the way
to make a Type1 clone, ya take
Anakin's metachlorians, Mace Windu's saber skills, and a pair of cobra fangs
then combine them with Yoda's brain
I rose to fame
while you dove to shame
and landed in open flames