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Trolling seems to be tolerated by the ever so competent moderation on this site. This is the likely conclusion many will derive after watching users like ebuc and Shila essentially run wild within the forum. This to me, is less impending than preventing idiots from casting subsequent votes when their voting has already been detected as a problem. 

For instance: users like FLRW continue to cast troll votes on debates despite having his votes removed multiple times for the same reasons. Because the moderators on this platform are very intelligent, they made the obviously brilliant decision not to do anything, allowing him to cast a troll vote on a debate which could not be removed in time, drastically altering the outcome. 

Are you not supposed to act in accordance with basic logic, you may be asking in your head. This is generally true, but some people are actually too good to think about issues this way, and instead, use superior methods like feelings or emotions. So here is proposition x: 

  • There ought to be an immediate suspension of voting permissions after the incidence of a troll vote cast deliberately, in a debate where votes are eligible for moderation.  
And here is the formalized argument for proposition x: 

P1) If any user violates a regulation which they are expected to be aware of and act in accordance with, there ought to be penalties to address such violations. 
P2) If a voter has voting permissions, before casting a vote, it is expected that they are familiar with the voting regulations of this platform. 
P3) Casting a troll vote, demonstrates under this assumption, a deliberate violation of regulations this user is familiar and acquainted with. 
C1) Therefore, there ought to be penalties to address such violations. 
P4) Such penalties should reasonably attempt to deter the specific problem which the users actions create for the given platform. 
P5) Revoking voting permissions best reasonably attempts to deter the specific problem created by P3, and C1. 
C2) Therefore, such penalties ought to include, but not necessarily be limited to, an immediate revocation of voting permissions. 

  • I struggle to see how this argument is unsound. For its purposes, a troll vote can be defined as any vote that does not qualify as an attempt to meet the voting standards established in the code of conduct. 
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