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Round 1
The reason anti-gun people want guns banned is because they believe that legalizing firearms causes more deaths.

In summary, the entire leftist argument can be dismantled with one statistic.

According to the CDC, defensive gun use saves more innocent lives every year than gun crimes kill innocent lives.

The Plan

This debate will talk about a plan. A plan to turn the Earth into the Garden of Eden. The ultimate Red Pill is that mankind is a cancer. Fame social commentator Joe Rogan says it better than I can:

I think human beings are just a very complicated form of bacteria. I think if you looked at the earth as a living organism, and who's to say that it's not some sort of super organism? It's certainly a host for life, and we're considered a living organism, and we're a host for life. There's more Ecole living inside our gut than there have ever been humans on this earth. There's bacteria constantly around you, and your body is fighting off that bacteria, until your body grows old and dies, and then it doesn’t fight anymore. That bacteria just eats your body. That's what its there for.
If you looked at the Earth as a living organism as you're flying into L.A and as you're passing all these beautiful mountains, and you see the ocean ahead, and it all looks so natural and beautiful, and then you see L.A. And you think, well, what the fuck is that? It’s a growth, that’s cancer. Its big, its brown, it stinks, smokes coming out of it, and it gets bigger every year. And it doesn’t matter what you do, its going to keep going, you could knock it down with a hurricane and it just rebuilds. Light it on fire, it rebuilds.” [1]
As this debate goes on, you are going to learn a few things. One is that mankind is a Cancer. We are going to learn that loyalty to mankind is misplaced and stupid. We have no right to value a human life over that of your pets, or the birds flying over head. We are no more important than a random squirrel running by. In fact your life is less valuable than a piece of shit. You are a single life, and the shit is millions of lives, bacteria living in harmony. 

Once you have learned you have as much value as my cat, if not less and that your existence is a cancer on this Earth, I am going to lay out a plan that hopefully everyone reading will follow, so we can restore balance. 

If we could just kill all humans, we could restore balance to the planet. Endangered species will make a come back, and the Earth will once again be full of life. We will have more life in the long run because humans will not destroy the planet, allowing the Earth to be full of life, until the Sun explodes, instead of global warming killing off all life in the next generation, we will have an Eden. A place for animals to live in harmony without our invasive presence.

How do we kill all humans though? This is a species very attached to being alive. I propose that we all form a secret society, or at the least promote my blueprint to how to kill all humans so that way we can in some way move the needle closer to human extinction. I want this debate to be a call for action. Let’s kill us some humans. How we will do it.

  1. Ban guns to make the populace easier to kill when we plan our night of retribution on behalf of other species.
  2. Horde illegal guns ourselves in secret store houses, to be used on the night of retribution. 
  3. Carry out the Night of retribution
  4. Once the night of retribution is complete systematically eradicate all survivors
  5. Enjoy the sunset and committ mass suicide.


It seems as a society we accept that human lives are important. We don’t as a society value retards any less than we value geniuses such as myself. I doubt my opponent will argue against the common sense proposition that human life is inherently valuable. Whenever we try to pin point what makes it valuable, people will say a number of characteristics. Maybe intelligence, but we still value the life of people who are clearly not intelligent, and besides the fact we can find humans who lack almost any trait you can bring up. 

We can also think of animals who will possess any trait you can bring up. For example fish can use and invent tools, Octupus’s are good at solving puzzles, Dolphins use language to coordinate, Chickens pass down cultural knowledge and elephants grieve (last paragraph almost word for word from the source, facts can’t be copyrighted though). [2]

This is not about veganism, but honestly we have no more right to eat a cow because “animals are dumb” than we do to eat a mentally disabled person. Other than ignorant bigotry, there is not a single good reason to value a human life above an animals.

We are so full of ourselves as a species that we only care what animals do for us and our children. How they taste, where we can ride them to, and even in some cases especially in North Carolina, even for sexual pleasure. I am urging the voters to shed their bigotry and repeat after me until you value humans as highly as you value your family members. “Animals are People too”. 


There is a limited amount of resources on the planet, and humans use far more than their share of it, especially water. Whoever is reading this in their pajamas, should know their pajamas used 9000 liters of water to produce. If you are snacking on a chocolate bar it takes 27000 liters of water to produce. It takes 100 liters of water to produce just a cup of coffee. [3]

That is just water resources. As the Population grows, we use more land, more gas, more trees.we just keep growing and consuming and leaving nothing left for other species. It is not just that we are inconsiderate. We genuinely think of animals as less than us, but animals are people too.

Humans are just .001% of the Earth’s population and yet we have eradicated 83% of all mammals. What remains of non bacteria life sadly enough is mostly livestock, like cows or chickens. [4] 

Climate scientists are now saying we have less than 20 years to stop global warming before it destroys the planet, but it looks like humans are ignoring the message, and making the problem worse. [5] 


We are walking on a minefield every day. It is only a matter of time before humans do something stupid to eradicate all life on Earth. Here are just 3 of the plagues mankind is looking to unleash on itself, though there are hundreds of scenarios.

  1. Unfriendly AI- Everyday scientists are working on creating an artificial intelligence that is smarter than even 1000 men. If this succeeds there is no telling what this AI will be like. If a vastly superior intelligence to humans wants to wipe us out, there is nothing we can do.
  2. Nuclear warfare- All kinds of nations hostile to each other such as Russia and the United States have access to nuclear weapons where a single misunderstanding can have the planet destroyed in the crossfire. 
  3. SETI- Seti can make contact with aliens finally, which could be a disaster if these aliens want to crush us before we become advanced enough to threaten them, and needless to say, vaporizing our planet would kill all humans and animals.[6] 

The Solution

Hippocrates the father of modern medicine has said “First do no Harm”. Humans are doing harm, just by their mere existence as we can see from the evidence I laid out. Doing no harm requires that we eliminate humans from existence, so once again a large amount of life and a large variety of life can flourish, and it isn’t just about numbers, though numbers are important. Factory farming is such a dishonorable way to treat another living being. It is far better to have less Chickens, who lead a great life than to have more who live their entire life in a one foot cell. 

With how much of a threat we to ourselves with the environment and Nuclear weapons on our hands, it is only a matter of time before humans become extinct. It is unfortunate that most of these scenarios involve us taking out other species with us.

My opponent might suggest a voluntary extinction, but that plan is not only too slow, it is unrealistic. Many people just don’t want to die, which is clearly unacceptable. We are going to have to gently force them to accept extinction. Ask anybody and 9 out of 10 people will tell you that they want to not die.

The Plan

We should start by forming a club between me and the people reading this debate. We can use the arguments I present here to persuade people to our cause. Our job consists of following the following checklist.

  1. Worship me as a God who is trying to return the Garden of Eden to Earth
  2. Become Vegans, so we can limit some of the damage caused by being omnivores
  3. Give me all of your excess possessions and your loyalty.
  4. Sale your car, give me the money and ride a bike to stop polluting the Earth
  5. Recruit me more members
  6. Other than for recruitment, cut off contact with anybody not in our group. 
  7. Become politically active, pushing for anti gun laws and becoming pro abortion.
  8. All men are to be celibate
  9. All women will make themselves available to me sexually 24/7 but use birth control and if neccessary abortions
  10. Horde Guns in secret stashes
  11. Train for the night of retribution

Once we have weakened the population enough, infiltrated enough branches of government and gained the proper influence we will use our positions to go door to door killing off every human alive, and then we will gather ourselves to commit mass suicide. If suicide does not work on me, because I am a god, I will keep some of my wives alive to act as guardians of the Earth to prevent a similar future to our present from ever happening again.



Round 2
There are no new arguments allowed in the final round, and my opponent will likely be unable to win no matter what he puts with that being the norm. I would appreciate a concession to save us both time. I hope we can debate this again when my opponent finds the time if he is still interested
Round 3
oopsir doopsie
I accept my opponent's concession, and if he wants to take this seriously at some point I am willing to debate him on a similar resolution as negotiated between us.