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In schools required reading, have there been any books or stories, that stand out in your memory, if so, why?

"Night," by Elie Wiesel. Required reading in my freshman year of high school. I guess they just wanted to destroy our innocence right away, heh.

I suppose it's no secret why it stands out in my memory: scene after scene, it's a window into the darkest abysses of humanity and the human experience -- despair and desperation, horror and numbness, dread and shame and pain and terror. And of course, lost faith and spiritual desolation.

There are so many chilling scenes that incised themselves into my memory that it's hard to pick just one for illustration. The scene where Elie witnesses a son kill his father for a crust of bread? The scene where he sees babies being dumped into a fire pit? The scene where Elie and his own father are marching toward selection -- where new prisoners are either sent to work or to the crematorium -- and Elie is contemplating killing himself first by running into the electric fence, because that might be quicker than burning to death? Beside him is father is desperately murmuring a prayer to God -- and Elie feels a powerful wave of anger that his father is clinging to his faith when for Elie, God was dead. And yet, as they get closer and his fear mounts, Elie too starts murmuring in prayer.

Or perhaps another scene where Elie is lying in the infirmary next to an older Jewish prisoner, a dead-faced man. Together they hear cannons in the distance -- possibly a sign that the Soviets are coming to liberate the camp. "Don't believe it," the dead-faced man says. "Hitler has sworn to annihilate the Jewish people before the clock strikes twelve." Elie screams, "Why would you listen to him?! Is he our prophet now?!" The dead-faced man says wearily, "I have more faith in Hitler than in anyone. He alone has kept his promises, all his promises, to the Jewish people." I was like fourteen when I read all this. It broke my heart.

Are there any channels, people, or subjects on YouTube, you've enjoyed in the past or present, if so why?

Any of the Crash Course series. Crash Course World History, Crash Course Physics, Crash Course Philosophy. They're a great way to learn, and they make it entertaining and easy. Well... the Crash Course Special Relativity video wasn't exactly easy. But it's hard to make Special Relativity easy to learn.

Out of all Christians, what is the best type?

The kind who are actually Christ-like.

wheres ur profile pic from?

The Simpsons, episode "Summer of 4 Ft. 2."

How long is Wylted banned for, and why was he banned?

He was only banned a week. He'll be back soon.

He was banned for things he did here:

I would have considered this debate fine if he hadn't personally attacked his opponent with racial slurs. You're allowed to attack groups or classes of people in a debate, so long as it isn't targeted at a user.