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Round 1
A circle fails to contain a lightning bolt
Power must be contained, you dolt!
Lightning is dangerous, you'll singe all your friends!
Then again, you'd have to have real friends.

Perhaps, as a rule, you don't mind the danger
This masochistic attitude will leave you a stranger
Estranged little lightning bolt, you're deranged
When someone gets hurt only you will be blamed.

Forget your pic, it's just supposed to be slick.
Your "lightning"'s too much static for anything to stick.
Speedrace, you call yourself, an illusion of quickness
It's amazing you can drive with a skull of such thickness

I know of all the lies concealed behind a fake name.
I don't try to hide, because I know it's a mark of shame.
One more thing, before it's your turn, Speedrace.
You've got a name to uphold, so try to keep up the pace.
I’ve got plenty of friends, so don’t project
Your life on mine, on my name put some respect
You were straightforward, allow me to be direct
You’ve got no chance; prepare to get wrecked

Talkin’ about my pic, what about your avatar?
A witch’s sidekick, does she keep you in a jar?
Lightning v crow, do you really wanna spar?
You’re already pretty black, do you need some more char?

Try to keep the pace? What a silly joke
I left you in the wind, on my dust you can choke
Try to follow me, you’ll meet fire and smoke
Close your mouth, boy, until I have spoke

You challenged me to this as if you could win
Here’s some advice: go back and think again
As long as I’m here, that’ll never happen
But I’ll go easy on you so the pain will lessen

Round 2
Someone needs to read up on ornithology
The mistake is so basic, you owe first graders an apology
My picture's not a crow, but its cousin, Corvus Corax
Your intelligence indicates you read Seuss books like The Lorax.

Try to insult me, but no, I'm a raven.
Lightning's always fleeting, just like this Speedrace craven.
Ravens are social, smart, tool-wielding, playful creatures
I chose my avatar well, I carry all of these features.

You perhaps, just might be familiar with the Flash?
The most redundant JL-er, Superman's twice as fast. 
I've begun to see, it's the same with me.
While Speedrace creeps, I yearn to be free

This rap is beginning to bore
Only you could make this feel like a chore.
Burdened as I am by your existence
I continue onward on your insistence.
If you measure your smarts by looking at a bird
Then you don't belong here, you're not even a nerd
SM's faster than Flash? Is that what you heard?
I'd go reread the comics, that's simply absurd

Lightning might be fleeting, but at least it has power
What can a raven do? Fly away and cower?
You're insignificant, over you I tower
You can't do anything except "caw caw" and glower

I'm a bore? You made a guy forfeit
A whole rap debate and you hadn't even started yet!
Stop lying to my face, you aren't even a threat
Coming up against me you're playing Russian roulette

Every time I talk, your prospects get bleak
Compared against me, your lines are so weak
All I have to do is put my tongue in my cheek
Sit back, relax, and let the leaderboard speak

*call 911 for burn injuries*
Round 3
I compare myself to corvids as an analogy
They're living, at least. You, by contrast, exemplify inanimacy 
You're a fraud, farce, facade, inferior to fauna; faux fiery life.
Atmospheric flatulence with a brief downward flight.

Hah! Not a nerd, you say? Let my actions speak.
You don't know what you're Tolkien about, GEEK!
I own three swords, medieval and fantasy. 
I read Stephen Hawking for fun, ya see?

I haven't counted my books recently, but my rough estimate's 103.
Don't even try to compare yourself to me; my room is a shrine of nerdy sublimity.
Do you read Shakespeare? Do ya even science?
For it seemeth to me that thou art in petty defiance.

Keep comin' back for more, ya poor little destitute
Intellectually malnourished, well here's your institute.
And if you doubt a word I say, I'll swear on your grave
Every word of it's true, I don't exaggerate, knave.

Only 103 books? I've got 5 times that much
I just walk into a library and read one with a touch
I eat them up like candy, you're over here with a crutch
I'll take that handicap from you and still win; it'll be clutch!

I'm not a fraud, I'm as real as it gets
You're struggling to keep up; the shoe definitely fits
I can go through anything and still keep my wits
You'll give up a just a glance, I bet you have all the regrets

I don't even need 4 stanzas to beat you every time
I don't even have to try as long as I can simply rhyme
The way that I destroy you might as well just be a crime
How about you turn around and get a whole new paradigm?
Round 4
Am I supposed to believe that? Please.
I could surpass you with ease. 
There's nothing you can say to prove it.
Get out of my shadow now, move it.

I don't believe for a second
that when academics beckoned
You responded as quickly as me.
That doesn't often happen you see.

With the Internet at your fingertips,
You can be as "smart" as you want
While your deflating ego squeals and flips
My literary prowess towers and taunts.
You say I could be faking it, like I’m not good at reading
Yet you don’t apply that to yourself; isn’t that special pleading?
Don’t listen to him, voters, because he is misleading
He should have started out by simply conceding

I know why you chose a raven, and I think I agree
Smart, cunning, and curious is what you aspire to be!
That’ll be quite a quest, but you won’t catch up to me
You’ll just get scared and fly away, so soft and feathery

As this story comes to an end, just remember one fact
My opponent defends so much he barely tries to attack
I go in so fast he hardly has the time to react
He can only miss; my shots are always exact