Any PC game recommendations for me?

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Greetings before we start, keep in mind that these are my specs. 

Specs as of 5/30/19: 

Graphics Card: GTX 750 Ti 

Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor 3.30 GHz

Resolution: 1920x1080p 

Installed RAM: 8.00 GB 

Something to note is I am well aware this rig isn't all that powerful and would likely have to run modern games in low settings. 

I purchased this PC from a friend of mine for 350 dollars since I was interested in trying out PC gaming. 

I expect in a few months once my birthday rolls around that I'll spend my birthday money on a new graphics card. 

Anyways I hope I can get some good recommendations!

Also for reference, this is my steam profile. PLEASE COMMENT WHY YOU'RE ADDING ME.

--> @Pinkfreud08
PUBG and Rainbow

--> @Dr.Franklin
Meh on PUBG, I've thought about Rainbow but I'll probably need a better graphics card. 
--> @Pinkfreud08
thats true, I mean you got the basic good PC games I think you should try indie games like Kindergarten or Papers Please
League of Legends. Main the Toplane role, I think it will suit you best.

Set the settings low, turn of the game music etc, you'll easily tweak it and stuff in time.
If you're a fan of wrestling,you can go to One of the coolest collection of PC games.
I like to play in online games. 
--> @RationalMadman
Thought about league of legends, I'll probably try it one of these days.

Currently trying to clear my backlog right now. Got a lot of games I'm playing with a friend such as Saints Row 3, Left 4 dead 2, and we're going to start borderlands 2 together later today.
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Oh my god those are motha fuckin throwbacks
--> @Pinkfreud08
Hearts of Iron 4. War strategy WWII like game, one of the best of the genre to be honest. Many mods to simulate IRL conflicts and does not require a lot for PC

Plus its on sale
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It aint gonna a long time, but it will be a *gasps for air*

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My top pick is Defense Grid, I've been playing it for ten years and I still love playing it. [LINK]

You can find it on xbox for download and on steam - - the free demo is addictive. [LINK]
--> @Pinkfreud08
It depends on what you like so I will make my selection as varied as I can. 

My picks are:


Gothic (Whichever know a deal that cost less than what it states on steam if you want to buy it)

Heard it was good from a review but haven't played it yet. Still trying to finish other games I have before getting to it. 

Does require patch because of the shite port like Saints Row 2 but like Saints Row 2 worth the play. It is more gothic than Gothic which shouldn't really turn you off because the characters to me were fun to interact with and I was allowed to do stuff at my own pace and choose not to do things.


Sanctum 2 (Find it cheaper than the steam price as well)

Heard it was good but have only played 1. Basically tower defense with guns.

Open World

Saints Row 2 (Once again can be found cheaper than that price)

If you liked Saints Row 3 and wanted better gangs. This is the game for you. Requires something to install to reduce bugs but it is fairly easily install and there are multiple videos in helping people download it. 


Call Of Duty: World At War (Don't know about the price)

Specifically the custom maps. There are various to pick from which can include new maps made by the modders or something like Kino Der Toten in COD WAW. Best time I have ever had when zombies were involved was with this game. 

Star Wars

People say the first is better but they don't know what they are talking about. Basically New Vegas but Star Wars. Less freedom like where you can go but the player still has choices in what they want to do. There is also a character which really makes you think about your choices that does improve the game.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (If you want to buy it. I know a bundle which is cheaper then buying them separately. Don't buy the standalone not worth it compared to the bundle. Like the same with the Handsome collection if that had one more game) 

Best in the series not more needs to be said. 


Amnesia: The Dark Descent ( Can be bought cheaper and might as well buy both games together if you are interested enough to play the sequel)

Heard this game is the best but never played it. Maybe because I am too scared.

SOMA (I think it is cheap but don't really know)

More of a thriller I think but I put it here. It is great like Amnesia but in a different way.


Psychonauts (Cheap)

Played it and enjoyed it. Characters are great. Platforming is enjoyable. All in all the most fun I had with a platformer.

Says you can't run it but I think you can so this is a maybe buy for you

Type in gpu as your GPU. Type in the RAM then search the game.

I have this on my PS4. Is fun and worth the buy. Combat fun. Story fun and the main character is hot so the game has everything.

If you do decide to buy this I can think of a cheaper price for it and a video to watch if you are having trouble making a consistent framerate.

I can speak about others but I'll leave it at that. Hope you enjoy. 

Idk but I used to play AOE 2
yes... 2