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If you support blackmailing anti-vaxxers to let their children be vaccinated if not they themselves and support repercussions for their delusion running against scientific 'fact' then what about the 'fact' biologically of an individual being male or female?

People who say it's gender and not biological sex are inherently lying unless they are talking of queers instead of trans people. Transwomen take oestrogen and even may cut off their penis all to mimic the sex, not the behavioural gender, that is female and womanly and vice versa with transmen and testosterone and/or other androgens (testosterone isn't the only masculine hormone for mammals, just the most known one).

If you support blackmailing people to believe in vaccination regardless of their feelings and need for freedom to be what they are and raise their children with said delusions (according to you, it's delusions anyway) then how can you support transgender pronouns leading to hate crime fines and career-ruining repercussions just the same? These areĀ opposite examples of tyranny, right? One is for science, the other completely ignores science.

If you wish to turn this around on anti-vaxxers, the difference is not all anti-vaxxers support banning the right of one to act like a sissy man or butch woman whatsoever, it is the blackmailing of them using certain pronouns and ignoring the fact of one's biological sex they have issue with. They also believe scientifically that there is reason to be against vaccination, even if their science is flawed they believe it's scientific.
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