What Hogwarts House is the best? (and we should have a books/ more general entertainment category)

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I'm interested what you all think.
In Spanish class, are table rows were based off of Harry Potter houses. We got these based off a personality test. I got Slytherin to idk what that 
--> @K_Michael
griffendor is the objective best it got main character is/was apart of privileges

--> @dave2242
You can't even spell Gryffindor.

For those who don't know:

Gryffindor = Bravery, courage, determination. 

Hufflepuff = Loyalty, hard work, diligence.

Ravenclaw = wit (clever, not funny), learning, wisdom.

Slytherin = Cunning, ambition, resourcefulness.

--> @K_Michael
yes i could not spell gryffondor because i had no idea how to spell it
--> @K_Michael
I prefer ravenclaw
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I'd end up in Ravenclaw but have a lot of Slytherin in me.