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What are your thoughts on Ad Astra and/or 1917

Ad Astra has some problems in execution, but it has a lovely ambient atmosphere and the third act is damn near perfect. There's also a lot you can read into it, as far as morals of the story go. When I first saw it, I thought it was pretty simple: only your fellow humans can bring meaning to our existence in this universe. The void can't give you meaning. On subsequent watches, I'm actually wondering whether it's an anti-space movie. Anti-space in the sense that there is nothing positive depicted about space exploration, and at the end, the protagonist finds fulfillment by returning to Earth to engage with humanity. So, I don't know! Also, apparently there's a reading of the movie where it's about man's relationship with God.

1917 was good, although not as good as I some people gave it credit for, IMO. I liked it quite a bit the first time I watched it and was fairly bored the second time. The first time I watched it I think I was continually impressed and engaged with the one-shot. I was always wondering how they were going to keep the single shot going in whatever circumstance they were in. Also, I feared for the main character's safety. But all that suspense was gone on the second watch-through. Since there's little-to-no character to support the plot, it was a bit boring.

Thanks for asking!

How does it feel to have defeated the #2 debater and former King of the Hill?

It's nice, but I'm not overly thrilled about it. Looking over the 4 votes, it seems people were not too impressed with my arguments. More than anything, I won because Ramshutu forfeited R3 and violated debate structure. In my book, that makes for a less-than-genuine victory.

Since you aren't sure that God exists but also aren't certain that it doesn't, wouldn't it be more accurate to call yourself an agnostic rather than an atheist?

To my understanding, atheism and agnosticism are essentially the same idea with differing areas of emphasis. Atheism emphasizes the unreliability of god beliefs, while agnosticism emphasizes uncertainty about god.

I can identity with elements of both. I have yet to hear a reliable basis for holding a god belief. At the same time, an invisible metaphysical entity cannot be measured by tools of scientific observation, so how can it be technically disproven? Therein lies my uncertainty.

But since you can be uncertain about any hypothetical invisible entity that cannot be empirically observed, no matter how ridiculous, I tend to gravitate more toward the atheist label. In the end, atheism is a lack of belief in god due to insufficient evidence. I lack belief in god, due to insufficient evidence.

How do you get a girlfriend?

Sorry pal, I don't think I'm an expert on this. My girlfriend had to ask me out cuz I was too shy. I could try to answer your question but I can't think of anything that I imagine you would find useful.

You can also change it like TheRealNihilist did by asking Mr.

I appreciate that, but I like my username as it is.

You can request to make a new acct and close this one

Thanks for sharing this. Although I don't feel like keeping up the impersonation anymore, I am happy with my username and profile pic.

Do you believe impersonating a celebrity can damage their reputation, based on what you do under their identity?

Obviously, yes. It also matters who sees and believes the impersonation.