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At the moment, the website implements only the core functionality which is extremely limited and "naive". But it doesn't mean that it's going to stay that way. Our main goal is to develop a platform that'd be interesting for as many people as possible and for that to happen, we need your help.

So, what's the plan? Well, we split the development work into 2 categories, "basic" and "requested". The basic one is implementing the most obvious and needed features. For example, at the moment, it's still impossible to delete or edit some entities on the website, such as forum posts, so it goes to the basic category. The other example would be adding a bunch of minor features, such as comment likes, "hot" and "pinned" forum topics and etc.  The other category is about implementing more unique and interesting features, such as user guilds or video debates or some other debate formats or whatever else would be interesting for the community. 

Also it's worth pointing out that this website is not backed by any company and we don't have thousands of dollars of investments raised. Frankly, we don't have any money except for our own. At the moment, we have 2.5 developers working on it in their free time. Even though it means a bit slower development process, at the same time it gives us ultimate freedom to go any way we want. We don't need to satisfy anyone outside of our community.

So, if you want to help us turn this website into something you've always wanted for a debate platform, welcome on board :)

Pinned forum topics have been implemented.
Implemented a way to edit and "like" debate comments. Needs some testing on this part.
If I may suggest, merge fringe forum topics into larger ones for greater exposure and participation. Cars for example would make more sense under miscellaneous. I doubt there would be sufficient activity in such sub-forums to justify their individual existence.
--> @Smithereens
Thanks for the feedback!

I just wanted to make sure I understood you correctly, so you think it would make sense to just remove some too specific categories, like cars, tv, fashion and so on and maybe add some "wider" categories? So the topics on those subjects would go to the "miscellaneous" or some other wide category? If so, then yeah, it could be done :) But we need to do some thinking here and decide how to go about it. 

Enlarged the private chat input field, now it should be a bit more convenient to write larger messages.
Sometimes it's possible to get a response from the website saying that there is no connection to the server. If you see this message, don't be afraid, it just means that new stuff is being deployed. It never takes more than a couple of minutes of down time.
Not sure if this is the right place but can you add Pagan to your list of religions. Seems odd to have been left out. 
--> @Polytheist-Witch
Don't leave PW out!
Can DebateArt support multiple person PMs?
--> @Smithereens
Cars for example would make more sense under miscellaneous. 
And fashion.

And please add Fascism as a political ideology
--> @Polytheist-Witch
Thanks, will do with the next deploy!
--> @Earth
Yes, I have forseen that it would be handy so on the backend side it's all there but I'd need to come up with the design for that, which is the most painful thing for me
Thank you. 
Sweet. Can't wait to see it.
Can yoy also add more political ideologies? Including fascism
--> @triangle.128k
Oh sorry, I missed your previous message. Yeah, sure, but should we maybe change it to dictatorship, to make it a bit more general? And what other ideologies would you like to add?

My main suggestions would be some sort of bot protection, and group PM's. 

The group PM's because without, Mafia would be rather difficult 🤔

--> @Buddamoose
Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Bot protection is rather easy, captchas should do just fine. I will play with them a bit later, my concern is that they may be a pain the ass for the normal users.

Regarding the group PMs, as I mentioned above, that's already implemented in the code, I just need to come up with the design for it :)
--> @Buddamoose
Maybe you have to debate to be able to post on the forums.
--> @Buddamoose, @Earth
Nope, that's not a requirement.

Was there a problem publishing a post?
No, I am just thinking of ways to make sure the forums can't get spammed. I suppose Captachas are an option.
--> @Earth
Yeah, hopefully, I believe Google has this invisible captcha concept where you don't even have to click on that box to prove you are not a robot. That's the one I want to play with.
Have you thought about shadowbans?