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I can't function barely. i cope by sleeping as much as possible , every other hour. But you can only sleep so much.My prana is all whacked out right now , it is really messed up in my abdomin. 
If This doesn't say Midlife-crisis, I don't what does
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Good for janesix!
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"My prana is all whacked out right now. It's all messed up in my abdomin". (Abdomen)

Whacked out in your head more like. 

You sound like the type of person who for some reason, prefers to accept invalid, mumbo-jumbo, in preference to logic. 

You just need to get real. Think positive, not bullshit.

You're lucky that you can afford to lie around in bed all day. Billions of people have to strive everyday, to make a living.
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I hope you feel better soon.
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Can you please describe your diet to me and your job etc? I am willing to do this all over PM if you want. I am very good at helping people who are willing to take advice feel better. I analyse people almost like machines and comprehend their nutrition and psychology very well.

I do not claim to be a professional doctor that you are seeing about this at all. That is actually why I am freer to give unconventional advice.

If you don't trust me, please seek professional help. Based on previous posts from you, your problem is more likely nutrition-based and lifestyle-based than psychiatry-based.