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capitalism or socialism?

Somewhere in between.

Capitalism only optimized for short term profit; regulation and social policy is needed to optimize for long term success and wellbeing of the country. That doesn’t require the people to own the means of production, but definitely requires constraints on capitalism itself.

Why is your profile a glass of water?

I don’t remember - I think someone said that they were on fire or, or had a profile pic that had a bunch of flames in it, and it was a subtle nod at my superiority. Like RM having a picture of 50cent, then me having a picture of a dollar coin. Also Hi RM, in case he’s reading this

Do you think stories are more grandiose then they actually were?

Which stories? Myths: yes. Religious Myths: definitely.

What is your long-term goal on this site?

To Win Bsh1’s heart.

Wondering, why did you delete my vote?

The vote was found to be against the code of conduct voting rules: the reasons are given in the comment here:


What's your main goal in life?

I plan to live forever, or die trying.

What does your nickname mean?

Ramshu was an auto generated character name I used in EverQuest in 1999/2000. I created a second account later called Ramshutu and have been using that ever since.