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#5. Father Dear
When Tyrion catches his father with his beloved. He kills her with a crossbow, and then finds his father in the john on the potty. They have a conversation, Tyrion holding the crossbow, and his father sitting on the potty. Tyrion shoots him, and he exclaims in wonder, “You shot me!” Tyrion shoots him again. Though in sadness and regret, his face is slack. Expressionless. Stellar TV.

#4. Imp Slap
When Tyrion multi slaps that moron Joffery, just as he is jerk-sailing on irritating impudence. This is the kind of great writing that makes you understand what TV could be. My God, that was emotionally satisfying TV!

#3. Speechless
When Little Finger tries to get smart with Cersei by saying smugly, that “Knowledge is power.”, Cersei corrects him powerfully, leaving him unable to breathe, and with that great line, “Power is power”. Spine tingling TV.

#2. Dragon Barbecue
When Drogon comes to Dany's rescue during the Harpy attack that looks like it's over for Dany. I was cheering, amazed that roasting people could be so much fun. With her mounting the dragon and flying into the sunset was an awesome topper to an awesome sequence.

#1. Flaying House Fray
After Arya eviscerates Lord Fray and all his male kin, avenging house Stark, in the quiet that can only come from unleashed death, Arya tells the lone survivor, almost whispering, “When they ask you what happened here, tell them,……. Winter came for house Fray.” My skin was tingling with goosebumps. It was simply epic.

The show has a hundred more great moments. TV without equal.
Sorry, any list without the Mountain crushing Oberyn's skull isn't valid.
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That was indeed awesome. But because we were rooting for Oberyn to win, it wasn't so emotionally satisfying. But the debt was paid in full with the Mountain turning out to be so epic as Cersei's zombie bodyguard.

Bonus Epic Moment!

When Euron Grayjoy was bragging about his love for Cersei, he casually takes a step up the few stairs towards Cersei on the Iron throne, and the Mountain immediately starts to intercept him. He glances and stops. Cersei gets a tiny self satisfied smile. Euron eases back down the few stairs. The Mountain returns the few inches to his spot.

All this happens in only about 3 seconds, but the menace is clear. The Mountain's zombie-like dedication to Cersei is unquestioned. This is beautiful, subtle TV. Just beautiful.
GoT has won best drama for the 3rd year in a row. Anyone who has watched it knows why.
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Yeah. Boobs.
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In don't care what you say, those boobs could act.
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Listed five of my top scenes/events from the books that either weren't included or were radically changed in the TV series. Hard to leave out things like the Kingsmoot, the Stannis/Renly parlay, and the Stoneheart reveal but this shtt is still hot imo.

•Alys Karstark's marriage to the Magnar of Thenn at The Wall. Probably the most beautifully written chapter of the last book (maybe the series). Shows the narrative vision Martin has been pushing throughout the series regarding the Northerners and the Wildlings and allows Jon to bring something beautiful to fruition even in his disappointment that the "pale girl on a dying horse" wasn't his sister Arya after all.

•Theon's introductory chapter as Reek and later his escape with Jeyne Poole. His entire arc in Dance with Dragons is great but the first and last are standouts among standouts. Makes the show's cheap portrayal of his arc appear both base and impotent by comparison through its course depiction of his torture and inability to allow any action to remain off screen (a choice of Martin's which paid off immensely imo).

•Jon connington and Aegon landing in Westeros and retaking Griffin's Roost. Highly emotional reunion for Connington to his former home and I'm looking forward to how this plays out in Winds of Winter now that we know they're on their way to attack Storm's End with Arianne Martell joining as an envoy from Dorne.

•Littlefinger's reveal of his plan to marry Sansa (Alayne) off to Harry "The Heir" Hardying. Both pushes things forward narratively as it shows his true motivations re: smugging Sansa from KL and brings fully to light her tension in playing her role as "Alayne". Recognizing herself as a pawn while simultaneously learning to be a player in her own right.

•Asha Greyjoy's experiences and character development after her capture by Stannis at Deepwood Motte. Not a single chapter or incident but her role in the latter half of ADWD shows her connecting with the Other (a Mormont) and beginning to grow out of her deep seated Iron Island ideology. Snappy dialogue and some seemingly early payoff in her revealed dialogue in Theon's released "Winds of Winter" chaper.
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You have a good eye for the subtlies of the show. You like the books better don't you?
--> @ethang5
It's funny I was initially a show watcher and didn't consider reading the books until I was waiting in between seasons. I think between 5 and 6. After I read the books it was over. It happened to coincide with (imo) the complete breakdown of the show from a writing perspective.
So you think reading the books are worth it even if you've watched the show?
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Definitely. The first three books and the show are also similar enough to make reading through 1,000 page books not too intimidating. The last two books are where they diverge entirely but I think they're superior to the show.
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5. Hold the Door

4. The Battle of the Bastards

3. The Battle of HardHome

2. The Purple Wedding Pantomime 

1. The Battle of Gold Road
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Only one more episode. It's sad but the last season is feeling rushed and flat. Guess it 's time. 
5. Jon Snow
4. Eddard Stark
3. Oberyn Martell
2. Tywin Lannister
1. Tyrion Lannister