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The Crumbling of Africa & Why All Foreign Invaders Should Be Removed: Part 2


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This is part 2 to a previous debate. To simply get straight to the point, Africa should remove all foreigners from the continent because the foreigners have destroyed the people and the land. If you take a look at Africa, the entire continent was thriving before it was forcefully colonized. The Arabs, Europeans & Asians are the culprits because history backs up all claims.

Some people may find this topic as being racist because I'm exposing the people who are causing the issues. I generally debate real-world topics to create dialogue. The demographics are not in my favor so winning a debate isn't my goal. My goal is to expose the truth while calling out the hypocrisy.

Anyone is more than welcome to accept this challenge, but you'll need to bring facts and logic. If not, then I'll sarcastically expose you on a public forum. You'll also need to leave your emotions & racism out of it. If not, then I won't hesitate to roast you.

Round 1
I was asked to do another debate on this topic so here we go.

As I previously stated in the title, foreign immigrants should be removed from Africa because foreigners are causing problems. Some people may take this wrong way because they're suffering from illogical tunnel vision. No, I'm not using a certain race of people as the scape goat, but at the same time, people of a certain race have caused the most issues. It's a catch 22 situation. 

The elephant is already in the room so I'm just going to get straight to the point. We all know that foreigners are in Africa for three reasons.
1. Natural Resources
2. Eugenics
3. Illegal Sexual Pleasure From Underage Kids

We can all try to play dumb, but everyone certainly understands what the deal is. Trying to act like foreigners are doing Africa a favor is strictly ignorant, dumb & illogical. As I stated in a past debate, foreigners in certain places of Africa own up to 90% of the fertile land. Of course, you'll have to be quite uneducated to think that this has happened by chance. These are the same people who practice apartheid against the African people...Now that the roles are reversing in some areas, the people who benefited from apartheid are now complaining. That's hypocrisy 101...

You can speak about foreigners use the land to farm and that the African people wouldn't survive without them. If that was actually true, then how were African people surviving before the foreigners came in and forcefully took over? Remember...this is Africans native land and they've been around before most races even existed. As you can see, there's no logical argument that can be made without sounding ignorant.

I want to switch gears and talk about Africa's northern countries as well because a lot of dirt has been done. If you didn't know already, the Arab people who reside in northern Africa today Are Not the native people. These people have participated in the biggest case of Identity Theft in history. Every race wants to claim the Pyramid and other structures so much to where they can't even see that the writing is on the wall...Literally and Figuratively. Just give the African people their credit and simply move on. 

This imaginary divide of Northern & Sub-Saharan African came from pseudo-Europeans. This pseudo science makes no sense because it's not even used to imaginary divide any other desert regions. I've never heard of Sub-Mojave or Sub-Kalahari....or Sub-Gobi, and these are some of the most popular deserts in the world. Oh that's right!...There aren't any natural resources to benefit from, which goes back to the topic of discussion. 

I can go on and on about why foreigners should be removed, and I have documented evidence to back up my claims...The main thing about debating is that you actually don't know where your opponent has been, who he's related to, where he has resided and what he has studied. 
Alright, so before I hit you with a ton of sources and info in the next 3 Rounds, let's establish where we agree, disagree or need to cover bases.

We Agree

If something is very negative to its community/surroundings, then the solution is more likely to get rid of that thing than to alter the environment and others.

We Disagree

Firstly, we disagree that a 'true African' is necessarily a black-raced one. What exactly is a 'true African'? Do you know we all evolved from black people according to the leading theory on evolution? Even if we didn't, there are at this stage brown Indian-descended people in Africa as well as Caucasian whites from The Netherlands, England, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain (if not others) and many, many mixed in between, that have completely African-nation passports and are even sometimes only entitled to that passport or at least feel fully that nationality. Actually something not many know is that the reason so few Indian natives in India are Jain or Sikh is that they emigrated to Africa (this is seriously not a well-known fact at all). There is a thriving community of Sikh and Jain Africans all of which are only maximum 50% "Black African" and are otherwise "Brown Indian" but are absolutely nationals of Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania you name it...

Secondly, do you know that most atrocities since the whites did what they did, has been black-on-black tyranny and terrible leadership? Kony's child soldiers, Zimbabwes economic implosion... Somalia becoming a pirate terrorist state (but no longer is considered that), Kenya's terrorist attacks in that supermarket... They are all native Africans ruining Africa. Pro, you even concede that 90% of the economy is run by non-native African bloodlines. What exactly are you going to do with the economy when less than 10% remains? Do you want Africa to go broke?

Bases to cover

  1. Where are you going to send them? They are nationals of Africa now, in this generation. No one who immigrated in the last century or so was an 'invader' in any literal sense. What are you seriously going to do with this generation of immigrants that are all born natives of African nations?
  2. What exactly is a 'true African'? Clearly a West Indies individual could have sex with an African and produce what looks like a native African... It can't seriously be based on how 'black' you look. Ethiopians and Somalis look less black than many non-African blacks, or are you going to 'go back that far in time' to make this a racial thing entirely?

Round 2
Great! We actually agree that the problem needs to be removed. On the other hand, a "True African" is most definitely a black-raced person who's indigenous to the land. So, now you're trying to prop-up the "Out of Africa Theory" when it's convenient. Hmmm...Are you running out of material?

Keyword: (Theory), which is an (idea)...Not to get off topic, but the Big Bang is also a theory, and it makes absolutely no sense, but I digress. 

Brown-skinned descendent people in Africa?...Are you even aware that brown-skinned Indians are descendants of Africans? The authentic statues of "Budha" that are in India today originated from Africa. Woolly hair, corn-row braids, thick lips and all of the trimmings. The Aboriginals of Australia are descendants of Africa. Remember when the young American man was killed for invading North Sentinel Island last year? Yep...they're descendants of Africa as well. 

I can't really speak on the Sikh and Jain people of India that you referred because I don't much about them. Since you brought up the topic, these people are not causing the issues so they would potentially get a pass. My issue is with the people whom are destructive. If it was up to me, then I'd rather separate each ethnic group (race) of people and have each group residing in their own native land...Everyone should do-for-self because certain groups have a (documented) track record of not playing fair.

You mention mixed-raced people and their parents' native nationality. Well, the colonizers should have thought about the consequences that would arise years later. The colonizers decided to move away from their homeland and forcefully dominate others on their homeland. It's simply karma.

Now that your lack of argument isn't going as planned, you've turned to the frivolous black-on-black nonsense, which is laughable when being compared to white-on-white tyranny, Remember...Europeans have a documented history of causing problems worldwide, which can't be refuted. I'm sure that you wouldn't want me to start listing the crimes, and I will most certainly do it if you go in that direction. 

You asked, "what will Africa's economy do and do I want Africa to go broke?" That's hilarious, especially when Africa is sitting on the richest piece of real estate on earth...which is why Europeans and everybody else can't seem to stay out of Africa is the first place. 

The main question is, "what would the world do without Africa if the rest of the world can't get their hands on those natural resources?"
in·vade | \ in-ˈvād  \
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transitive verb
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The citizens of Moscow woke up this morning to find they had a new government.
Old people are just treated like second-class citizens (= unimportant people).
He reassured people that law-abiding citizens (= people who do not break the law) would have nothing to fearfrom the enquiries.
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Pro admits that Brown-skinned Indians who made Buddhism are actually descended from Africans (as are all humans according to the leading theory of human evolution). 

So, what exactly is a true African then? Is it everyone? What are you going to do with all the citizens who you are classifying as 'invaders' (erroneously)?

Even if it were moral, which it's not, it's impractical because they own so much of the economy and therefore have such a huge hand in the politics of Africa. Without them, if they were to be deported or slaughtered overnight it would completely destabilise Africa. 
Round 3
Dude, your latest argument looks like a trigonometry quiz. You've basically provided no argument what so ever besides giving a few definitions from the dictionary.

You asked, "what am I going to do with all of the citizens/invaders?" To be honest...that's not Africa's problem. As I stated before, they can simply go back to their (Native Homeland). May I ask, why do Europeans hate Europe so much?

This is what happens when someone leaves their "native homeland," take someone else's homeland by force and practice racism against the native people...And you wonder why white South Africans don't receive any real support on a global level. They get no support because everyone is aware of what they've done in the past as well as what their doing in the present.

So, now you're saying that it's not moral for Africans to kick them out, but Europeans have been doing the exact same thing. Sounds hypocritical doesn't it? You also said that "they own so much of the economy, if they were removed then Africa would be destabilized." As I said before, Africa is Africans homeland. They've survived just fine before the invasion, and they'll be just fine after the invaders are removed.

If Africa removed the foreigners, then the rest of world would literally destabilize because the rest of the world wouldn't have access to all those natural resources...which is why foreigners are there in the first place. You clearly don't understand how valuable natural resources are. 

The computer that you're using right now has a mineral in it that comes from Africa. Now, just imagine if you couldn't get access to it anymore.

Yes, you may want to start doing some research on African descendants.
I know all about blood diamonds, exploitation of copper miners and all of it. I know about Illuminati and the way they swindle natives. What I also know about is that when your 'oh so happy' Africans leave their homeland to Europe etc. somehow they don't end up running all that much. It's not to say they can't, but if you want to talk of ambition and which race and ethnicity seems to brutally 'run things on a big scale' somehow whites (which in this broad term would include Jews) and Arabs seem to be dominating the entire world economically.

Am I suggesting that there's a superior race? If business acumen and input vs output in power schemes were the meaning of life then yeah, I am but since it isn't then no, I'm not. There's a multitude of things blacks are supreme at; sports that involve endurance and/or raw power, ALL FORMS OF raw creativity (which they compete with whites at) and public speaking (which is linked to their creativity/performing prowess). They are just not seemingly very business-oriented individuals on any baseline genetic level at least. Even so, am I saying a black person can't make a ruthless businessman? Fuck no, some of the richest and most corrupt are black African natives, for sure but it's just that they're a severe minority of that type.

When it suits you, Pro, you go on a rant about how everyone is really African, from the Aborigines to the original Buddhists, so you're conceding that all that evolved from African genes are in a way native Africans. Then you go on a rant about 'why don't Europeans like Europe?' well I mean honestly why are Africans migrating to Europe? [] more and more while the reverse is happening less and less over time? Don't sit there on some high horse, I also never said I'm not African in this debate, so you're assuming quite a bit but it's fair enough as if you did enough research I have admitted that I'm not black in other parts of this website. I value my privacy pretty high (not very, just 'pretty') so while I'll reveal some points about me IRL and passionate use the website on my real IP etc., I'm not gonna just blurt about my real identity or where I have been and who I know from which place but don't come at me assuming I don't know about Africa, because believe me man I do. From travesties like Kony's child soldiers to the fascinating and yet disgusting political evolution of the Congo, I like African politics because it's so well-structured. When you study the politics and corruption of Africa, there's very little to be confused by; it's usually very straightforward letting you dig deep into the topic fast knowing next to nothing beforehand and exploring the impacts of it. Perhaps this is a beauty of African culture and black people; they keep things simple yet beautiful. I would say that you can take that as an insult in one way as 'simple' can be misconstrued but that isn't the point here, is it? You know very well what I mean by it, it is the very simplicity that was destroyed by the invaders that you loathe. They complicated everything, turned tribal wars into massive economic wars where everyone is a pawn yeah?

Guess what? If you kill them off, or 'deport them' you can't even pull off a single week, let alone month, of the aftermath. Africa relies on its 'foreign blood' descendants to run its business and tame its police and people in general. African nations of all kinds learned over the past 40-or-so years the art of making the corruption work in their favour. Corruption merely means the rich control a lot, what if the rich who want peace end up in charge? That's what's happened in most African nations. The aftermath isn't as terrible as you make out, you are coming from a very outside perspective, perhaps you work for a protest group or charity that is looking into Bangladeshi (which isn't African) exploitation done by TNCs. Africa is a continent that is now so utterly intertwined with foreigners that without them it would become a complete shambles and be reinvaded in no time (for its own good, which you say 'don't come vaccinate and say you are doing god's work' to). 

Your personal vendetta would ruin Africa and undo an entire century of peacekeeping as well as being implausible because most of the people you want to deport are actually citizens of the nations they are in, just not ethnically so if you go back a few generations in their bloodline. 
Round 4

My opponent can't seem to come up with any type of logical argument as you can see. At this point, he's now trying to say that his race of people is more superior than other races, which is laughable. You're trying to justify crimes that aren't justifiable. Since there is no debate what-so-ever, I'll just address his racism in the same manner.

Your claim of whites being superior is comical. How can you be superior when you possess inferior genetics?
I'll wait...…………………
If you're so superior, then why can't you bathe in the sunshine without burning?... Let's talk about the "Dark Ages." You know...this specific point in time that whites don't like to talk about...Remember, this is the time when whites were dying from their own self-inflicted diseases. You may want to research the Bubonic Plague, and how it wiped out half of Europe. This plague come from your nasty living habits in which whites did not bathe at all, kept their animals in their huts (in which you do to this very day) and fornication with animals...Yes, this information is documented.

Don't believe me?...Google (Beastiality) and see what and who pops up....If you're so intelligent as you say you are, then why couldn't you pull yourselves out of the Dark Ages, which lasted for nearly 1,000 years? I'll wait...…………………

If it wasn't for the African Moors, then you wouldn't even be here today. Yes, those people that you hate so much were the ones who saved your life by bringing in medicines and science. If you didn't know, the term Moor represents the color black, and it's not a race. Let's talk about mathematics. Did you know that mathematics came from Africa? Of course, you didn't...Mathematics came from (Kemetic) Science, which comes from Ancient (kemet), which is in Africa.

You basically said that whites have ambition and run things on a big scale...Well, you can't have much ambition if you used slaves to do the actual work. Other races don't benefit from a system/government that gives them freebies. I can guarantee right now that you're the beneficiary of either the Headright System or the Homestead Act...If you didn't know; that's basically hundreds of thousands of acres of free land that were given to Europeans when they came to America. I'm pretty sure that you come from one of those families who received free land...So, where's the ambition? 

It's funny that I know more about your race of people than you do.
Nepotism is far from ambition. 

Now, you want to claim the Jews because you don't have an argument and that your numbers are dwindling. At any other given time, you're throwing Jews under the bus. If you're so intelligent, then you'd know that those people aren't the real Jews. Those people are Ashkenazi Europeans who (converted) to Judaism. Your Christian Bible clearly states that the Jews are Black...Speaking of Christianity, which is a fake religion, you don't seem to have the intelligence to know that the guy who's portrayed as Jesus is really Cesare Borgia, whom was the son of Pope Alexander VI...Where's the intelligence that you're boasting about?

You stated that, "I never said I'm not African."...Dude, it doesn't take rocket science to figure out that you're not African. Your illogical/hypocritical comments told me exactly who you are.

In conclusion, I really didn't want to take it in that direction, but since you went in that direction, I'm justified for responding. Trust me, that's just the tip of the ice berg. I can certainly go much deeper and be more brutal. 

If Africa removed the foreign invaders, it would certainly thrive again. Everywhere Europeans go, death & despair follows in which you cant dispute because history proves it. As I stated before, the entire world would shutdown without Africa because the entire world needs natural resources that come from Africa, which can not be disputed. Facts are facts, South Africa is doing the right thing by removing the cancer and hopefully the rest of the continent follows. 

I'm pretty sure you'll pick your battles wisely the next time because you're clearly outclassed. If you want to debate further on this topic, then I'm not hard to find...but I'm confident that I won't hear from you.