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I’ve been reading lately some books of JJ Benitez who is a recognizedufologist that questions the bible, comparing its content with the roundabout26k testimonies of the contactees he personally interviewed over 50 years,which to me leave no doubt that the bible is not a divinely inspired book, letalone sacred words, but an incredible testimony of the presence of human-like beingswith super high technology during the development of the ancient Hebrewcivilization. There is a lot of controversial information I would like todiscuss though, because this subject is open to many theories, not only the human-likealien beings’ theory but also for example the lost human civilizations’ theory,so I decided to create this initial thread in order to meditate previously onwhy most people, either religious or atheists, keep so obstinate on theirbeliefs despite the plethora of evidence there is out there. This is importantbecause the subject I want to discuss requires open-mindedness.

On the one hand, we have the religious people who stick obstinately totheir beliefs despite the fact that the bible is just a mere set of books withmany errors and contradictions that were written by fallible people who hadlimited understanding of their reality. Those books have been passed downsuffering a lot of modifications and translations with the only intention ofgiving them a "spiritual" meaning which make them even more unreliable.Proof of that is the several works of many bible scholars that studied them inits original language in order to find out its real meaning. The original biblicalinformation (in Hebrew) leads us to think effectively about the existence ofthese more evolved human-like beings I referred to, as it is well explained bythe bible translator Mauro Biglino whose work is very telling.

On the other hand, we have the atheists who are not that different totheir counterparts the religious people. Their God is the human science, theirbible is the scientific books/papers and their saints are the scientists. Iunderstand that science has methods and procedures scientists have to stick to,but I am referring to the attitude most of the scientists hold with controversialsubjects like this one, regarding it with disdain as if they were the owners ofthe truth. NASA took a step forward recognizing that this phenomenon deservesto be studied, but even so, arrogant scientists are still there blocking any attemptto study it because atheists gave them authority and as a consequence they feel empowered to doso. For instance, in the interview I provide (1:15:58), Graham Hancock makes a complaintabout how today’s archeologists dominate the main narrative on ancientcivilizations and avoid considering dissident opinions. What I’m trying to sayis that today’s science is run by fallible people and as such it is perfectlyliable to errors and hence to be questioned. In fact, the possible existence of alien civilizations with better technology entails a great impact not only on religions but also on science, specially on the theory of evolution that atheists have fervent faith in.

Is it difficult to be open minded, at least a little bit? What is it? Dogmatism?Fear of an existential crisis? Stubbornness? Shame?

What do you think?
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I've been watching a meeting about UFOs held by the NASA a while back and it certainly made me meditate on the implications of the extraterrestrial life confirmation for religions in the near future, specially for christianity which is the dominant religion in the western society.

The NASA didn't confirmed anything yet but they promised to investigate more so to give a convincing explanation for that phenomenon, even though we all know that alien life is almost a reality from every point of view. As a matter of fact, the Vatican has already been ahead of the curve in discussing about the subject, maybe knowing that it would have deep implications on the number of  church $$$ memberships $$$.

As to the way this discovery would impact on christianity, it's well known that there are lot of biblical passages that suggest the participation of extraterrestrial beings in the jewish history in which they are confused with angels and even with God. For example, according to the bible the prophet Elijah was taken to heaven by a "chariot of fire", but who knows if this wasn't a chariot but an alien aircraft or UFO as we know it today and Elijah was in fact abducted?

So, most of the nonsensical stories in the bible could be explained by the intervention of an alien civilization in the fate of the earth. It's also said that aliens are actually more evolved human beings that did put the human seed in this planet and once in a while they come over to see how we're getting on. Being said that, there is no need of religions.

What do you think? Is Christianity in danger?
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It looks like a UFO was downed in Alaska and we may be at war with aliens soon. It was nice knowing you guys.
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