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GreyParrot: You are Aunt May, one of the people that always encourages Spiderman through hard times. Therefore, you are a Motivator! However, this role operates a little differently than frequently described. Each night, you can choose one player to give an extra vote. That player, and only that player, will know that they have an extra vote (except for you of course). Their extra vote will be revealed to everyone else after the DP ends. You win with town.

Supa: You are Nick Fury, known for your ability to escape out of almost any tricky situation. Therefore, you are an Ascetic! No negative night actions except for kills for work on you. You win with mafia.

Oromagi: You are Tony Stark, known around the world for your genius-level intellect. As such, you are an Inventor. Every night, you may choose to make a gadget from the list below and give it to another player, and they may use it the next night instead of any night action they may already have. The gadgets, however, can be used by both mafia and town. You cannot give gadgets to yourself. You can only make each gadget once. If the player chooses to use their night action instead of the gadget, the gadget will expire and become unusable. You win with town.

Lie detector: This gadget allows the user to take any forum post and ask the mod (me) whether what was said was true or not.

Remote Taser: This gadget can be used to stop the night action of the targeted player (1x roleblocker).

Tonic: This gadget can be used to protect any player (1x doctor).

ILikePie5: You're Stan Lee, famous not just for your writing, but also for your cameos! As a result, you are a Mailman. Up to five times a night, you are allowed to tell me to send a message to anyone. The message can say anything you want, and they will not know it was you who sent it (unless you say that in the message). The only thing you may not do is pretend to be me (as well as anything else I deem to be inappropriate). Note, the messages will be sent BY ME. You give them to me, and then I will send them to whatever player you want. You are not allowed to message other players yourself. You win with town.

Wylted: You are Thor, the God of Thunder and the only person who survived Hulk in the arena. As such, you are a 1x silencing Gladiator! During the night, you may message me to choose one player to CHALLENGE. Then, during the following DP, votes may only be cast for you or the other player. VTNLing will not be an option, and if no votes are cast, one of you will be randomly selected to be lynched. ALSO, once you CHALLENGE someone, you and that person will not be able to talk in the DP until the next one. You win with town.

Cogent_Cognizer: You are Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts and keeper of the time stone. Because of this, you are a governor (1x). During twilight (the brief period in-between the last vote and me posting the final vote count), you may message the mod (me) and reverse the effects of the lynch. Please be sure to be timely so the twilight isn't unnecessarily long. You win with the mafia.


  1. Drafterman
  2. Ragnar
  3. WaterPhoenix
  4. Mharman
  5. A-R-O-S-E

The DP ends at 9:32 PM, EST, October 12.

3 votes are required to lynch.

--> @drafterman, @Ragnar, @Mharman, @WaterPhoenix, @A-R-O-S-E
--> @Speedrace
That was fast!
At this point I’m confused as hell. Tell me who to use my vigilante ability on, and if between that and the lynch we haven’t nailed the scum, I’ll cast the first vote to lynch myself tomorrow.
--> @Ragnar
Who'd you vig last night?
--> @Speedrace, @WaterPhoenix
I only get that on odd nights. And hate to say it, but with Arose and Drafter vouching for each other, me having lie detected Mharman...

VTL Water
--> @Ragnar
Huh? You do know I watched you visit GreyParrot right? And now he's dead and you're saying you didn't do it? Jesus christ that was a risky lie by you, eh you've outed yourself now.

VTL Ragnar
GreyParrot - Legit role verified
WaterPhoenix - Legit role verified
Mharman - Legit role verified

Drafterman - Role threatened and didn't back out at all (maybe it's part of a strat with his BP, cuz can't kill in one turn)

Ragnar <--
WaterPhoenix - Legit role verified
Mharman - Legit role verified

Drafterman - Role threatened and didn't back out at all (maybe it's part of a strat with his BP, cuz can't kill in one turn)

Ragnar <--

As I trust Water, having verified him myself, VTL Ragnar
Were his information legit, he would have come out and said it first thing. Doubly so given that my role can only visit on odd nights. Instead he invented it after I voted to lynch him. This seals matters pretty clearly.


Ragnar <-- win

If Rag is a a good boi though:
Drafterman <-- win

If ragnar and draft are good bois, wtf?
It’s possible there are still 2 mafia left. I’m going to bed but want to crunch some numbers before we Lynch.
--> @Ragnar
Wait, lie detected Mhar?
--> @drafterman
If there's 2 maf we screwed man, unless it's draft and rag. We can either have 2 mafia or 1 mafia and a mislynch, but not a mislynch and 2 mafia
--> @drafterman
Drafter, Ragnar said Mhar wasn't lie detector verified

Also, I hid behind grey and didn't die, either we are both town or we're both mafia.
--> @A-R-O-S-E
Yeah. Oro gave me that gadget, I used it when Mharman made a concise town statement when they were otherwise in danger of being lynched.(typing from my phone, so not looking up all the links)

"Sadly no one. The person I am most suspicious of is a paranoid gun owner (would that be murder suicide, or how does that play out?). And my previous absolute certainty turned out to be bust (Wylted... his over the top insults at Cog.)"

^^ Ragnar's 300 iq play

If 2 die in the NP he can just say vig
--> @Ragnar
That was last night?
--> @Ragnar, @WaterPhoenix, @A-R-O-S-E
Ragnar claims to have lie detected as being a truth teller. The conclusion we can draw from this is that Ragnar can't be Town while Mharman is also Scum. Unfortunately, Grey died and he was part of my analysis.

He made me double voter. I'm going to bed for realz and will be back in about 8 hours to end this.

Ragnar and water are basically cross voting and I can lynch either at this point, so I look forward to your very best cases/defenses against each other tomorrow morning.
--> @drafterman, @Ragnar
"Mhar was verified by the lie detector."

"me having lie detected Mharman..."

So, when was the lie detector used? One of you is lying or hella misinformed. And at this point, you can't afford to be hella misinformed. So lying or misinformed you need to be lynched.
--> @drafterman
I verified water with my role myself bro
--> @A-R-O-S-E
A couple days ago DP2. Err, I guess three days ago.

--> @A-R-O-S-E
 Ragnar said Mhar wasn't lie detector verified
When did I say that? I’ve said quite the opposite for three days now.