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Round 1
I am about to get a free win, I can feel your fucking stank
Smell it from a mile away, when your profile pic is blank
And from what I can see your a cry baby with no style
Threatening bsh with an itch for revenge, call you ISIS cause your so vile
Cause you hated, cause you contradicting, not admitting
And your testimonies are kinda fucking riveting
To your flaws and fabrications and confess that you're Type1
But your shining more bright than the sun at night hun
I'm the Thanos of this comic strip
Stop trying to give me lip
I'm eyeing on you now homeboy
You're more of a distraction than a girl pussy toy
You're cooked you're toasted you're dead
Might as well drag your dead carcass on the ground and grab it by the head
Because I'm about to cook it like Greeks cook lamb on a spit
And sing "Xristos Anesti" while my home girl bites her teeth into it
And I season up with salt for a half of damn second
Because that's the taste of your tiers when you lose this, like you mentioned

You I had to make a meme
PornHub lives girl just took a cream
Cause Jesus Christ didn't die for our sin
Just so you could preach the illuminati trash bin
That's displayed on Type1, that's not even a reach
There's provable evidence that your a multi maniac and sucking out the venom of your failures on this site like a leach
Just like Drake wen't out like a light
When Sicko Mode was popular for one light
Guess I'm Post Malone
I still have the throne

That rap you did sure was crap
especially since you get your facts from a guy who thinks the earth is flat

You believed his lies
which indicates your penis size
is about that of a transgender Thai's
who sleeps with guys

You're clearly not professional or technical with your shit
you've got less bars than you've got testicles or dick
you're a detestable little shrimp  who can't even question all the myths
professed by a flat earther that's less evolved than a tic
but the best of all of it?
you have yet to call it quits

You've been done in, in every single battle that you enter
you must be masochistic, or maybe you don't remember
how every single time you get dismembered
cause' you listen to fucking Drake, shit, you probably send him letters

Bitch I'm a caterpillar
you think your rap is iller?
the only caterpillars you seein' is Drake's eyebrows, faggot, will your
ass ever realize I'm Eminem, and you're Drake's boyfriend fantasising about his massive pillar?

of course IRL it's almost as tiny as yours is
mine on the other hand is like a sword between two oranges
and the sword is as long as a lil' pump chorus is
and the oranges went through an enlargement metamorphosis

Round 2
Spacing out your lines cause you don't know how to rap
All that shit you spewed smelled like a crap
Roasts were so weak I just took a fucking nap
I don't see the lies that you talk about
Y'all both rap in the same fucked up schematic route
And call the hazard service because you're fucking toxic
Not even BTS fans can compare to this errodic
Bring up penis sizes, man you're immature
I didn't I would have to say this to someone older than me by nature
I guess puberty hit you very delayed
So go sit in this hole you just made

You're not a sparrow, you're shallow
I just hit these rhymes out the park like Joey Gallo
Your rhymes were really wack and really bad
Silly rabbit, that's a bad habit, don't make me call your dad
Oh wait, you're older, so you must live your own?
But a house you don't own, it's your parents home, living off a fucking unpaid student debt loan
Shouldn't took this fight on because you're about to drop
Because I'm the mother fucking King of the Crop

You're not Enimen, your not Lil Wayne, your not Joyner Lucas
Your a mix of Lil Pump with a throat filled with mucus
I need to the call the pastor
Because you're possessed by the master
That explains all the shit that you say on the spot
All the clothes that you buy probably came from Big Lot
And I'm the hero of the crowd from Sandlot
While you're more a pussy than a tamed Ocelot
You think that I got mucus boy?
my throat is clear as bootes void
I am the fucking master, like an Eminem who uses roids'
you are just a useless boy
I will leave you toothless boy
you better have your troops deployed
cause' I am coming to destroy
I will eat your face and make you lick my poop, bitch boy
I am smoking hookah boy
and still I rap like Lucas boy

You want some lil pump? well that's fine with me too
cause' even in my mumble form I can still beat you

I'm fuckin' your bih OOOOOOH
she suckin' my dick OOOOOOH
adjusted her tits OOOOOOOH
my tongue on her clit OOOOOOH
you're nothin' but shit, aye
you suck when you spit, aye
I busted a nut in your bih, aye
now we puffin' a spliff, yeah

I'm all on the lean and the molly
I fucked on yo bitch in the rari OOOOH
You know that bih love to party, aye
but you a broke boy, not a star, D

But now I be back on my regular
boy, you are not a competitor
I am a predator
you are my prey, your progenitors
are just some herbivores that's used as food and for leatherwork
you are domesticated, I'm betterer
you just be grazing, I puncture and sever your
flesh, bitch you think you a beast? you never were
The description that fits you consists of four letter words

Round 3
Lemme take to you Walgreens and buy you some Mucinex
Cause that was more shitty than my ass after Tex Mex
You go no clout, so stop tryin to act like you got a rollex
I got more teeth in my mouth than you cells in your brain
And let the disses and rhymes rain
I call it Katrina
You are as wack as PETA
Half of your shit don't even rhyme
Go back to second grade where you learn about a dime
Cause my bars are fresher than a Jewish deli
While your rhymes and rotten and smelly

You can't win on flow, you can't win on disses
You got nothing to show, sorry misses
You're the sand that gets washed away in a hide tide
And this is Goliath*bitch, I took you on a ride
Wasted half of your rhymes on Lil Pump
This rap battle just took a dump
Flush this shit down the toilet
Literally and figuratively
Your face more wack than a real life Mii
The only you got in common with Lil Pump is the molly
He's got more rapping skills than you do
I think you just lost a screw
I think you need RM to tidy it
Because you're Type1 and you can't deny it

Lies and lies, that's all I hear you speak
When you should be doing hardcore fire rhymes, man they been weak
You're taking it easy, you're making it easy
Maybe I'll get called up a made a big hit like Weezy**
Or I can be a life reflecting,bar spitting maniac like G-Easy
Or I can be a melodic god with a tune of Gangsters Paradise
Because this is the Supa show, and I'm on the rise
While the Type1 is on the decline
I'm done with this shit now, there's evidence there
Call bsh right now, I caught the multi, I can bear

*=Goliath are rollercoaster at the popular amusement park chains of Six Flags
**=Weezy is short for Drake
How the flying fuck can you expect to beat me
when half of your last verse was puns about feces