Memes of the 2010's Mafia - DP4

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Memes of the 2010's Mafia - DP4

Died last DP:

Singularity - Ayy LMAO - You’re a high alien who’s laughing his ass out about something or other. Your allies are trying to bust you out of Area 51. You are the jailed mafia. Anyone not mafia who visits you is rolestopped. You do not start with the mafia PM, and while you are not in the mafia PM you may not perform the night kill; also while not recruited, you automatically lose if you’re the last mafia alive. If you are visited by the mafia you may join their PM. After you join the mafia PM you are no longer jailed, you become a normally functional mafia member and you may receive a role. (If recruited will bring a UFO to the mafia. You may use the UFO to commit strongman-janitor abductions in place of the NK)

Died in the night:

Lunatic - Press F to pay respects - A bizarre and tasteless quicktime event in a 2014 Call of Duty game that turned into one of the biggest memes of the 2010’s. Memers from around the world will throw up a chain of ‘F’s in chat when something bad happens - You are the graveyard visitor: each night you may visit a player in the graveyard and pay respects to them. (flavor: you receive the results your target would have received on the night they died)


1. Ragnar - Black guy pointing at head - commuter quitter
2. Greyparrot - Area 51 raid - (Mafia) ninja
3. Warren42 - Galaxy brain - cop
4. oromagi - Harambe - beloved bodyguard
5. Singularity - Ayy LMAO - (Mafia) jailed mafia/UFO
6. Lunatic - Press F to pay respects - graveyard visitor

Living players:

1. SupaDudz
2. WaterPhoenix
3. Ragnar[2] (replacing ILikePie5)
4. Speedrace (replacing Lucky)

With 4 players alive, it takes 3 votes to lynch.

This DP lasts ~72 hours. DP4 ends 03/27 20:00 EST.

--> @Ragnar @Speedrace @SupaDudz @WaterPhoenix
the final hour
i challenge speedrace to a rap battle
WaterPhoenix has challenged Speedrace to a rap battle!

Votes are reset; only these 2 players may be voted for this day phase; Water and Speed's votes are automatically placed on each other. If the challenge ends without a majority vote, plurality voting will be in effect, with ties resolving in favor of Water.

Official Vote Count:

Speed (1/3) - Water
Water (1/3) - Speed

Not voting: Supa, Ragnar,

if speeds town at least we've got activity
well not really right now but that's the goal
VTL Speed
VTL Water
GG all!

If there's two mafia remaining, they would already have their win condition met. Therefore, there is only one.

If Singularity NKed oromagi, then #27 yesterday would not read "Single (4/4) - Ragnar, speed, Lunatic, supa," Much like how I could not quit in DP1 after Warren cast that hammer vote (nor could anyone unvote), if Lunatic instead of Supa hammered, that vote tally would stop there at 3 instead of 4.

If either Speed or Water carried out the NK on oro, then I just hammered them at 2 votes instead of 3.

If Supa is the remaining scum, then mafia already won as town can only lynch town and we'd be powerless against his final NK.
Official Vote Count:

Speed (2/3) - Water, Ragnar,
Water (1/3) - Speed

Not voting: Supa,

Speed has been lynched! he was guilty.

Town wins.

Endgame coming up.