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Spit 16 bars for each round. May the best person win per the votes.

Good luck!

Round 1

I'm more potent, bar for bar you don't come near me
If the price is right, he'll lose; wait, that's Drew Carey
Deuce deuce with me, say I won't shoot, dare me
You'll get a buck from under the pillow like the tooth fairy

I'm too scary, I flex and get it crackin' like a bad back
While you on the other hand talk and duck like Aflac
Where's your allowance money, Kid? Where your cash at?
Well these clips gone have him changing his story like Snapchat

This is my lightest round, it's just the buildup
This the foreshadow of your death, just a heads-up
I'll ruin your foundation on the spot, no makeup
I put all my shooters in line, this is the roundup

My bars are too sweet and they sting like a beehive
Open hand flying in the air, no high five
I let it flow like water, so take a quick dive
You need to pump your breaks; you lack drive


Your turn

get it crackin' like a bad back? where have I heard that before?
You plagiarised a Nicki Minaj song, you sackless whore

That's a really bad start, you know you're loosin' quick
when you're plagiarising corny shit that was written by a stupid bitch
who practically only raps about the size of her boobs and hips
and needs seven thousand tonnes of make-up just to look human, shit

and speaking of make up, you rhymed up with up for four lines
you need to  make up for your  weak bars projecting snore vibes
when I read your shit, I was thinking "man, poor guy"
he must have took a swim in some mercury and fluoride

you ain't a king mother fucker, those times are finished
I'll pop your eyes out their sockets without  eating my spinach
use a club to beat your balls like I'm playing quiddich
doom you to be kidless, with your dick whack-a-moled into your pelvis

I spit blue flames like Viserion
rob Drogon of his carrion
make Dany marry Tyrion
and make Brandon marry Jon
and then name myself a naturalised targareon
Targaryen? anyway, bring your flashlight, rap battles are dark and very long

Round 2
I didn't plagiarize, I write my own bars, you need to quit.
Nice try trying to sway the voters to make yourself win.
Nicki just happens to have that same bar in her song, but I didn't steal it.
Reminder: "I'm too scary, I flex and get it crackin' like a bad back" much different.
I didn't say what she said verbatim, so put a sock in it.
If it's so corny, how would you even know that song bitch.
P.S she doesn't just rap about her body, you dick.

I'm killing you for that money, this is a contest
Everybody, take me serious. I'm a bomb threat
Gun loaded and when it smoke, you'll catch a contact
I'll bring a clip back like I was trying to rewind that

I don't wanna have to give you this buck, I'm penny pinching
I can get you wet all over, no skinny dipping
A few jabs from my fists will have your blood dripping
I'll target whoever I see walking I'm not cripping

I'll have your crew skate on ice, they go figure
Run up in your house, catch you before dinner
This pistol will have your spirit in pieces, like a soul splitter
After that, I'm taking the bounty on your head like a gold digger

More ratchets sitting at the table than a card game
When I swing, I'll hit this bitch I got a broad aim
Everybody can't miss your death, so they all came
I'm like a lion straight out of a cage, I'm hard to tame

My rhymes that had "up" at the end were actually words, you swine.
It's not like I had the word "up" on it's own on each line.
It's called being a skilled rapper dumb hoe.
You need to take some lessons, so take notes.
okay okay, I'll just be honest, but I won't retract my diss
I do listen to Nicki...but only cause' of her ass and tits

I jerk off to her music videos, Nicki makes me sticky
I want to lick her titties
and set her clitoris free

Your rhymes suck, you ain't killin' shit but my vibe
you only win stacks when it's sucky sucky time
you little gay prostitute crack whore, you lost your mind
you suck at rap, you suck at dicks, you're just a vacuum in disguise

you say you'll get me wet, no bar was ever whacker
but it's kind of true cause' damn, I just pissed my pants with laughter
you're the whackest rapper
fattest cracker jacker
 actor, actin' blacker
thinkin' it'll make you sound like the baddest bastard
your facts are backwards
you sound like a fake wigger with the IQ of an acid addled cactus grappler

you think skilled rappers rhyme like you do you faggot?
those compound "up" words didn't rhyme multi-syllabic
you're just making excuses for your whack battle tactics
stick your stupid repetition of "up" up your ass bitch

I mean, they weren't even proper compound words
so I'll shove your face into a toilet full of turds
Round 3
When my arms push forward you'll get swept back, breaststroke
When I black, you'll see red in a row when I connect 4
Even my dogs come into the store with me, Petco
Trying to upstage me will have more than your leg broke

Hey Sparrow, ima put you in the right box
So, Ima make this dude a target since that's where this b-ch shop
The dudes I phone will find you with a nice shot
I call the gun Siri, bullets get guided to the right spot

I thought you were real competition, you a cheapskate
This rap battle will leave your body holy, that's a sealed fate
After that, I'll give him more bucks than a sweepstakes
Then send a couple at his top like a wedding cake

When it comes to talent, you can't see me with an eyeball
By the way I'm black dumb ass, you should do some recall
I hope Karma comes for you, I'm praying on your downfall
Funny that your name is Sparrow, but you aren't fly at all

Bars. Your turn.

[Just now noticed I debated with you in the top 10 anime debate lol yikes]

I have never seen the likes of your whackness
you need practice faggot, as it happens I just happen to be qualified as a rappin'
instructor, so if you're braggin' and feelin' your petty tactics
I'll creep in fast and just beat your ass with an easter basket

Lesson one, boy don't ever act like a shooter
when you're a nerdy little crotch guzzler on your computer
I don't talk about guns much, cause' I'm not a dumb fuck
but I'm crazy as fuck, I do mines and you should do yours

Lesson two, never bite Nicki bars or Drake's style
the first 2 bars in round 3 are straight vile
you sound like fucking Drake, that just ain't right yo
in the next round will you do an impression of 8 mile?

(here is the Drake style I'm talking about, look how the first 4 lines of his round three follow the same format)

In your city faded off the brown, Nino
She insists she got more class, we know
Swimming in the money, come and find me, Nemo
If I was at the club you know I balled, chemo

So now we've established that you're objectively crap
Nicki and Drake are the cunts you get your weak raps
from, they fucking suck, no wonder you're whack
biting the flow of a nympho slut and a talentless fag riding Lil' Wayne's sack
Round 4
Now you're reaching with this allegations.
It's called PUNCHLINES lol. Look up the definition.
You took the bait for them lines, now let's go fishin'
There's tons of rappers besides Drake, he is not the originator. 
You want to win so bad so you resort to this? You're a f*cking hater. 
(Btw I love Forever, that's my song. You must like Drake too to know the song ;)

Back to my OWN BARS that I write in my notebook.

I ain't never scared, bitch I'm everywhere
Hoodie'd up, gun, vest, gloves that's my metal gear
Address me correctly like I was never there
Its not a threat deposit the check, lets get it clear

I'm gone get it in, all day every day no playing
Eliminated the clowns from my circle, no lames (true story, happened recently. looking for real friends, if you feel you are qualified then add me!
It's all about that money got my dollars right no change
To fuck with me lyrically you gonna need the whole game

Wannabes trying to come for my position
But I'm quick on my toes I got running back precision
Fuck running, I'm gunning until they all victims
Until they start retrieving and getting a far distance

Cause I'm the realest dude out, I'm an honoree
And you don't gotta accept it like an apology
But you gotta respect it once you mention or acknowledge me
I'm the shit and I'm in my bag, no colostomy

you're dumb, fake
and stuck with no paddle on a dung lake
you confirmed my disses when you admitted you love Drake
stop acting like a cunt face

you talkin' bout' colostomy
I'm talkin' bout' philosophy
you talkin' bout' apologies
I'm talkin' bout' your flaws, cause' see
I got a beef
with sophistry
you claim you're dope, but you're awefully
you claim you got some cheese
but you're in poverty
you're not a G
you're just a wad of fe-
-ces with outdated methodologies
you got from weak
MCs who probably
took it in the ass just to get signed and put on a beat
by some illuminati freak
they aren't artists, they're property
who need autotune just to hit the notes properly

Round 5
If you arm wrestle me, I'll have your wrist aching
I'm watching every move he make, no film making
The way my bars are set up, I'll have you shaking
Run, and it'll take one punch, your back's breaking

F-ck them dudes you rolling with, I'm riding regardless
Left side of the passenger seat with my arm rest
It got a Pinocchio nose plus a long neck
That mean the gun is extended so send the God bless

I reach under that arm rest it could be your last day
I get heartless when I'm letting that rifle spray
Hand out the window like I'm dumping an ash tray
No Jordan's, but your body gonna be cool and grey

I go ham on any bird when its beef
So you chickens better duck or get served with the heat
I get to swinging the ox, your tail will swerve down the street
When them bullets be flying, It won't be something sweet

Source: Some of my raps from DDO: (I changed up a few bars too for my opponent)
This should not be counted against me and points shouldn't be taken away since people on here take their raps from DDO and post them on here too. Plus there is nothing wrong with putting your same argument from DDO to here, I've done that with one specific debate I had from DDO (which did not go well) and I did it on here and it went well. Thanks for the rap battle. May the best person win.

My raps make you look like a retarded chimpanzee
you're a stupid little pansy
and a wanker doodle dandy
you gobble goblin crotch and guzzle sperm like it's candy
you're a banana deepthroating bitch who takes it in the fanny
you're an uncanny little man-sleeve, a bonerhound. a damn freak
I can't be seen on the mic...and the semen sprayed right in your eyeballs is why you can't see
your rhymes are not hot, they're under-cooked and taste like bland cheese
bring me under-cooked raps, I'll flip on you like Gordon Ramsay
I'm fresh, high quality, you've been sitting in the pantry
plus you're pretty gassed up, my best guess is that you're canned beans

and no one likes canned beans, except for poor people who eat hot dogs, and I don't eat those either because they're made of butt holes

I'm a terminator
a big league cannabis germinator
 my mouth is the wisest word purveyor 
your mouth is a sperm intaker
this a war between a worm and snake, you're
the worm, in case you haven't heard, debased cur