Is Spam Still Against the CoC Since Virt Took Over?

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Because... Wow. Spam...
--> @drafterman @Virtuoso
Get in here.
--> @Speedrace
You too, you are forum mod right?
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
Where is the spam?
--> @RationalMadman
About a dozen threads with one line OPs made by the same person in the religion forum in a space of about 24 hours.

If not for the mafia community going strong this nerd would be completely covering the "newest topics" section (probably his goal tbh). Even with constant new mafia threads he actually did exactly that at one point
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
That's not what spam is.

Currently there is no limit to the number of threads a user is allowed to make in a certain period of time. While the threads are low-effort content, they are all different and Salixes is generating and responding to discussions.
--> @drafterman
I honestly think this behavior is tied to the "newest topics" feature (similar to the way that dr franklin style spam is tied to the 'post count' feature) but okay.
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
People have tried to "game" the system with high quantity posts. Some did actually engage in spamming by posting the exact same (or virtually similar) message over and over again and those posts were deleted.

What Salixes is doing isn't posting the same message over and over again, however.
--> @Dr.Franklin
Actually speaking of Frankie (your name is Frankie from now on, Frankie) let's get some testimony from an expert witness in here.

Frankie... As DARTs resident spam expert do you think that the series of OPs in question constitutes spam? Why or why not?
Oh wow I did not see that Frankie came into the thread while I was typing the post to summon him lmao.

It is a small world after all.
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
Yeah spam is still illegal
But spamming threads isn't
--> @Speedrace
--> @Discipulus_Didicit @Speedrace
i think it is spam

All of his posts are just one-liners and it is posted in one forum, the forum with the most posts too, so he floods the most popular forum with shit
--> @Discipulus_Didicit
Thanks for bringing this up. Spamming is currently forbidden, but as drafterman and speedrace noted, this isn't considered spamming. Setting a limit on flooding is probably something we should consider. 

That being said, I apologize for not being so active. I've been busy with classes and haven't been feeling like myself lately. 
We're not the "quality content" police, unfortunately.
--> @Dr.Franklin
Equating "the most popular forum" with "the forum with the most posts" might be a bit of a stretch...
--> @drafterman
its still spam
--> @Dr.Franklin
In terms of what the CoC would disallow and require to be removed, it isn't.
--> @drafterman
who gives a shit about the COC, no one has done this before so we have to update it
--> @Dr.Franklin
1. Whether or not this is against the CoC is literally what this thread is about.
2. It's the job of the moderators to enforce the CoC, not Dr. Franklin's whims.

--> @Dr.Franklin
If you don't give a shit about the site rules then leave lmao 
--> @drafterman @Dr.Franklin @Speedrace @SupaDudz @Virtuoso
Frankie has two points, one of which is retarded and the other not so retarded (and I think it is obvious which is which)

Point one: Who gives a shit about the CoC?

Point two: The CoC can be changed.

As drafter points out the question of whether this is technically spam under the CoC is "no". The question then becomes whether we ought to update the definition of spam given in the CoC. What is your response to that question?