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Which faction in FNV do you side with?

NCR. They have problems like really slow to enact change and corruption but others have more problematic flaws.

I'll say the problems with the other factions:

The House: Has an ego. Literally like Caesar but with robots. If it didn't have an ego it would be the best. The an example of a problem might occur is that when negotiating the best way to resolve an issue you would have to lose something lets say a casino of his. I don't think he will do that instead kill people who oppose him.

The Legion: Basically the Roman Empire. Barbaric and wouldn't really create a functional society. Caesar was literally the icon of the movement without him they are aimless and are just unpaid mercenaries that have a thing for the Romans. I guess this sorta represents Religion but with the current representations the idol cannot die but it still comes through with the same problems, without a movement to uplift the idols they cease to be relevant.

Great Khans: I guess drugs and tribal stuff? Don't see how they have help the Mojave.

Followers of the Apocalypse: Weak. All they do is try to help without understanding they are useless against foreign threats like the Legion.

Brotherhood: Strong but useless. Held behind by their Bible. If they let it go then maybe with their power armor they can actually bring people together instead wander in a bunker waiting to find another mega weapon they have to steal.

Powder Gangers: They blow shit up. That is really it.

Anarchy: There is going to be rules but just without a form of governance or dictatorship. Even though the route abolishes all the most popular groups it still doesn't prevent other groups to take their place plus since there isn't any unified rule your neighbor can literally kill you in your sleep. Can do that with governance but it is more likely that person will face negatives to their life.

If you had two hours left on earth what would you do?

Guess carry on with what I would normally do. If I need to eat, I'll eat. If I need to sleep, I guess I can pass upon on it to reminisce about somethings.

I see it as if you have a different answer than what you normally do then you really don't have what makes you happy in check.

Personally what I would like to happen would take much longer than 2 hours so I wouldn't even bother to attempt what I would like to do before I die. I guess a better question would've been what would you like to do before you die.

I am just making sure that you know that I forfeit the first round and Con begins.

Yes. You gave me 2 weeks to give a response so there is no rush.

Do you believe in fate, or more so in a disorganised core of reality?

I guess fate since I am determinist. It is pretty weird people use it is fate that I will do x but then on another hand believe in free will.

I don't know what disorganised core of reality so I am guessing it is not planned occurences instead stuff happens randomly. I wouldn't accept that then I think I would to relinquish a core belief of mine which is cause and effect.

Do you believe in determinism?

Yes. I would have to accept it if I accept cause and effect. If libertarian free will did exist then whatever I did could be rewinded to potentially lead to a different result. That is not possible if you accept cause and effect unless you bring a God in it then it isn't libertarian free will. It is just free will supervised by God. I guess Quantum mechanics would be the best objection since I don't really take God stuff seriously. To that I see okay but that doesn't actually provide a point for free will. It just means stuff is random. It would be on the free willer to demonstrate how this randomness gives us free will. If they don't then he shouldn't have said anything until they can make a point for their side instead of being an ultimate skeptic or muddying the water.

What do you fear the most?

I don't know. It has been awhile since I was scared and when I do it is due to watching scary stuff a night so I guess I am scared of watching scary stuff at night.

What is your stance on AI?

I think it would be helpful. The more important question would be to who.

Who are you rooting for in the 2020 US election?

Joe, Pete or Elizabeth. The rent control stuff about Bernie is bad while also how much he likes socialism. Elizabeth I don't think is as kind to it as Bernie. I don't really despise socialism or something but when I hear people talk about socialism almost every single time they spread lies about capitalism to suit their agenda. I am all willing to state the problems of capitalism but not lie about it and what I think is what most their end goals which is communism. I don't despise communism I just think people lie about communist countries. Basically dislike lying.

Why did you unblock me?

You might message me and I wanted to see what you are going to say. Didn't know what specifically. Pretty much the same principle I have with any user on the site. I don't think I blocked anyone so it is okay.

Do you fear death? How about human extinction?

I think I fear not knowing how I will die and what is afterwards while also how painful it could be. I think that is why I find horror scary even though I understand most horror media is fake or is just few people doing bad that people thought it was worth making something about it.

My identity is not really fixated on being human so I wouldn't care about that specifically but would care about what I said earlier so not specifically about other people who I don't feel good about. To put it into perspective I would basically be a black person not really caring people saying the n-word. Now I know the n-word feels more bad than human extinction as of right now but I was comparing what I think would be the best way of stating how much I don't care about extinction of the human race.

There was one movie that scared me which was Event Horizon which is kinda similar but I was more scared about what it would do to me and the people I care about instead of the human race specifically.

I fear nor knowing how I would die and what would happen afterwards while how painful it could be. I don't fear human extinction.

Does it torture your mind that no objectivity can be achieved by a human being yet you are one seeking to be objective?

It is kinda annoying if I do think about but I have been accustomed to it like with most things. I don't think having this knowledge helps me out personally. Even though I think the knowledge has made me a better person I would still much rather remove it from my mind in the hopes I could live a happier life. Happiness is really the only goal I have but the knowledge ruins that. I think that is a problem with me because even if I had as much knowledge now without knowing objectivity can't be achieved I think my nature of being honest with myself would eventually get me there. To that I say at least it happened now but I think much much later down my life would've been easier to swallow given if I die of things that old people die from I would still have to live on with these unfortunate conclusions. The best thing I could do now is simply cut off the people who still act the way I did before but that is tough. Mainly because it is pretty much everyone I know in real life who doesn't know what I know while also Religious which I completely hate given what it has done to me and how little they helped me deal with things. There was another who realized it the same time but we don't speak anymore. They were more positive before and after it. I wasn't as positive before so I am guessing realizing it simply accepted what I felt.

Yes it does torture me. Not as much as before I think but still discomforting. I just play video games to keep my mind away from that stuff even though I eventually come back to it.

What is Nihilism to you?

I go with the generally accepted term that I hope it is generally accepted.

I guess the main one would be the rejection of all moral and religious principles and life is meaningless. I think this is pretty easy to argue given moral anti-realism (which is subscribe too) is an argument that isn't relying on a God for morals to be objective or life to be meaningful. I can accept morals are whatever we make it to be and life is what you personally feel to be correct without falsely attributing to a higher being you can't know it exists. I guess the most common definition I am referring to here would be a mix of moral nihilism and existential nihilism.

There are others types of nihilism which I will dabble into and say if I agree or disagree and why.

From what I gathered by typing this is that nihilism is basically a rejection. If I reject spiders existence then I am a spider nihilist.

Metaphysical nihilism: Basically no thing or object exists. I guess I would agree to this given I don't have an objective standard to make sure I am correct.

Epistemological nihilism: Basically no objectivity can be gathered through study of knowledge or belief. I would agree with this too with the same reason above.

Compositional nihilism: I think this is a meme but if it isn't then I don't understand it so no comment.

Political nihilism: I am guessing politics is meaningless. I am thinking this is also a meme because I have never heard anyone call themselves this. I guess I would agree given that morals are what politics is about.

Now you might by thinking well this contradicts what you say since you don't always speak like nothing matters or morals don't objectively exist. To that I say I personally just simply accept that concept and use other concepts without talking about it. Mainly because it would be pretty boring talking about this all the time and I think I can have worthwhile conversations without mentioning it. Even though I would be a nihilist I would adhere to the social progressive movement and I guess the liberal economic movement given the standard I use as in helping the most lives and what we can know leads to those conclusions.

Basically I don't think we have a standard to say morals or meaning objectively exists but I still go on accepting what I think is the best way to view the world. I think I still use objective as a word but if you ask me I would just say it is the best standard we have for a specific topic. For example science is objective because it is the best standard we have.

Who was your favorite president of the US and why?

I don't have one. Mainly because I would have to defend them conceding the bad things they have done. It is kind of short sighted because when we compare the past almost with every single metric we are doing better this year. If I was forced to pick it would be FDR but I won't be defending things that he did bad or didn't change due to the environment he was in.

Have u explained the why and how of your name change somewhere? If not, could you?

DA did it and I liked the name.

your new name is bad I miss omar :(

It is a name. It barely has any significance to me. I just thought it would be better. That is all.

Congratulations on top 5 silver challenger medal. Nice work!

Thanks. Congratulations on being the best.

What do you think is the role of the government?

Help people. This can be by making sure they are healthy with healthcare and making they are happy with necessary funds to do what they like. UBI or ways in which expendable money can be gained to be used on recreational activity. Of course I want both so simply reducing taxes wouldn't be the best I think.

Why did you change your name?

Gave the answer to DapperMack. Like it.

Why the name change?

I like it and someone else picked it for me and I thought why not.

What's your main goal in life?

Try and be happy. I guess. Not the best answer or the most grandiose but most people's goals in life can be summed up like that. I haven't really figured out the details to elaborate on it.