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Your studies, your life and all of it is materialistic but the way you experience it and endure the hardship isn't.

You are nothing without money, money does not buy happiness, it buys pleasure and freedom. You can be happy but unfree and enduring displeasure with mental discipline, while poor but every fucking choice you make from 16 and up at school and from then on should be geared to getting jobs that pay well, point blank period.

I messed up, don't do what I did. Don't follow your heart, don't go for subjects you aren't already naturally very adept at, stick with your strengths but not the ones that don't have a job down the line. Work your ass off and then be free later.

I did my life wrong, I was true to false principles and am never going to be that rich because of what I did wrong. I don't want to be too rich, I want to be very wealthy and use it to help others, I will never be rich enough to, I messed up. Now that I didn't, I have to sacrifice my freedom and pleasure to gain money to gain freedom and pleasure for many years to come.
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