Do you ponder about the past?

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I just did and found an animated TV show I watched. For some reason I am feeling nostalgic to the show and to a part that I found worth remembering. 

It is kind of depressing given the way that story I remembered ended and how it started and it kind of confirms my mindset now. I don't know if it is a cause of who I am but just me confirming my biases then I would be asking why is my mind prioritizing what is bad for me?

Basically do you ponder about the past and give whatever detail you see fit to answer it. You can state your position on what I said in the second paragraph as well. I think it can be confirmation bias but it is a bad feeling or you think it is likely. I am not asking for you to know just simply guess. 

Thanks in advance. 
--> @TheRealNihilist
Remembering and the subsequent utilisation of data is what sets us apart as a species. 

Though sometimes our tendency to wallow in the past often seems a tad counter-productive and pointless.

But wallowing in the past is what a lot of people like to do. So maybe it's inherent and unavoidable.

Perhaps inherent overuse of memory is an evolutionary regulator.