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Round 1
Note: CON abides by all rules and agrees to condos, judge so as well. Good luck to my opponent. Failure to follow rules will result in disqualification
What's up I like
chains chains
Is what I'd say if I was a fuckboy maniac
But I'm just a monster that you never thought of and caused an attack
Your ego should be coming down now
Like the Twin Towers, when the plane went pow
Your picture is a wolf with a spark
But your flow is worse than a puppy bark
And you're more controversial than Prince turning himself into a symbol
And if rhymes we're the law, you be a criminal
Regretting you ever even tried to battle
Sleeping on a cold hard prison mantle

Compare me to Medusa, a seven-headed wonder
When you try to stare into my eyes you'll turn stone for yonder
Call me St. John the Chrysostom
Because my mouth is golden with the bars that flow like hymns
Kid this and kid that, how unoriginal, it's just facts
Your hard life is that your driveway has some cracks
And I'll cook you on a split like a lamb on Greek Easter
Except it doesn't symbolize Jesus and his sacrifice to the preacher
It represents your dead body cooked on a spit
While your weird pedo friends eat it like a fried rabbit

And you and TypeOne's judging is an inside job
Almost as awful as the monstrosity of the greedy snob
And maybe I do play Minecraft
Because I can be creative and make an elevator shaft
You're a fat faggot and we all know that
So sit there and fap to hentai and keep on smacking and patting
I don't do that shit because I follow the commandments
Unlike your pagan ass that does that shit for the relaxants

This is a rap battle: all views and threats are not at all necessarily real, they don't convey my real views.

Hot damn I didn't quite plan for a cannibal like Hannibal to eat my heart like blam!
But the thing is my opponent was just a simple Stan-resemblin' adolescent sham,
The moment I looked closer like 'come eat my ass' he ran,
Notification in my inbox says I got an hour left to post,
I'm like "fuck happened to the planning? This guy had ready-to-paste boasts?"
So I'm sitting here like shit, forty-nine minutes or I'm toast,
Read the Round 1 like a holiday, shit I'm chilling on the coast,
Gucci Gang Bombs go bang, Allahu-silence-then-there's-blood,
Just kidding this bomb's nothin' but a lyin' bluffin' dud, (
Supa Dud never gonna make a heart thud,
Pussy boy meet a real Godfather Goblin you Gucci-Goon-ass thug. (

Fuckboy listen here I'm an agent on a mission,
My mission is to grab Medusa by her snakes while they be hissin',
'Cause aint no whore like you turning to stone what's already rock and risen,
Take it, every inch, and just before you cry, remember that a bitch like you aint ever lookin' me in the eye,
So who the fuck you kiddin'? You gon' turn me to stone? That shit's faker than the make-up you'll be spreading on my bone,
Every hole's a goal right? But your keeper just aint tryin', 
You love when a choirboy said St. John can I snake-charm your bar of iron?
Mouth so golden yes it is, when it's me inside that throat,
But when I'm gone you're just a Sanders to my Clinton, losin' dignity and hope,
Don't tell me you're my Trump, then again you just may be,
Winning by the lies you disguise as having validity,
You aint winnin' tho tarnished-gold-hair-n-mouth boy 'Cause compared to this plat'num you may as well be free.

Last battle you got torn so hard that I felt bad for you bitch,
Had to wipe that profile entirely just so you wouldn't get put in the ditch,
But the real joke wasn't that your profile was cringey, that sad thing is you conformed,
See I've been mocked as well all through to hell and back and I'm still me, the weird kid goin' strong,
Albeit not a kid now, I've grown many years from my origin,
Got banned 5 years back and now I'm better than envisioned,
I have a cringey profile too but I slice you up with deep incisions,
Your digs lack real structure, tall building... What a tasty demolition!
Think you're batman? You're a joker. Think you're even competition?
I'm a madman of the finest order call me Scarecrow's new rendition, (

Calling me a fat faggot like that's ironic little shit,
You called me a glorious homo just before tried to sit,
Shit it was too big didn't fit in your tiny little slit,
Just like ideas and information, you cannot swallow what you spit,
Fuckin' hypocrite pushin' every limit 'til I snap,
Who the hell you think you're messing with? I'm a demigod of rap,
You're a motherfucking mortal, watch these tentacles as they rape,.
You're gon' be screaming like a hentai girl you say I watch on tape,
You're the type to scream for mercy, try to tell me that you're sorry,
But trust me Supa, I'll be ruthless, end o' story.

Round 2
I don't get what why you're repeating yourself
Your just as a repetitive as a Christmas elf
Stutter and stutter, more speech impaired than Drew Lynch:
Except your unfunny and you couldn't even clinch
Messaging me through the DM
And talking up through the forum
Yet your excuse for your pathetic rap lines is that you weren't aware of the time?
Or was it just another pathetic excuse about how your bars compare to Antartica
All of your best lines were fuck boi this and pussy boi that
When all the rest are compared to sewers of India, completely filled in shat
And by the time I'm done this
Your fucking smile will be wiped off without a miss
You play the victim card more than Fredo (
And in the end, you get called out for being a stupid shitty

Your mission was a failure
Like the emoji movie trailer
You wouldn't have an ounce of adrenaline to grab that stone cold bitch by the head
In fact, you'll fuck the whole thing up, and when you lay a hand you'll be dead
Talking about makeup it sounds like a fairytale
Disses so bad, they are tasting really stale
You think those bars have you on a higher level than me?
As intelligent, as the letter B
Not enough to get you through high school
Community college is where you're heading fool
Then it's a job at the KFC
Your rhymes are very easy
Tryin? And iron? A pathetic dyslexic
Try again and maybe you'll fix
But you ain't Bob the Builder
Guess that's why every part of your life is falling quicker
Gotta take it all out when you rap
Daddy beat you with the belt, that facts, full of crap
I'll push every button til you explode
To me, you sound a Lil Xan that's about to implode

Competition is what you talk about
You're not the hero your chasing clout
When I beat you to the ball in this game of chess, you be wishing you never wanted to mess
Because your little tyrant raid is just a cause of your distress
And I'm cyclops that's about to tear the street
You're the puny town that gonna get eat
And when you begging for some mercy while I scare the world
You should've to my advice you low grade hoard
Talk fast, I walk fast, ain't got no time for that game
Got no time for you lames
Fuck out my way cause this rocket is about to launch
And it's hitting harder than  a punch

Where do I begin, I'd like say that you're poetic,
Truth is I would be nice if you had not been so pathetic,
First you alter 'shit' to 'shat' to make a jingoist diss rhyme,
Then you bring my dad up hoping I lose my mind,
Every syllable mis'rable; you could call it a lime,
Spraying juice on the eyeball of who ever reads any line,
You think I'm angry? I'm curious do you think I'd decline?
Call me Wan Kenobi I aint furious, I'm sublime,
You're just a panickin' Anakin, Episode 3, let's rewind. (

You're wrong 'bout my father except for the belt,
He preferred to taunt me 'til I cried and felt my confidence melt,
I'm not joking I've been broken but do you know what I felt?
An urge to break the hell out every time that I yelled,
Every time I was made to flinch, every time I shed a tear,
I grew that little bit stronger, 'til I eye-gouged and scratched his ear,
Fuck you know 'bout what I went through? What exactly are you doing here?
If you'd grown up with my father you'd slit your wrists, get hooked on beer...
Waste away and become him, just a humble, stumblin' deer,
I'm a hunter here to to kill your ego and the gun...
Is the puns I spit at deer like you, blow dart you 'til you're numb,
Maybe then you'll comprehend the strength I gained from a dad who beat my mind just like a drum.
You think I aint got in me to serve KFC? I'd serve it, live in a slum,
Work day in day out, store cash away, invest in stocks 'til gold diggers want my cum,
You type your as you're, 'shit' as 'shat', eaten as eat 
Calling me dyslexic for rhyming tryin with iron, pot-kettle-black look at your feet. (the bottom of the pot is where it is black)

I'm as ill as ill can get, boy you feel the chills from my ebola?
My bars are like Antarctica INDEED you come in weak, you're frozen over,
I feel that I accepted this debate, you're unlucky no four-leaf clover, (
Then again maybe it was there when you made it and my blessed destiny to show up,
My bars acidic, my bars vicious, my bars ill KFC-working Hobo bout to throw up,
Think you diss my dad and I get sad? There's much more to me kid, grow up,
I'm fucked up I know it, madman username and so what?
You think I give a shit about your digs at me? I smirk while reading this Dud-bomb trying to blow up. (see what I did there?)
Round 3
Coming fresh without mercy, look at this pussy boy who versed me,
Let me wrath unfold on this cuckold who brought to me controversy,
Do the math and you'll see nothin' that you say ever hurts me,
If it does its my fire to burn brighter and come back later. Bye hater; who's first? Me.
I'm slick with teh wins, winrate too high,
Talk about my daddy issues like that'll make me cry,
Too bad he made me tough, tougher than my kids'll be before they die,
'Cause I aint gon' put them through the hell it took to make me this guy,
Break me into ten pieces, watch all ten regrow, reform; I don't die,
I'm God himself incarnated with the devil also whisperin' in my ear on the sly,
I'm like NASA with the rappin' I control your ceiling; I'm way over your sky,
You just a hare who's exhausted and why of course the valiant tortoise is I.