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Have you ever crafted a material object, (Arts and Crafts kind of question) If so, have you any thoughts on said action/object/s?

I have. However, most of these were elementary school projects where I was confined to specific styles depending on what painter we were learning about. For example, if we were learning about Seurat, we would be tasked with creating a painting using pointillism. I suppose it's quite necessary for an art class to teach specific styles like that. Regardless, I never found too much interest in creating tangible works of art, although it may be fun from time to time.

Required reading in school, have there been any books or stories that stand out in your memory, if so, why?

Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak was a good story

What weapon would you carry during the Zombie Apocalypse?

Katana. They’re not very stabby stabby, but they are slicey slicey.

Finally someone that appreciates a Culvers burger


Shut up. Do you know what Assad did to his people? Do you know a chemical attack feels? Do you KNOW WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK YOU ARE DEFENDING?!

I never said I support the withdrawal. In fact, I don’t. All I’m saying is that both sides can be equally warmongering at times.

You're a Republican, they are the more warmongering, less open to negotiating type of party aren't they?

To me, it really depends on the foreign country in question. For example, when Obama pulled the Us out of Afghanistan, it drew a lot of criticism from Republicans. When Trump pulled us out of Syria, it drew heavy criticism from Democrats. I believe this stems from different opinions on which conflicts are worth fighting.

Does being happy and peaceful matter a lot to you?

Yes. I believe that to be successful, one must find a field that makes them financially stable and happy.

You're life's priority is listed under "Other." What is it then?

I don’t know what field I want to go into. There are three options for me. A businessman, a politician, or an entomologist.

Does your profile pic refer to you avoiding opinions, actively seeking balance or happening to end up balanced?

Neither. The scale is often a symbol of liberty and justice, especially in courtrooms. To me, liberty and justice are the values of an idyllic America.