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What about Crazy Bob's craziness makes him your favourite?

he crazy

Do you like Crazy Bob?

yeh hes prolly my fav simpsons character

Why did you change your profile picture?

i like to change it alot

Well is your next poem out already? Like I came here after a long time so can you please tell me

naw man i been busy i might work on one this weekend i got a few ideas now

Where from did you get the idea of writing poems?

supadudz was great inspiration

i also figured poetry would be a great way to get into song writing

Do you identify as Socialist?

naw man only an optimist

Oh my god! They killed Kenny!


Why don't you debate, or are you just a forums guy?

i used to debate alot back in school but it got stale after awhile

i mostly stick to forums cuz their more fun for me

Why is your profile picture the parrot from Cyberchase

cuz hes played by gilbert gottfried

a legend

Oh really? Why do you like Nixon?

i always found him to be hilarious kinda like trump

on a more serious note i found the water gate scandal to be quite interesting especially considering how there is a section from the tapes that are lost media

and im a big fan of lost media and theories ;p

I don’t know much about you. Let me know: why should I accept your friend request?

cuz i like richard nixon too ;p

Where do you get your name?

i snuck outta school one time to go to a yogurt place nearby my school called " cool spot "

and basically they have these AMAZING homemade cookies 3 for 3 $ so i bought em and fell in love instantly

the little part comes from how short i am irl lol

Why did you join DART

Was just bored one night and stumbled across this site and thought it looked interesting

What do you think about the death penalty?

Mostly undecided however what I do believe is that it's simply ineffective at reducing crime

Unless a Kira popped up I don't see the death penalty doing much good

What do you think about climate change? If you think it's real, what would you do to stop climate change? Do you prefer solar and wind or nuclear power?

Climate Change is real and I believe the best way to reduce it would be thru government regulation.

I haven't really researched into the solar, wind, or nuclear energy however from my understanding they're greener alternatives.

Since your pro choice, how pro choice are you? Until 20 weeks? Until birth? Until cell specialization (around 5 to 6 weeks)? 8 weeks?

It depends on the scenario but I believe that once the baby develops intelligence that it deserves to be protected.

But its kinda complicated because I also believe that if the mother's life is at stake for having the baby that the mother's life is more important.

Would you increase or decrease taxes generally?


Should we increase/decrease military spending? If so, by how much?

I think that while the military is important and I wish to see it expanded upon, there are other areas such as education and healthcare that need our attention more.

Do you work for an energy drinks corporation?

damn it my covers blown

sorry but im gonna have to erase your memory of this

What are your thoughts on abortion?

I don't personally like abortion however I believe women should have the right to choose.

Would you like to subscribe to my Youtube channel?

yeah sure!

What do you think about immigration? That's a pretty big issue.

I believe illegal immigration is harming the working class particularly in border states between Mexico.

However, I disagree with the way conservatives are going with simply deporting them or making it harder to illegally enter.

The best way instead would be to disincentivize it by raising the minimum wage and going after corporations who hire illegal immigrants in the first place.

Overall, I have a conservative goal but going about it in a more democratic way with more regulations.

Would you say your a liberal, independent, conservative, or other?

I'd classify myself as an independent

I like to take beliefs and goals from both sides and believe that unity between the two parties is the way forward