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At the moment, the website implements only the core functionality which is extremely limited and "naive". But it doesn't mean that it's going to stay that way. Our main goal is to develop a platform that'd be interesting for as many people as possible and for that to happen, we need your help.

So, what's the plan? Well, we split the development work into 2 categories, "basic" and "requested". The basic one is implementing the most obvious and needed features. For example, at the moment, it's still impossible to delete or edit some entities on the website, such as forum posts, so it goes to the basic category. The other example would be adding a bunch of minor features, such as comment likes, "hot" and "pinned" forum topics and etc.  The other category is about implementing more unique and interesting features, such as user guilds or video debates or some other debate formats or whatever else would be interesting for the community. 

Also it's worth pointing out that this website is not backed by any company and we don't have thousands of dollars of investments raised. Frankly, we don't have any money except for our own. At the moment, we have 2.5 developers working on it in their free time. Even though it means a bit slower development process, at the same time it gives us ultimate freedom to go any way we want. We don't need to satisfy anyone outside of our community.

So, if you want to help us turn this website into something you've always wanted for a debate platform, welcome on board :)

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Hi folks,

As you might have noticed, I am barely available these days due to some challenges in life and I figured that it's probably time to move the ownership of the website to somebody else, that is, to try to sell it or donate it. I still need to do some research on how difficult it's going to be to transfer everything, because frankly I've never done anything like that, but that shouldn't take too much time. Anyway, if anyone is interested, please DM me.

When it comes to the tech stack:

It's almost a fully server rendered site implemented with Elixir/Phoenix. For those familiar with Ruby or Python, it shouldn't be too hard to grasp.
The front-end is mostly jQuery, coz for such a simple interface, it made no sense to bring up heavy artillery like React. Although the chat is implemented with VueJS, due to its highly interactive nature. I can provide more details in DM if interested.

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Mods have fielded a couple of complaints tonight requesting action regarding this particular forum post:

06.02.2023 12:12PM
No. Bible commands the death of gays.

  • You may not threaten or promote violence against any person or persons, barring hyperbole against public figures (e.g., “all politicians should be shot”). Advocacy in favor of terrorism and/or violent extremism, especially as related to hate groups as generally defined by the SPLC, is likewise prohibited.
  • You may not promote or encourage suicide or self harm.
  • You may not engage in or promote criminal activity.
  • You may not engage in or promote the sexual exploitation of minors.
The complaints assume that BK's logic here runs something like: 

P1: All faithful Christians must obey the Bible
P2: The Bible command the death of gays
C1: Therefore, faithful Christians must murder gay people

Certainly, advocacy for murdering gay people in Christ's name does seem like one legitimate interpretation of BK's comment but its also non-specific and probably hyperbolic.  I don't think any regular readers of this site would mistake BK for a sincere or dedicated Christian.  On the other hand, if BK hauls an AK down to his local pride parade tomorrow, authorities could legitimately fault us for ignoring this warning sign.

I'd like to hear from my fellow DARTers regarding the actionability of comments like this. 

  • How many DARTers think a comment like this is actionable based on present CoC or should be actionable based on an improved Code of Conduct?
  • If actionable, what course of action would you recommend?  Warning?  Ban?  Police notification?  etc.

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  1. Barney - If you read through any of the debates, particularly the Progressive ones, they provide a lot of insight for how to dismantle one-sided resolutions. Through his Debate Manual Guide and the Kritik doc, Barney ultimately defined the criteria for what a debate is. Without these standards, a lot of debates might be a clusterfuck of text without the proper styling or format. 
  2. whiteflame - Whiteflame’s help with Tournaments and voting, as well as moderating impartially despite not being paid makes him one of the top contributors, right up there with Barney. 
  3. PREZ-Hilton - Despite joking about letting the site burn, Wylted’s actually been very consistent with staying active, providing site updates, and respecting the system of Democracy. (Encouraging people to vote between the Old CoC and the new one.)
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I like the update, reminds me of forums and threads i made. it serves to remind me who the ignorant are (lots) and who is open minded. (hint: less than 8 people)

what are yalls thoughts on it?
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I am recently new to debate. I am learning terms and concepts that were previously unknown to me such as, Kritik. So far, this site has been incredibly enjoyable. 
Maybe it's because debating is the only forum to help break down issues of the day to have a reasonable discussion. Maybe it's because whether you are pro or con, the discussion is genuine. 
Maybe, the reason why I'm enjoying the site so much is because resolution is possible. 

White house think tanks won't be able to solve homelessness. Places like this can, and will. 

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One thing that was so great about DDO for many years, though not toward the end, was that there were a crapton of active accounts and these accounts debated issues from all over the interests map. Science, religion, politics, public policy, philosophy, cars, etc.

This website seems to have, like, 12 or 14 active members on it, maybe slightly more, at any one given period of time. And most of the debates are the result of extreme echo chambers or forfeits and defaults, rather than engaging debates that merit voting.

This website is also seems to be prone to having new accounts of people who log in once and then never log in again, or stop after 2 or 3 days total.

So I propose that we all share the forum posts, debates, and more on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Like, make engaging posts on those platforms that make others check out the website and then some will explore it and want to make new accounts.

This way, even if the accounts are temporary, there will always be a new onslaught of them, and, over time, it will raise the total amount of active accounts and create a much bigger active userbase.
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Hello friends, I have a few updates and an important announcement.

MEEP Results

It took a while, but the MEEP results have been tallied and implemented (the help center now reflects this: All motions passed, and while I understand some of you disagreed with them strongly, I believe you will come to appreciate them in the future. 

Where have I been?

I've been gone for a while... I apologize profusely to anyone who has been trying to reach me for the past three or four weeks, as I probably haven't answered. So where have I been?

Frankly, absolutely drowning in real life responsibilities.

Just so you all can get a feel for what I'm dealing with here, here's a rough outline of my schedule recently:
  • Sundays - Get up, go to church, come back, eat, crunch homework, go to small group, get back, recover mentally, go to bed
  • Mondays: Get up, go to class, crunch homework, more class, go home, eat, recover mentally, maybe go on a flight lesson, crunch more homework, go to bed
  • Tuesdays: Get up, go to class, crunch homework, more class, go home, eat, go to work, get home and go to bed
  • Wednesdays: Get up, go to class, crunch homework, more class, go home, eat, go to my weekly Men's Leadership Training class (it's a two year class), get home, go to bed
  • Thursdays: Get up, go to class, crunch homework, more class, go home, eat, recover mentally, maybe go on a flight lesson, crunch more homework, go to bed
  • Fridays - Saturdays: Get up, do whatever I have neglected over the week (usually that's a lot), eat, go to work, get back, go to bed
Then I rinse and repeat the whole cycle... And again, this is rough so things can either be a lot worse than this or a bit better depending on the circumstances.

Point is, by the end of each day I can't so much as rub two braincells together, and I have so little free time that DebateArt has taken the backseat recently in favor of "more important" things (In fact, I'm writing this now when I probably should be studying for an exam tomorrow).

What's worse, is it doesn't look like this is going to get any better anytime soon. To be honest, none of these things I'm doing are things I'm able to (or want to) back out of. And these are all going to be long-term weights on my schedule. 

So... what?

I guess all of this is to say... I need to step down, for my own sake and for the sake of the site. And I will being doing so shortly. 

It's a decision I've had a tough time making. When I commit to something I try my hardest to see it through, and I wanted to lead the site into a new chapter. Plus, the last thing I want to do is make us administration-hop.

But, to be fully transparent with you all, I don't have enough time to dedicate to the site anymore to justify my position. And ultimately, I'm doing the site a disservice because of that. An AWOL chief mod is just not healthy for the site long-term. More than that, I need to protect my mental health somewhat, which has been suffering a bit.

What's next? 

I will be tying up loose ends and handing the reigns to Whiteflame by tomorrow, who has agreed to take my place. I know he will be amazing in the role, and I'm fully confident in him. Ideally, I'll be able to find a good work-life balance eventually... I'd like to be able to return to the site at some point. In fact, I'll probably pop in every now and again, just at a much lower frequency. 

I'm quite optimistic about this site's future. And while I may not be a huge part of that future, I'm glad I had the time with you all that I did. It really meant a lot to me to have online friends to talk to and a platform to hone my skills as a debater and leader. I do intend on returning at some point, but in all honesty, that may very well be years from now or for limited bursts every once in a while. For better or for worse I'm entering a new chapter in life...

So, farewell I guess. 

Chief Moderator

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As the title says.

First off, this website is the true successor to Debate(.)Org. I don't know how many of you remember that fantastic website, but it was a debator's paradise. It recently closed down due to reasons I don't know. But the website devolved into internet trollery around 2016 or so after many years of hosting rational debate. So when I found this website I was glad someone picked up the proverbial torch.

That being said. . .

The website is really buggy on mobile phones and lacking some features available to desktop users. Also, depending on the browser, you can be halfway through posting an argument, open a new tab to obtain your source, and come back and the page reloads, forcing you to start over. I write my arguments in the text box to prevent formatting issues that some run into when copy-pasting from word processors.

It is also frustrating to log in on a mobile device and have to press the menu button because the homepage is the landing page for enticing the general public to join. And a portion of the links from the menu button are not optimized for mobile.

These usability issues would be solved with a standalone app.
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I see a lot of debates with only a few votes. For those qualified to vote, should voting on debates be a requirement before they can participate in one? I'd def vote more if it guaranteed more votes on my debates. The alternative is people agreeing to vote on each other's debates, which seems like it could introduce bias.
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Here's mine.  First, the order of categories is not static but whatever category was posted to last is top and second to last is posted second, etc. so that the most active categories are at the top- creating a sense of dynamic tension, a competition for top spot.

Then, my categories would be:
Original work
Favorite works of others
Current Events- political
Current Events- non-political
other Forum Games
Conspiracy Theories
The Internet
Liquor and/or Sports

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I'm not sure what is allowed or how much I'm supposed to say in these nominations, but I'd like to nominate 3RU7AL for DebateArt President. I've spoken with and informed 3RU7AL of my intentions to throw his hat in this race. And to be frank, I normally wouldn't get involved in these sort of procedures as it relates to site management, but I sincerely couldn't imagine a better candidate for the job. 3RU7AL has actively tried to make this forum a better place whether it be his suggestions on the modification of voting rules, his suggestions on Civil Debates, but most prominently the example he sets through his own decorum, which have not only garnered my respect but that of many others. Not to mention, 3RU7AL has experience with site administration. 3RU7AL would be the only candidate (currently?) whose intentions with the office wouldn't be a residual of an effort to "seek authority" after failed attempts, or an expression of some nihilistic fervor to watch the site's rules burn. 3RU7AL in his time here has unfailingly shown respect not only to this site's moderation staff, but also to this site's members. And even when there's a disagreement with some of the measures taken by the moderation, 3RU7AL seeks an open forum to discuss them, not just poo-pooing on their authority. If the DebateArt Presidency is meant to be a serious position, then DebateArt could do no better than 3RU7AL.
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Hello all! I'm thrilled to serve as the new chief moderator for DART!
Now, for a few announcements:

1. In an effort to make the system on DART more clearly reflect who is actually a mod and who isn't, I have spoken to all users that retain admin access in order to ascertain whether they would like to continue serving in an official capacity as mods or retire and relinquish their admin access. I have finished this process, and so I'd like to take this opportunity to announce the finalized mod team lineup under the new administration:

MisterChris, chief moderator
SupaDudz, deputy moderator

Speedrace, forum moderator

Whiteflame, vote moderator
Blamonkey, vote moderator

Ragnar, assistant moderator
David, assistant moderator

Deadfire27, discord moderator

Note the role "Assistant Moderator." This is a role I have created to take advantage of Ragnar and David's experience while accommodating their limited time. As the name suggests, the primary function of an Assistant Moderator is to help wherever it is most required. As such, this role will have the authority to handle forum posts, debate votes, and debate comments, but will likely not act unless the rest of the mod team is overwhelmed or inactive.

2. With this new transition is coming many exciting changes that I will hint at here, but will be proposed more fully in a MEEP down the line.
  • In an effort to promote consistent, fair and even-handed moderating practices across the board, the Standardized Policy Enforcement System (SPES for short) I am working on will completely overhaul and systematize banning practices by laying out specific ban times for specific offenses. Moderators will be required to uphold these standards across the board, except in certain freak scenarios that I shall specify.
  • Various updates to the information center
  • A more formal system & framework surrounding the idea of a DART President. The role would most likely serve as an elected advisor to the mod team and may have limited powers. (This idea is in its infant stages)
3. In keeping with tradition, the new mod team will adopt a "near blank slate" approach in dealing with the offenses of long-time users. 
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I'm curious to hear which debates required you all to do the most research, the most thinking, revision, etc... Please feel free to upload a link to the debate if you can and if you'd like!

For me, the debate I put the most effort into was a prepared resolution for two different rounds of a debate tournament. It was something like "THBT The Chinese System is Better Equipped to Face the Challenges of the Future Than the American System", and a few weeks to prepare arguments for pro and con. So naturally, I made 35 pages worth of research and arguments, researched statistics, read articles, made my own datasets, wrote out a more in depth opinion on individualism and collectivism than I have ever read in my entire life, and it paid off.

Me and my debate partner would've went to the provincials from that tournament, but we got screwed over by a judge in the 3rd round (there were only 4 rounds) and he absolutely tanked our score. I'm still proud of how much effort I put into it, though!
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I have created a google doc for iconic DART quotes. Submit them in here and I will add them

please link the post as well
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I have a question: when I am on a user's profile, the top header looks different than if I go to the forum or the debates. Why does this happen?

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In short, for about a week, there will be a few questions open for the community to vote on. 
Voting for this poll will be closed at 12 AM PT (UTC -7) on June 19, 2020.
Even though this is a non-binding un-official MEEP, it is sanctioned by the mods and the results could influence moderation policies and the implementation of future site features.

About MEEP:
As seen in the moderation overview

The Questions:
Below is an enumerated list of the content to be voted on. A brief explanation of each question is included as well.

1. Do you agree or disagree with the removal of the following clause in the new COC (the full document can be found here):

Subsection B1: The Chief and Deputy Moderators and Site Owner
  1. Conduct violations against the Chief Moderator, Deputy Moderator, and the Site Owner will not be enforced, barring certain exceptions
  2. Exceptions to PA.A1.SB.SbB1.PI are limited to:
    1. Plausible, repeated, or serious threats
    2. Hacking or attempted hacking
    3. Staff Impersonation
    4. Doxxing or attempted doxxing
    5. Life- or health-threatening cyberbullying
    6. Violating the privacy of PMs not related to issues of moderation
  • "Yes" indicates agreement with the removal of the above clause in the new COC.
  • "No" indicates disagreement with the removal of the above clause in the new COC.
2.  Are you for or against mods being allowed to vote in future MEEPs? Note that there are more than two options for this question:
  • "Yes1" indicates a preference for banning all moderators from voting on referendums.
  • "Yes2" indicates a preference for banning the chief and deputy moderators from voting on referendums.
  • "Yes3" indicates a preference for limiting the chief and deputy from voting, save for breaking stalemates.
  • "No" indicates opposition to this refinement.
3. Are you for or against votes being reported on (and possibly removed) after the voting period is finished? Note that there are more than two options for this question:
  • "Yes1" indicates a preference for votes being reported on (and possibly removed) regardless of whether or not the ratings are changed.
  • "Yes2" indicates a preference for votes being reported on (and possibly removed) only if ratings will be changed to reflect vote changes.
  • "No" indicates opposition to this refinement.
4. Are you for or against the implementation of a polling section in DART? 
  • "Yes" indicates a preference for the implementation of a polling section in DART.
  • "No" indicates opposition to the implementation of a polling section in DART.
5. Are you for or against the implementation of advertisements on DART? Note that there are more than two options for this question:
  • "Yes1" indicates a preference for the implementation of pop-up ads, video ads, static banners, and text ads (text ads are like with sponsored links on Google).
  • "Yes2" indicates a preference for the implementation of video ads, static banners, and text ads.
  • "Yes3" indicates a preference for the implementation of static banners and text ads.
  • "Yes4" indicates a preference for the implementation of text ads only.
  • "No" indicates opposition to the implementation of advertisements on DART.
This poll will use the same voting system as the previous MEEP.

A vote could look like this:
  1. Yes, 
  2. Yes1, (the 1 signifying a preference for variant 1)
  3. Yes.
Like this (the missing 2, counts it as abstaining that question):
1. No, each change should be an individual question
3. Yes, we shouldn't even have voting rules.

Or even like this (a vote against 3, but abstaining from the others):
Wrong direction for voting, so no.

75 17

I'm planning to make an un-official MEEP/opinion poll to gather the community's stance on various questions that I have thought of and/or seen floating around in the forums. I am hoping that it will be posted sometime next week.

Even though this is a non-binding un-official MEEP, it is sanctioned by the mods and the results could influence moderation policies and the implementation of future site features.

In this thread, I will be previewing some of the questions to be voted on and discussed, as well as inviting all of you to suggest additional questions and refinements. Please note that there is no guarantee of any of the community-raised questions making it in.

Below are questions s I already intend to include:
1. Do you agree or disagree with the following clause in the new COC:
Removal of the harassing the moderators is ok rule (don’t worry, we’ll still have thick skin).
2. Are you for or against mods being allowed to vote in future MEEPs? Note that there are multiple options for this question:
  • "Yes1" indicates a preference for banning all moderators from voting on referendums.
  • "Yes2" indicates a preference for banning the chief and deputy moderators from voting on referendums.
  • "Yes3" indicates a preference for limiting the chief and deputy from voting, save for breaking stalemates.
  • "No" indicates opposition to this refinement.
3. Are you for or against votes being reported on (and possibly removed) after the voting period is finished?
4. Are you for or against the implementation of a DDO-esque polling section in DART?

Again, feel free to make any suggestions!
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Why is Taiwan called, Taiwan, Province of China in the options for countries? I get that people might not think it's a country. But, its grammatically incorrect!
If the Province of China is supposed to go first, it would be called Province of China Taiwan. That doesn't make any sense!
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While I am working on the debates listing page, I am wondering if maybe somebody has some ideas or suggestions what you would like to see there?
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Hi guys, so I have released a new sign up page that is supposed to look good both on desktops and mobiles, so I'd really appreciate if you could take a look at it from your device and see if everything is okay because I could test it only on so many devices :/ And of course, let me know what you think :) In the meantime, I will quickly replace the other authentication related pages.
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Would anyone ever be interested in potentially doing a podcast about DART?

This would be open to anyone too that cares to comment
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Came from DDO, and left because that there is no moderation, no voters, little experienced players, and too much politics. Programming-wise, I believe Dart has to learn something from DDO.

These includes:
1. Save arguments. C'mon, I can't research the longest arguments in one sitting.
2. Opinions/Polls should be added, but chiefly for the moderators to know how the users should do. Only people with voting privileges can create polls and opinions and any offensive/spam answers/questions shall be removed by Virtuoso or Ragnar. 
3. Voting leaderboard. All spam and offensive votes are not to count. 
4. Judges leaderboard. All span and offensive votes are not to count.
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I'm getting tired of debate topics not matching the title of the debate. 
As an example, 
The title is "It is Impossible to Ban Experimenting on/of Animals"
but the claim by the Instigator is that "animal experimentation is essential to progress as a society."
these to sentences do not have the same meeting, and it is really annoying for the title to say one thing, and then have the opponent try to debate a different thing entirely.
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Hi folks, just wanted to let you know that I've been burnout in the last months so the progress basically stopped but I am gonna try to get back on track with DART. Anyway, my current idea is to start drastically changing the parts of the website to make it more modern and interesting, it's time to leave DDO's shadow and move forward. I will try to make the website more modern*** and accessible for text readers and mobile devices, and what's more important, replace the core functionality with something more advanced and entertaining, which is something I will need your help with :)

I already have some drafts of the new design so you can check it out here: 

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What threads have been significant to Dart history, which have not been included in the archives? I would like to collect these threads, and put them in one post and petition the site moderation to do the right thing, because the archives appear to be lacking, and I'm sure Dart has a richer history than the archives would have you believe if that was all you were going on.
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I looked at my profile, and noticed that below the medals were these green coins. I have no idea what they are for, or what they do. Does anyone here know? Thanks!

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Greetings, everybody!

We are in the process of making revisions to the COC. Most of the text is the same, but there are still some significant differences. The proposed changes can be found here:

What's New

The text has been reorganized so that the moderation structure is first, then the voting policy, and finally the conduct policy. 

The moderation structure text has been changed from "Mod decisions are final and not subject to appeal" to " If you are banned and wish to appeal a ban, you can email the moderation team at [email protected]." 

The restraining order section added, " Additionally, a user may request that an RO be placed between them and another member." 

Added the following new rules:

B. The Golden Rule

Treat others as they wish to be treated: If someone makes a reasonable request to you, please comply. In other words, don’t be a dick.

C. Authenticity

You may not:
  • Impersonate individuals, groups, or organizations in a manner intended to or likely to deceive others. Parody accounts are acceptable as long as they: are clear that they are a parody and not a parody of other Site users;
  • Violate other intellectual property rights;
  • Plagiarize content and pass it off as your own; and/or
  • Impersonate the staff or the moderation team.

D. Violence and Criminal Behavior

You may not:

  • Threaten or promote violence against an individual or group of individuals to include terrorism or violent extremism; or
  • Engage in or promote criminal activity;
DebateArt is not responsible or liable for any users that may violate national, international, or local laws. It is your responsibility to know the laws that pertain to you and act lawfully at all times.

Added a link to the privacy policy

and finally added a "harassment policy."

J. Harassment

You may not:

  • Harass other members;
  • Stalk other members;
  • Encourage harassment; and
  • Post harassing or hateful images in your profile photo.
If a member politely requests that you leave them alone, do so. Do not vote on their debates and do not follow them around the site.

Is there anything else we should add or take away? 
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 It would be interesting to have -as many forums do- a count of the amount of views a topic gets. 
46 7
I'm assuming so. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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Welcome to!

This thread has organized various useful resources geared particularly for members who are new to the community. To get the most out of your (DART) experience, please familiarize yourself with this information.

I. Index

  • Site Administration     .     .     .     .     .     .     Post 1
  • Frequently Asked Questions  .     .     .     .     Post 1
  • Site Jargon     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     Post 2
  • Debate Jargon      .     .     .     .     .     .     .     Post 2
  • Debating   .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     Post 3
  • Mafia   .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     Post 3
  • Voter Resources   .     .     .     .     .     .     .     Post 4
  • Moderation and Site Information   .     .     .     Post 4
  • Conclusion      .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     Post 5

II. Site Administration

You might be wondering who to contact if you have questions or concerns. Below I've written the names of the site's administrative team, as well as the names of the moderators for the site's official Discord. They are good points of contact for you in every respect, and if there is something you need, do not hesitate to reach out to them., site owner and administrator

Whiteflame, chief moderator
Vader, deputy moderator

Ragnar, assistant moderator
David, assistant moderator

Speedrace, forum moderator

Deadfire27, discord moderator

III. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there rules for site conduct?
A: Yes. Treating all users with respect is important for a site premised on rational disagreement. For a complete list of voting policies, see the site Rules and Code of Conduct.

Q: How do I report misconduct?
A: If you want to report a post, debate comment, or debate click the flag icon which corresponds to the item you wish to report. If you want to report something else, if the matter is urgent, or if you're uncertain, message a moderator privately and directly with your concerns. Moderation will address the situation as soon as they can.

Q: Are there rules for voting on the site?
A: Yes. Fair voting is important for a site premised on debate. For a complete list of voting policies, see the site Rules and Code of Conduct.

Q: How do I report a bad vote?
A: Click the flag icon in the upper right hand corner of the vote. Moderation will review the report as soon as they can.

Q: What happens when I report something?
A: Moderation examines the report, assess what, if any action should be taken, and takes that action. You are not necessarily told what the outcome of the report was, nor do you have any right to such information.

Q: Can I appeal a moderator's decision?
A: That depends. You can ask a moderator to reconsider their decision, and you can appeal the decisions of the Deputy and Assistant Moderators to the Chief Moderator, but the Chief Moderator's rulings are not subject to appeal.

Q: Can I have multiple accounts?
A: No. You may not have multiple accounts, nor may you have access to more than one account.

Q: How does one become a site moderator?
A: One may become a moderator if appointed to the position by the site owner or the chief moderator.

Q: How do I have my post deleted?
A: You may have your post deleted by contacting a moderator directly to request that your post be deleted.

Q: Can I change my username?
A: No, unless your username itself violates site policy, in which case you will have to change your username to be in accordance with site policy.

Q: What is a MEEP?
A: A MEEP (Moderation Engagement and Enactment Processes) is a process by which the users can vote on proposals submitted to them by moderation. It is a kind of referendum, where users can help guide site policy through democratic consensus and deliberation.

Q: Does DART moderation have power over DART's discord?
A: There is a moderation team on DART's official Discord which is primarily responsible for ensuring that the rules of that site are enforced. While DART's moderation team does not operate on Discord, we do have the authority to punish users here for misconduct they engaged in on DART's official Discord. A user who engages in misconduct on the Discord can therefore be punished by the moderators there and by the moderators here for the same action, depending on its severity.

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